Antique Copper Kitchen Range Hoods

Antique Copper Kitchen Range Hoods

For many years, the antique copper kitchen range hoods were treated as a necessary and functional appliance that hardly ever would be noticed or even less, admired. However, times have changed and nowadays, you have limitless options to steal the show and be the central piece of the cooking area. The copper kitchen hoods are the most elegant type and a natural choice for those who like vintage or colonial inspirations. Our company is fabricating various styles of the island and wall copper range hoods ranging from antique to contemporary ones. Among those two primary types, we can appreciate a variety of presentations so it is not going to be easy to locate the best within so many incredible designs. The good news is that all of our products can be customized so if you have already found antique copper hoods that you love but perhaps you would prefer it taller or wider or with different texture, we can tailor it for you. We have years of experience in metalwork with iron, copper range hoods and zinc and many of our hoods have been created with the collaboration of our clients. We find utterly important a honest communication during the process of purchasing our antique metal hoods so all of our clients can be totally satisfied with the outcome and until now, we have always succeeded.

antique copper kitchen range hood

In the last years, the antique kitchen copper hoods became popular as well as the vintage style itself. That kind fits in spacious room, being a statement element that works with a white or goes with wooden, vintage furniture. It is up to your personal concepts ideas. Our copper kitchen range hoods are influenced by French or Spanish hacienda style. Mexico has a long tradition of copper’s craft as it is one of the main metals extracted in this country. Therefore our antique vent hoods come from this mixture of traditional Mexican techniques and latest decor trends that we are consistently following. It can be mounted to the wall as a separate unit of metal art or cabinets. If install as under-cabinet they would not get the place kitchen range hoods deserve and would get lost between other furnishings.

They were manufactured precisely to catch an eye of every guest that will visit your beautiful kitchen and not an insignificant player. Independently of the shape you choose, the antique copper kitchen range hoods are grandiose, stunning and exquisite. An important role in their vintage appeal has the patina finishing you will select. We would recommend you a darker color washed with black paint making a brand new copper looking really retro. Another good idea is to choose a natural fired or coffee patinas for antique space. There are also details to be added for the further vintage effect such as stripes on the edges for instance. It depends on you whether your standard or high ceiling kitchen copper hoods for gas or electric range will be just a thing that extracts all the smell and fumes or a superb kitchen appliance that will rock the whole decoration that sets the style for the rest of the kitchen equipment.

Broken Ceramic Tiles

Broken Ceramic Tiles

Mexican Tiles

Broken Mexican tiles for mosaic projects are functional, beautiful, and practical. They provide a long-lasting wall or surface that is easy to care and maintain. You can install Mexican tiles in virtually any area you want to enjoy their warm and beauty and create your mosaic tiles project is such a fun and effortless thing to do.

If you are a DIY admirer and you happen to love Talavera art, you will for sure purchase our broken Mexican tiles hand painted by artisans from Dolores Hidalgo. Mosaics are an interesting and very imaginative way to decorate your home, garden or simply a small item. They can be made of anything that can be split into pieces and glued together. In our case, we offer beautiful and hand-made broken ceramic tiles. The Internet has a bunch of ideas of how you can use and create wonderful work of relief tile art in any of the areas of your home. Once, you get an idea in your head of what kind of mosaic you would like to make and where would you wish to install it, you can check our prepared broken tiles that are sold in lots for even easier preparation.

broken mexican tiles for mosaic projects

Mexican ceramic tiles have actively played a distinguished role as a main utilitarian element in Mexican architecture and taking a glimpse on colonial buildings, will give you an idea of how important it was as they can be found in a broad range of spaces from kitchens, tabletop water fountains, facades, interiors of luxurious hacienda homes to churches. Get your inspiration from Southern-inspired interiors and get ready for your DIY project.

Mexican Mosaic Tiles

Mexican mosaic tiles will add a Southern vibe to the area you are remodeling, proving the joy and brightness of this incredible country. The broken Mexican tiles for mosaic can be used in so many designing projects that is versatile product we offer and also popular. You can create with them incalculable decorative objects and furniture in both indoors and outdoors. One of the solutions is to use broken Mexican tiles to create the table-top that will look exceptional in your Southern style inspired living room or in your patio. As for the outdoors, you can make planters, tile-topped stepping stones, broken ceramic tabletops, frames for your wall gallery and many more. Moreover, as a part of a bigger renovation, these cheerful ceramics can be applied on the kitchen counters and backsplash.

Choose between plain-colored or decorative broken Mexican tiles to adopt best to your interiors. Being such a versatile material, Mexican ceramic tiles suit any style, ranging from the most modern (that can be used as a pop of color) to traditional colonial.


Slim Iron Vent Hood

Slim Iron Vent Hood

The custom made slim iron vent hood has become an essential domestic appliance when it comes to furnishing a kitchen. It is not only keeping the atmosphere in your kitchen clean and smoke-free but also it can influence in the elegance and style of your home decor. If your kitchen requires a slim iron vent hood that will upgrade your interiors. There are many innovative range hood designs in our offer and you can choose anyone that best fits your kitchen necessity. The asset in case of #mycustommade is that we specialize in fabricating metal furnishings such as zinc, wrought iron and copper.

slim metal range hood installed as wall mount in a kitchen

All our wall iron vent hood products are customized and due to that precise work all of the pieces are unique and they can be produced in any size, shape and designed in any type of finishing that our clients require. Today we want to show you how stylish a slim and tall iron vent hood can be. Just have a look at this post's photo. This iron vent hood is a perfect example of mixing various metal finishing on a single kitchen appliance. The vent hood body is made of natural color sanded metal and later decorated with black iron straps. The vent hood apron was decorated with rusted iron. This metal piece of art embodies a real bold statement for a mix of a traditional and modern style of the rest of the kitchen. Partially it becomes a focal point because of such a tall and slim appliance. You cannot walk beside it and not notice it. It is simply a captivating hood that combines to perfection with the hues of the cabinets and the color of rustic tiles at the backsplash. The whole design is harmonious and elegant and it confirms that once you choose wisely the location and the type of the iron vent hood, nothing can go wrong.

Before the purchase, there are many aspects functional and creative, you should have in mind while choosing your Mexican slim iron vent hood. First of all, the Mexican island range hood goes where the stove is so basing on that you choose a wall mount or island type. If your choice is a wall mount you can install it between the counters and either you would wish it to stand out and be striking decorative element or to match it smoothly with the kitchen decor. Our custom iron vent hood can be designed with many different finishing giving it modern appearance. In addition, hammering techniques can vary. It can be round or irregular making this precious metal more or less antique. Our staff can help you choose the best option for your custom made kitchen and adjust to your specific needs. However, working in metals is a time-consuming production so the time of the delivery (which is free of charge) can be around five weeks but the final product which is a custom made slim iron vent hood with straps and extractor is worth waiting.


Decorative Bathroom Sinks

Decorative Bathroom Sinks

Decorative Bathroom Sinks Painted in Mexico

Bring some exotic extravagance into your bathroom with our stunning, decorative majolica sinks. On our Web Page, you will be able to find a multitude of designs available to create perfect decor, whether it is Colonial, farmhouse or modern and edgy. The limit for decorating a custom ceramic bathroom sinks lies only in your or the designer's imagination. A majority of our handcrafted bathroom sinks are produced in the central Mexico state of Guanajuato from Talavera clay. Handmade sinks come as drop-in and vessel. The first style can be installed on the bath counter undermount. We offer round, oval and rectangular shape and they are offered in three standard sizes. All of the designs we sell are hand painted by our experienced artisans that are continuing the tradition of ceramic painting that embellish mexican tiles, sinks and other ceramic accessories for centuries. As the years came by, we have introduced new designs and patterns according to the trends and our customer's taste. We can 100% customize your decorative bathroom sink to adjust it to your style by changing the size, shape and design. You can always send us your draft idea and we will make sure to manufacture and sell you your ideal decorative sink.

decorative bathroom sink hand painted in Mexico

Beautiful type of decorative bathroom sinks painted in Mexico are for sale in form of the vessel sinks that can be used in a family bathroom. They are  amazing due to the designs for commercial in restaurants and bars. Just consider a Talavera bathroom sink "Orlando" with a distinctive pattern of the green and white feather. We love this design for being such a versatile decorative element with contrasting overtones. We can see this sink installed in a Mexican themed bathroom but also in a vintage and Art Deco style. It brings an old European grandeur to your interiors with a unique greenish palette.

If you are looking for a decorative sink with a bohemian twist, check the oval sink "Manzanillo" that features the sun and moon designs over a cobalt blue background. The colors used to paint this ceramic furnishings are very powerful and bright providing a visual extravagance. To add some exotic flair, buy it from the most Mexican influenced decorative sinks and tiles such as wall Talavera sink "Catalina" that presents a classic desert landscape from Mexico with cactus and a man with a big sombrero. What can be more Mexican than that? Do not be scared to explore abundant colors of our traditional decorative bathroom sinks from Mexico. Red, purple, deep blue, sunny yellow, green. Try various combinations until you hit upon the correct. It will make your bathroom noticeable, stylish and refined.

Oval Copper Bathroom Sinks

Oval Copper Bathroom Sinks

Nowadays traditional oval copper bathroom sinks can be a real statement of your style and can feature all the commodities that make it a relaxing but stylish getaway from the stresses of your everyday life. If you are looking to upgrade the decor in your lavatory, an oval copper sink is what will definitely boost your style. The copper is easy and sometimes budget-friendly way to incorporate metallic into your home decor. Its texture is much warmer and inviting then the steel for instance and it has a lot of properties that make it a perfect material for wet ambiances. It is a great plumbing material because it doesn’t corrode that is why the bathroom is its natural environment. For example, a hammered copper bathtub doesn’t rust like iron which makes it a good product to use in damp environments where water contact is a concern. Importantly, copper oval sinks have a beautiful finish that matures with time to give a natural patina. It can be polished to a high shine, or aged.

hammered oval copper sink in a bathroom

Our copper sinks are hand hammered as vessel, drop-in and undermount. They are equipped with 1 1/2 inch drain suitable for connecting with any standard plumbing hardware. Our oval sinks can be optionally furnished with drain-back preventing water overflowing the sink edge. By default, all custom copper bathroom sinks are hammered. Their surface can be colored with patina finish, hand polished or nickel-plated. All of our bathroom sinks are made of high-quality copper and handmade to achieve a one-of-a-kind, artistically textured appliance with a smooth or deeply hammered and decorative surfaces. As far as the style is concerned, our collection of copper sinks are ranging from Colonial Spanish designs, applicable for Hacienda  home but also we manufacture many edgy and minimalist designs that will display gracefully in a modern design. The metal can make a dramatic conversion of your bathroom. Just to provide a couple of decorative ideas, discover some of our oval copper sinks models.

To enhance a rustic flair in your home, check the versatile beauty of the handmade copper sink for a barrel that will add value to your bathroom. Despite its tough exteriors, polished and hammered copper sinks, forged iron mirrors and free standing bathtubs bring elegance and warmth to your home with its stunning textures and flowery shape in the basin. It is sold in small or large sizes but you can order it in custom measurements as well. Other designs include some unique patterns hand-hammered inside the basin such as stars, horse heads for some country vibes and many ethical ornaments influenced by pre-Hispanic cultures of Mexico. For pop of color, some of our copper sinks are decorated with paint and silver creating exceptional visual effects. Consider for example to buy "Sunflowers" bathroom sink. It is still durable and elegant as all of our copper sinks but it features an uncommon hand-painted design. If you are looking for a fixture that is unusual and made custom product, look no further.

Zinc Range Hoods

Zinc Range Hoods

If you are looking for a sublime grey hue with an extra spark for your kitchen, consider introducing one of our wall zinc range hoods as a focal point in your elegant decor. Zinc has become an increasingly popular material over the last decade and it can jazz up any kitchen design with details such as made-to-order rustic range hoods  and sinks. The first impression on the zinc kitchen appliances is that they correspond to particular modern ambiances but as you soon will discover the broad variety of metal kitchen range hoods, you will find out that we manufacture also Spanish copper vent hoods that are suitable for all styles kitchens from the most traditional to those with a minimalist twist.

wall zinc range hood in a kitchen

The style can be determined by choosing the color of patina and hammering. Natural color is used for contemporary style homes. A darken zinc hood is installed in more traditional houses including old European type kitchens. They can be supplied hammered or smooth as well as polished or mat. A central island zinc range hood will look exceptional in an eclectic environment with some vintage decorative elements, wooden shelves and steel with a rustic feel. For farmhouse style, buy a zinc design with brass vent hood vertical or horizontal stripes or select darker metal for strongly contrasting detail. The additional ornaments can be done in copper or iron. All models are for sale in wall mount and island versions. The island range hood has all its sides finished with the same style. The wall hood has its back flat and can vent through it or up to the ceiling depending on the design and house ventilation system configuration. To fully accommodate your kitchen ventilation needs, you can easily customize every dimension and feature of our custom range hoods. Our experienced staff will work with you to produce a metallic art for your kitchen.

Our company has been working in metalcraft for many decades and we came to develop the highest quality levels as well as excellent customer service. To get started with your hood's makeover, choose any of the wall zinc range hoods styles from our collection. You can then click on the sidebar menu to order wall mount or island version, various standard sizes and finishing. By then, your perfect custom range hood is ready to be produced and delivered. The hammered zinc range hood will undeniably a central piece of your newly renovated kitchen. It fits perfectly in commercial spaces furnished with counters such as open kitchen restaurants and bars so you can boost your business with this new appliance and designed to fit your lifestyle and be a focal point of pride for your home.