Forged Iron Handmade Range Hoods

Forged Iron Handmade Range Hoods

Get rid of unwanted smells and grease from your kitchen with style. You can find an effective extractor in any home appliance store, however, if you are looking to enhance a particular atmosphere, then you should add one of forged iron handmade range hoods that embody artisan delight with maximum functionality. A custom-made range hood seems like a serious investment, but in reality, it is not much more expensive, and you get something unique and durable instead of a mass-produced item set to fail after a couple of years.

iron vent hoodPerhaps you think that iron range hood is proper of a highly contemporary style or even minimalist and industrial. This grayish and shiny metal indeed looks amazing in those ambiences, whether in a private residency, urban apartment or a fancy restaurant with an open kitchen concept. However, all of our forged iron handmade range hoods' models can be customized to the client's taste and therefore, you can order a hood with a vintage shape and additionally with a rusted patina for a more antique effect. In that case, your brand new vent hood will be suitable for farmhouse and rustic kitchens. Check out our stove hood “Florida” style. With its smooth forms and polished finishing, it matches perfectly vast and open, minimalist kitchens. The design of clean, effortless lines will help the entire room create a feeling of a professional chef's oasis. On the other hand, if you want to keep your home a rancho style, have a look at the “Los Angeles” range hood model with rustic moulding and very decorative darker iron straps. The straps are ornamented with rivets that add a little bit of a country style. Two-colour metals help to define this shapely design. It provides a traditional atmosphere to any style of kitchen.

Each iron range hood is handmade upon the order so there are some aspects that a client can customize directly from the sidebars on the web page such as an installation type (wall mount or above the kitchen island). There are not many custom range hoods producers on the market that would go the extra mile and offer fully customized appliances. Our company is specializing in made-to-order high-quality products elaborated by professional artisans, masters in their field such as metalwork or pottery. By that, you can be sure that your new iron extractor turns into a statement range hood.

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