Cast Aluminum Furniture from Mexico

Cast Aluminum Furniture from Mexico

The cast aluminum furniture from Mexico is a great way to get in touch with the heritage of the Mexican people. It can be found in many Southern-style venues as well as traditional homes. The country is well known for its beautiful garden, fountains, and hand-painted tiles. This culture has led to the establishment of many expert manufacturers that sell Mexican cast aluminum furniture. Anyone who wants to bring a little bit of Mexico to their own home should visit our online shop to find the best deals on Mexican hand-painted tiles and aluminum furniture made in Mexico that can turn your garden or patio into a soothing oasis. In addition, we offer various kinds of appliances and furniture that will help you achieve the perfect rustic look from outdoor patio furniture to indoor furnishings there's always something new and exciting coming out every season!

Cast aluminum furniture from Mexico is light, durable, and stylish. Its elegance is best appreciated outdoors in the sun. Together with Mexican hand-painted tiles and fountains can create an idyllic atmosphere with their beauty and the sound of running water. With this type of Mexican furniture, which is not only popular in Mexico, but also all over the world, you can have a gorgeous garden without any maintenance for years to come. The Mexican aluminum patio furniture brings the beauty and tradition that has been in Mexico for centuries. The colors used on this type of outdoor patio furniture are vibrant and made by hand. This type of color will never fade or peel because it is done with a lot of care and love for the craft. If you are looking for a Southern flair, consider combining our stunning aluminum sets with rustic fountains, statues, tables, chairs, benches as well as bird feeders.

Aluminum Furniture from Mexico for patio and garden

Cast aluminum furniture is a new trend in patio furniture. There are many benefits over other types of outdoor furniture. They remain cool to the touch even when they are left outside all day and they can be used even in rain, unlike wood or plastic pieces. The decorative aluminum furniture is rust-free, which means that it will not need to be painted or stained. The convenience of these pieces is their most appealing quality. They are lightweight enough that they can easily be moved around the patio. Aluminum is a very lightweight metal and because it doesn't corrode, it can be used outdoors. The most popular styles of aluminum furniture are outdoor dining sets that consist of a table and beautifully decorated chairs. When this type of furniture is made in Mexico, the artisans often use hand-painted tiles to decorate the furniture, which makes it unique and more attractive. Made from cast aluminum that has been powder coated to make it durable. They are designed to weather without any paint or protective coating. The cast aluminum will turn a dull, rusty color and the powder coating will chip and wear away until it eventually disappears.

Mexican Style Outdoor Furniture

Mexican Style Outdoor Furniture

Summer is here any minute, so our gardens, terraces, patios, and balconies need a revamp. Apart from planting new flowers and cutting the grass think about refurbishing your outdoors with stunning and weather-proof furnishings. Adding new fixtures will add fresh energy to your home. If you are looking to create a rustic, laid-back atmosphere, Mexican style outdoor furniture will boost the feeling of a never-ending chill-out fiesta. Embrace the charm, elegance, and vintage appeal of Mexican decoration with our artisan-made equipal dining sets or sturdy and decorative aluminum cast dining set.

Mexican style outdoor furniture in a garden

Mexican lifestyle is established around enjoying simple things like delicious food, breathtaking landscapes, music, but mostly Mexican people love spending time in the outdoors (probably the lovely weather favours this habit). From small courtyards in the middle of the Hacienda to extensive gardens, if you are in a need of some inspiration, this magnificent country is full of decorative ideas. First of all, any Mexican garden would be incomplete without a dining area. A simple, sturdy table and set of chairs will work perfectly. To keep up the south of the border theme, select patio furniture made of heavy, rustic wood, or wrought iron. You can easily separate the dining area with some quick and easy tiling work. Discover our hand-painted Talavera tiles that can pair with your new wooden equipal table and chairs. If you are thinking about creating a fancy bar space, you can embellish the counter with some colorful tiles and get some comfortable Mexican bar stools to finish the layout. For those homeowners who are preoccupied with having wooden furniture in their garden, you can always choose the patio dining sets made of aluminum. Those metal furnishings have a hacienda design that suits perfectly rustic, Spanish, colonial or country style. They are hand-painted with vintage finishing options and many of them are designed with Victorian flavour. Usually, more than one color is used to create a Spanish furniture appearance. You can actually choose among five different colors for your patio dining sets. Mexican style outdoor furniture can be as colorful as any other home feature. Just check the remarkable dining set “Sleeping Woman” that presents a lovely pattern hand-painted on the back of each chair and the tabletop. We also offer flowery designs that will complement beautifully the green scenery of your gardens and patios.

Decorating the exteriors, you should take an extra effort in finding durable elements. However, with our Mexican style outdoor furniture you do not have to compromise on the look. They will withstand many seasons looking charming and elegant just like on the first day. Our collection of patio dining sets can also be matched with some of ours outdoor lighting fixture to highlight the Colonial flair. All products are made by skilful artisans in Mexico that love sharing their craft with the rest of the world, spreading the cheerful and artistic feel of our masterpieces.

Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture from Mexico

Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture from Mexico

Decorating the exteriors, one should make an extra effort in finding not only charming and elegant garden fixtures but also durable. Our selection of cast aluminum patio furniture from Mexico will complement any Hacienda, Mediterranean or even Victorian style veranda, garden or balcony. Our Mexican outdoors furniture is also suitable for commercial use in the terraces of bars or restaurant with the Southern glamour.

mexican patio furniture

Even if it is not sunny 365 days per year in where you live, you can still create a true Southern vibe in your outdoors with our aluminum dining sets. What makes cast aluminum patio furniture from Mexico so different? Compering with Asian suppliers, our products are way more rigid, they will not disintegrate after one season. There is at least twice as much of metal used for furniture production. All elements are solid aluminum without empty spaces inside the elements. Using metal for patio furniture makes them durable and weather resistant, they also blend flawlessly into green, outdoor scenarios. You can have the most beautiful garden but what if you cannot even sit down at a lovely table and enjoy your views, the fresh air and your flowers' aroma. Believe us, all the best moments will happen by those beautifully crafted cast aluminum patio furniture.


metal patio furniture from Mexico

The good moments are all about being with friends and family and outdoor playtime. A simple, strong, metallic table and set of chairs will work perfectly. You can accentuate cast aluminum patio furniture with brightly colored textiles like cushions and pillows and some Mexican hand-painted tiles. This will create a festive mood for sure. Our collection of Mexican patio furniture includes dining tables, patio chairs, park benches, fountains and bistros sets for a veranda. Rustica outdoor furniture is a brand that proudly fabricates all products in a traditional way, hand-made and hand-painted. In case of our patio furniture, we use aluminum sand casting technique that brings the charm of the old days and efficiency of today. Those metal furnishings have a very vintage appeal that suits perfectly rustic, Spanish colonial or farmhouse ambiences. They are hand-painted with vintage finishing options and many of them are designed with Victorian flavor. Usually, more than one color is used to create a Spanish garden furniture look. You can actually choose among six different colors for your patio furniture sets. We also offer some hand-painted dining sets with colorful, flowery patterns on the back of the chair and on the tabletop for relaxing space surrounded by stunning Mexican craft.