Vintage Light Fixtures

Vintage Light Fixtures

Are you ready to light up your home interior with beautiful vintage light fixtures? Our vintage lighting is authentic and improved with up to date standards in electric wiring. They make a lasting and most definitely practical artistic illumination statement. Custom chandeliers, antique 1920s style hanging light fixtures and ceiling pendant lamps can be quickly produced in Mexico and shipped to the US market duty free. Some of them are furnished with glass globes in Victorian as well as Art Deco styling ornaments made of metal.

Buying Vintage Light Fixtures

On site you will find great ideas related to vintage light fixtures offered in different sizes and finishing. On all lamp detail pages use menu to select dimensions and color. You are presented with three different diameters while the height is proportional however not precisely defined. Metal part of the lighting fixture can be ordered in natural, black iron and rusted. When purchasing our Spanish style chandeliers keep in mind that they are genuine produced using best original antique lamp fixture designs from Europe recreated in Mexico by skilled iron artists. What color could be more appropriate for any rustic light fixtures like not naturally rusted iron? While browsing our beautiful antique lights department you will quickly distinguish the difference between Chinese mas production copies and amazing ironwork of hanging lights produced on individual basis by the artisan.

Vintage Iron Light Fixtures for Indoors

Custom Made brand vintage hardware collection features lighting fixtures for indoors and outside the house. In that case the lamps are attached to walls with forged iron brackets characteristic to the colonization period. Those are not only meant for illumination but are part of the architectural idea your house designer had in mind while developing building look. Both types are meant for creating a classic and elegant home. Some iron ceiling lights are equipped with colorful glass windows and colonial decorative elements. On the other hand indoor pendant light fixture show retro, hacienda and even industrial character. All depends on the variables you select from the options or instructions you send us for your made-to-order lamp. Once you add pressed glass shades covering light bulbs, the chandelier becomes one of a kind. In fact, all vintage light fixtures we produce are not carbon copies of each other. Each time the lamp fixture is produced it looks a little bid different.

custom made vintagle light fixtures

Custom Made Vintage Lamps and Hardware

Explore our vast collection of vintage, retro and industrial style lighting, and find your ideal lamp. Modify its design if you wish so it corresponds best with the existing room decor or develop the space around a large chandelier if you have a lot of space inside. We also carry stained and etched glass lighting pendants and leaded glass light fixtures. Complement the room with rustic decor made using old world designs and enjoy free shipping on eligible purchases.

Custom Made Kitchen Sink

Custom Made Kitchen Sink

Custom Made Kitchen Sink Options

Do you have a kitchen with any other than standard dimensions or out of ordinary design? Most likely, you will need a lot of personalized furnishings such as custom made kitchen sink, furniture, backsplash and counters. Why don't you consider ordering an undermount copper kitchen sink? Working with both metals there are no limitations what you can do shape, size and finishing. Copper sinks can be both hammered and smooth covered with a variety of patinas. An alternative is having the sinks manufactured hand polished to shiny look similar to the US penny or even electrolytically nickel-platted. The last sink treatment is quite expensive and can add a lot of cost to the final price. Occasionally, to save money on custom made metal sink were were requested to produce custom zinc kitchen sinks. They can be also hammered and look when new similar to the nickel covered sinks. The only obstacle is that in time they become duel getting some gray color what is typical to zinc so they need to be regularly cleaned. We believe the problem can be solved by spraying those kitchen sinks with transparent varnish to prevent discoloration. However, we did not yet made any deeper analyzes nor have data supporting such claim.

Designing a Kitchen having Custom Sink in Mind

You already spent a lot of money for contracting your interior designer or even an architect. Because of their training and professional intuition they characterize you approved the project and are ready to begin sourcing for products. Please keep in mind that people with unlimited imagination may produce extremely beautiful and at the same time expensive kitchen. Hopefully you already tone them down or have a big pocket what is not necessary required for all the items you are going to shop. Consider custom made kitchen farmhouse sinks handmade in Mexico. Due to the country low labor cost and overhead, products used for home improvement are quite affordable. In fact, ordering custom made is no different than buying available in-stock. Why? Most kitchen sinks in Mexico are fabricated after receiving the order so there is no added value just because the sink looks different in its shape or dimensions. The custom sink price is strictly based on amount of material needed for its production.

How to order Custom Kitchen Sinks

custom made copper kitchen sinks

Need more information about Custom Made product line including zinc or copper kitchen sinks? Please use our custom made order form. While filling up the questionnaire mention metal type you would like to be made of, size, finishing option and drawing or a photo of the existing design you would like to use for your custom made kitchen sink production.

Simulated Home Security

Simulated Home Security

Are you worried about security of your house but at the same time uncertain whether spending a lot of money is what you need to protect yourself and your belongings? Well, consider installing on your house exterior a simulated security camera. For about fifteen dollars you will get a real looking camera with a small red light indicating recording. Even though, this fake security camera is not connected to any equipment, it looks very real. In fact, it is made of all components the security camera would be made of with the exception there are no electronic components inside. It even has a cable attached to it to make any potential thief think twice. No doubt anybody with the intention braking in to your home wouldn't be interested to be recorded while committing the crime.

Real and Simulated Security Camera

In our myCustomMade online store in Home Hardware collection you will find a few security camera models available ranging from fourteen ninety nine to twenty five dollars per piece. Apart of simulated cameras we do offer fully functioning securing equipment capable of recording your property surrounding as well as inside with four cameras connected to the receiver. It has build in memory allowing viewing history on any camera for the past two weeks. It even has its own remote control. In both cases including looks like Real Security Camera it consists of a metal mounting bracket, flashing led and plastic casing. Simulated type requires two AA batteries to power the recording indicator.

simulated home security camera

Intruder Preventive Equipment

Of course, security equipment whether it is fake or real is just a part of what you can do to protect yourself inside your home. You may consider installing high quality locks and interior motion detectors as part of the preventive measure. Such products like motion detection lighting, wireless driveway and intruder alert systems will greatly improve the securing of your property and its occupants.

simulated security camera

Copper Soaking Tub

Copper Soaking Tub

There are two versions of a copper soaking tub as far as I know. The soaking tub was meant for one or two persons. Differences between both copper tub styles are not that great but still important. A tub for one usually has a drain hole located on the bottom at one end. Larger tubs designed for two bathers will most often have the hole cutout right on the center. It makes using the bathtub much more convenient. In case of a single soaking copper tub, depending on the design one end wall might be taller than the one you would normally have your legs positioned. But as I said, it depends on the tub styling. Some of them are elevated on a decorative or plain base separating the soaking tub from the floor. It has its advantages and vice versa. It is much easier to place plumbing connections underneath and hide them from the view of anybody entering the bathroom. Such configuration may be important when installing the tub as free standing somewhere in a middle of the room. Indeed, there are some soaking copper tub buyers who prefer to have a metal pipe connecting it to the house drain visible as they think it is cool looking. This kind of plumbing fixture connection is most often used in lofts and contemporary houses.

A double slipper copper soaking tub having two occupants in mind characterizes either the same height all around the lip or what is more typical two end walls taller than the middle. It serves two purposes especially when the tub is placed on fixed stand which is usually more less four inches tall adding that to the tub height overall. Taller walls make more conformable for two people seat in it while the low section makes more accommodating to get in and get out of the soaking tub.

copper soaking tub

Regardless the soaking tub design and shape, Custom Made buyers are presented with a number of useful options when looking at the tub on its detail product page. You select tub width and choose patina color finishing. You can also request special customizing the tub further by adding a useful over flow fixture made of copper and welded permanently to the tub using a special torch. Based on prior experience ti takes on average five weeks to fabricate a soaking tub from copper and ship to the US and Canada destinations.

Outdoor Dining Furniture

Outdoor Dining Furniture

Outdoor dining furniture under Custom Made brand fall to two categories. Those are aluminum cast furniture and equipal dining sets. Both of them are rustic. Our dining furniture designs are Victorian, colonial, hacienda, Mexican and Aztec style. Equipal dining tables and chairs are made of cherry wood in state of Jalisco. The seating section is covered with thick pig skin painted red or dark brown occasionally called tobacco color. They are very simple but at the same time strong making them applicable not only for a residential veranda but also restaurants and bars in Southeastern style. You will find quite a lot of outdoor dinning furniture from Mexico Texas and Florida. I saw them in Europe as well. The other dining furniture category for outdoors is handmade of metal using traditional production technique. Sand casting was known to man for a few thousands of years and used for producing kitchenware, arms and other home improvement products. Most aluminum outdoor dining furniture include four chairs and round table. You can also find some patterns in sets for six. The surface is hand painted in rustic manner using a few paints once over another creating old world look. Those pieces of furniture are strong and will last for a long time to come.

Whether you choose outdoor dining furniture in equipale style or cast metal dining sets, you will create very unique atmosphere in your porch and veranda area. Any aluminum table and chair can be used also for outdoors in gardens and back-yards.

Wrought Iron Light Fixtures

Wrought Iron Light Fixtures

Wrought iron light fixtures include many categories. Among them you will find on custom made site iron chandeliers, outdoor lamps and wall sconces. While vast majority of our illumination output is made of wrought iron we also use metal sheeting for lamp shades. They can be mad of plane metal or hammered and decorated with glass crystals. In case of wrought iron fixtures most our designs are copies of antique light fixtures form Europe and Latin America.

They include ceiling lights and wall mount lamps. Some of them have glass domes and others exposed light bulbs imitating candles. We offer our buyer variety of options that can be selected on each iron light fixture detail page. Diameter and color among them. You can also modify the lamp style by providing information about changes concerning its shape, size or color. We produce our wrought iron light fixtures in central Mexico and ship to the US border once a week. Estimated manufacturing time including shipping is four to five weeks depending on the light fixture complexity. Delivery for the US buyers from the mainland is free.

 custom wrought iron light fixture