Iron Range Hoods with Metal Straps

Iron Range Hoods with Metal Straps

Metal craft is the bestseller of our production and among many designs of iron kitchen hoods, we wish to present you this new design that comes with a catching an eye straps. We have long experience in working with iron and custom range hoods that makes us a reliable appliances' producer of a wide variety of exclusive products such as kitchen apron sinks, tables and hoods production in iron and zinc. If you can not find what you are looking for, we can fabricate it as made-to-order. However, in this case, we have created wrought iron range hoods with metal straps for those who love a rustic fair with a little bit of a twist. It is still an appliance that fits gracefully in a farmhouse layout.

The iron, no doubt, bold statement in a kitchen and can be complemented with some other decorative beauties from our web page such as a table with a copper tabletop, some traditional Mexican tiles that could decorate the wall and counters or a hand hammered sink. If your home is designed in a very modern style and you are wondering if our kitchen range hood with metal straps is a good idea, the answer is hell yes! Iron range hoods are a great addition to contemporary and quite minimalist interiors. They integrate perfectly in colder environments adding a lot of warmth and elegance to space. If you use one rustic element in your minimalist and monochromatic kitchen and you incorporate it smoothly with the existing aesthetic, the wow effect is guaranteed. Besides, you will own high-quality and extremely practical hoods, which is double the satisfaction. Some buyers prefer their custom metal range hoods with straps and rivets and others without them. Also, the selection of finishing is an important matter to consider.

iron range hood in a kitchen

Remember that this piece can become a cool decoration just like a backsplash, and you can highlight your kitchen style with it. If it is a rustic kitchen, then produced with a darker patina will look amazing. Choose the color that embraces more traditional style and antique flair. If you have a contemporary or minimal kitchen, you can order polished finish or natural iron. Vintage and retro kitchens corresponds well with oxidized, greenish patina. Straps can be installed on the hood vertically, horizontally or both. The choice belongs to the client. The number of straps can be specified prior to production. In general, forged iron range hoods price depends on the amount of material used for its fabrication. Any decorative elements have no influence on the price.

Custom Iron Range Hoods

Custom Iron Range Hoods

Ideal for industrial decor, a custom iron range hood ventilates cooking odors efficiently but first of all, adds a lot of style in any kitchen. Discover a brand new line of custom range hoods made of wrought iron and let yourself go for some of the most amazing designs in metalcraft, manufactured with great experience and passion for handmade appliances and furniture.

Without any doubt, an iron range hood will become a central point in your kitchen design. Wrought iron hoods with molding and straps are one of the most popular products among kitchen appliances sold by our company. Many satisfied clients have discovered and appreciated the charm of the industrial flair of these type of extractors. Handmade in natural-metal color or rusted for a more rustic effect, custom range hoods are often installed in lofts and ultra-modern kitchens adding more rustic and industrial look at the same time.

Rustic style embraces a mix and match of old and new, modern and traditional and is a perfect d├ęcor to include sturdy and earthly elements such as stone, wood and all kind of metals. Therefore, designing your custom range hood for your rustic kitchen gives you the freedom to create the most suitable ambience. The custom made iron range hoods for wall and island can display more of a farmhouse style, especially with the right finishing.

However, custom iron range hoods are especially compatible with contemporary, loft-style kitchens which come both in an island and wall mounted version. The grey-bluish hue of natural iron brings a lot of glow and simplicity to the interiors. For a modern look, opt for a custom-made iron hood with smooth forms and polished finishing that matches perfectly with open-concept, minimalist kitchens. The domestic use vent hoods clean, effortless lines will help the entire kitchen feel like a professional chef's oasis. The integrity and clarity in forms make the wrought iron naturally beautiful color to be noticeable and appreciated.

made-to-order iron range hood in a kitchen

All of our custom iron hoods can be used for electric and gas ranges in residential as well as commercial kitchens. Forged iron range hoods are available in various standard sizes but if you are looking for some specific measurements send us your requirements adding the metal finishing of your choice and we will be happy to give you a personalized quote on that. We can imagine that some ceilings are higher than others and having an opportunity to take advantage of this space you would like to find a taller hood. Some of us, have a more modest kitchen and are desperately looking for slimmer models. We`ve got you covered. We have a great experience in producing all sorts of custom product designs in iron range hoods so your dream kitchen is just a click away from you!