Metal Range Hood for High Ceiling

Metal Range Hood for High Ceiling

Whether brass, iron, zinc or copper, a metallic range hood will become an instant standout feature of any kitchen. Obviously, you must look for high-quality appliances and trustworthy producers that use the best materials there are on the market. Choosing a copper or zinc range hood is a very important decision. It is not a thing that you change every season. An extractor must work efficiently and look great for decades! That is why, if your kitchen is especially spacious, consider a metal range hood for  high ceiling. With a custom vent hood, it is the appliance that adjusts to your interiors and not the other way round.

tall copper range hood in a high ceiling kitchen

When choosing a metal range hood it is essential to get the exact measurements, including the height. The optimum range of hood height improves the hood’s efficiency and durability. For instance, if the zinc vent hood is too close to the stove, this might not be as effective as one would wish. In the end, as beautiful as your brand new hood is, it has to get rid of all the odors and smoke coming from the daily cooking. The same might happen if your install an extractor that is much smaller than your cooktop area. It will never be as powerful as a metal range hood that is a little bit narrower than the stove. It is recommendable to check with your interior designer or constructor for advice on installing a range hood. They will know the rules and laws in your state concerning ventilation and whether your kitchen's layout allows you to have a ductless range hood or perhaps ducked one. As for us, we can create a copper or zinc range hood that is based on your design. Our production is upon the order and therefore includes many custom features.

Being able to offer a customized version of all of our handmade, copper appliances, makes it so much easier to find the ideal metal range hood for high ceilings. Some of our models are designed purposely for high ceilings just like the one you can see in the photo. There are some basic principles for installing a copper range hood. The standard height for a range hood is between 28 and 36 inches from the cooktop for a gas range and electric range. 28 inches is the minimum height. If the hood is any closer, it may become damaged. Any further than 36 inches and your hood won’t move air away from your stove efficiently. The rest really depends on the taste of the homeowner. Shape, size, patina finishing, and texture, all that can be matched to your current kitchen's decor.

Statement Range Hood

Statement Range Hood

If you are remodeling your kitchen or building a new one, your customized range hood is an opportunity to incorporate a unique design element into your kitchen. The times when an extractor was an uncomfortable and ugly obligation, we all need to install in our kitchen are gone. A statement range hood is your opportunity to elevate the general décor of your kitchen and to create an interesting visual attraction. Think twice before choosing your metallic vent hood because it might upgrade or break the harmony of the overall kitchen’s look.

custom metal range hood
While it is true that range hoods have been always providing much-needed ventilation and getting rid of unwanted smells, they have been rather industrial looking. And that might be perfect if you want to create a minimalist and modern ambience or you are renovating the restaurant’s kitchen. However, this kind of cold and sleek look might not go in pair with a cosy, rustic kitchenette or a transitional and eclectic one. Fortunately, there are many styles of custom-made range hoods that are both attractive and functional. To begin with, our company offers extractor made of iron, zinc and copper. Each of these metals distinguished itself due to their unique benefits both aesthetical and practical. Additionally, regardless of the metal type, the made-to-order range hood can be produced for wall mount installation, between the cabinets or kitchen island. The first version has its back flat and the last has both front and its back, designed in the same way. You should check our collection of metallic range hoods for inspiration. Do you want a tall vent hood that will emphasize how tall the ceiling in your kitchen is? Perhaps you have a double cooktop, and you are looking for a wider model? You are turning your kitchen into a French cottage style, and you need a vent hood that fits? No problem at all. Check our decorative range hoods with fancy moldings and additional high relief patterns such as copper range hood “Granby”. The truth is that today market offers endless possibilities for you to own a statement range hood that will astonish your family and guests.

The interior designers and other house professionals consider range hoods a crucial investment for any kitchen space. These custom metallic appliances are not only the powerful force behind having fresh clean air but also an elegant showcase in the kitchen. Our products are done manually by experienced metalworkers so each and all decorative range hoods are one of their kind. Buying an appliance of this size and importance, you want to choose a style you love and the one that is suitable for the rest of the kitchen decoration. We are here to help you with that.

Decorative Iron Range Hoods

Decorative Iron Range Hoods

Specializing in designer range hoods for luxury kitchens for many decades, My Custom Made provides beautifully designed, custom vent hoods for kitchens all over the world, especially in the United States and Canada. Our decorative range hoods are often the focal point of the kitchen. If you are looking for something truly remarkable, consider decorative iron range hoods that bring the stylish and gleaming look.

iron range hood in a kitchen

Regardless of metal used, our metallic extractors can be produced for wall mount installation or kitchen island. The first version has the back wall flat and the latter has both the front and the back decorated in the same fashion. The decision is very personal and depends on the layout possibilities. If there is enough space, most of us prefer to install a comfortable and functional island around which a family will prepare food but also eat and socialize. You want this area to be as glamourous as your dining room. Have a look at our “San Antonio” iron range hood that is designed in loft style, suitable for both rustic and modern interiors, This iron hood with straps is decorated with a rusted iron crown molding and vertical straps welded to the hood wall and without any doubt will become eye-catching artwork, making the most amazing kitchen complete. Working with iron is quite complex and therefore our clients appreciate even more all the decorative iron range hoods we have in offer. Usually, their embellishing consists of welding rivets and straps installed onto the metal surface. The other way to add a personal touch is to order your vent hood with either polished finishing or natural wrought iron.

Decorative iron range hoods pair beautifully with contemporary and quite minimalistic interiors. They integrate perfectly in colder environments adding a lot of warmth and elegance to space. Even if the shape of the molding looks quite rustic or traditional, the grey polish of the iron brings the modernity out of it. The interior designer will easily introduce it within a monochromatic and cutting-edge decor with transitional or industrial elements. The versatility of our decorative range hoods is astonishing. Even more, it is their durability and functionality. This timeless appliance will protect your kitchen from unwelcomed smells for many decades so you want to choose wisely its style, shape and size. All of those characteristics can be customized by the buyer by sending us the specifications. Luckily, the customer pays for the quantity of the material used and not for the extra time that is necessary for elaborating each one-of-a-kind iron hood.

Made-to-order Kitchen Metal Range Hoods

Made-to-order Kitchen Metal Range Hoods

You want your metal range hoods to become a bold statement in your kitchen, but the standard product do not make your heart beat faster? We have a solution for you. Our company bestselling products are metal vent hoods that can be customized on many levels_ material, shape, size and finishing. Therefore, made-to-order metal range hoods for a kitchen are a great idea for those who are looking for something authentic and do not want to settle for a standard and common design. Buying an appliance of this size and importance, you would like to choose a style you love and that is suitable for the rest of the kitchen decoration. Custom zinc range hoods can be made of a variety of materials. As far as production plant concerns, we manufacture copper, zinc and iron range hoods in standard and custom dimensions. Some designs include more than one metal. Whether it is a wall-mount or island, all of our appliance designs are offered in both versions. Occasionally, we are asked to fabricate custom metal kitchen hoods to accommodate it for a high ceiling kitchen. It can be done by producing a whole new custom range hoods that would be longer than usual size or we can also add a chimney to the existing appliance.

There are many things to consider while picking your perfect made-to-order metal range hoods. The most important is the homeowner’s taste. Our company offers a grand variety of style so, in consequence, you will find for sure an ideal focal point to your kitchen outlet. Depending on the configuration of your kitchen, personalized metal vent hoods can be mounted on a wall, incorporated between the kitchen cabinets or suspended from the ceiling over the kitchen island.

custom kitchen metal range hoods

Naturally, you will want us to supply stove hoods that suits to perfection the style of your kitchen and that transmits the spirit of your home. Check out different patina colors available in our made-to-order process. Techniques like a hammered or polished finish, the material choice such as stainless steel or antique copper are some of our recommendations. If your kitchen presents a modern design, you could add stainless steel or a polished copper with cleaner and more elementary forms. It will brighten the space and give a very contemporary and unconventional flair to the overall. If you have a more classical taste, look for a rustic and farmhouse vibes in our collection of metal range hoods.  A mix of metals will add a vintage flair to it and if you order it with a molded, ornamented crown, you will get an old European style hoods. A fired and darker patina options will give more traditional and rustic flair to your brand new hood covers. As you can see the options are almost endless and we are sure that we can help you to get your ideal kitchen exhaust product. Production of most made-to-order metal range hoods takes five weeks including shipping to the US mainland, Mexico and Canada.

Custom Metal Vent Hood decorated with Wood

Custom Metal Vent Hood decorated with Wood

You no longer have to suffer if you love both wood and metal and you cannot decide on your new stunning custom metal vent hood because we actually produce and sell them decorated with wood. How wonderful is this vision. In recent years, kitchen range hoods have evolved from an unappealing but necessary appliance to works of art. And why shouldn't an appliance of such large size make a big statement? In fact, a well designed metal vent hood can change the look of the whole kitchen so we recommend you to choose wisely.

Today, kitchen vent hoods are available in all shapes, sizes, and materials that can either draw the eye or blend right in with the surroundings. Some interior architects like an idea of experimenting with various materials when designing custom zinc vent hoods. The option that is not that so often explored is to cover a kitchen custom metal vent hood with wooden elements. It can be covering a lower hood apron to match any other furniture in the room. Think about decorating possibilities this gives you! If you wish to keep all of your kitchen design in similar colors, you can order a custom vent hood covered with antique wood that is painted in the same color as the counters.

custom metal vent hood in a kitchen

If you are buying a metal vent hood with some wooden modification you want it probably to stand out. For that option, you should cover a part of the hood with the wood so the materials have equal importance in the ultimate effect. The metal shininess will bring warmth to your home and wood is such a great addition to a rustic kitchen extractor style. However, before taking the final decision, the homeowners have to select where to install the brand new metal vent hood. Obviously, it has to go where the stove will be placed but you can have it as a wall mount or above the island.

Each option offers you different shapes for the vent hood and as a consequence, diverse choices to customize your vent hood with wood. The key to incorporating woods with metals is getting colors to work together. This is all about a single tone that enhances another. Just about the only thing that won’t work is mixing warm and cool shades. As an example, if you are creating a chic, contemporary kitchen featuring white cabinets, use shiny metals instead of brushed or patina that could be a polished copper range hood from Mexico with some wooden parts in grey. We would be happy to hear your decorative ideas for your brand new custom-made vent hood and have it manufactured for you.

Metal Range Hoods

Metal Range Hoods

Handcrafted metal range hoods for kitchen can be made in over hundred styles, shapes and sizes. The most comment metals for range hoods are copper and zinc. Occasionally, the range hoods are made of tin metal and wrought iron. 

Metal Range Hood for Wall and Island

Regardless of metal the range hood is made, it can be produced for wall mount installation or kitchen island. The first version has its back flat and the second both front and its back are decorated in the same fashion. Usually, such a range hood has a rectangular shape when looking form bottom up. In some cases it could be square or octagonal.

Metal Range Hood from Copper

metal range hood handcrafted in copper

Range hood on the above image was made for central island application as it has all sides decorated with the same elements. Shape of each side is reflecting its look on the opposite one. It is because you can view this metal range hood from each corner of the room. There are many designs and a variety of styles. Most of the metal range hoods made of copper are hammered with traditional look often associated with old Europe, Spanish conquest of Americas and American country.

Metal Range Hood form Zinc

metal range hood handcrafted in zinc

This handcrafted metal range hood has been manufactured from zinc in natural color. Metal can be either hammered or smooth as it is shown on the above photo. Also, zinc metal range hood can be manufactured with dark finish. Such an option is desired by home owners seeking vintage antique appliances for their traditionally looking kitchens.

Metal Range Hoods made of Iron

Some iron hoods resemble other metal range hood designs. The metal is very hard to work with and creating any decorative elements on them are not that easy. Usually, they are limited to welding rivets and straps the the metal surface. It is rather impossible to hammer any style designs on them. As any other metal range hood, iron version is produced for wall and kitchen island.

metal range hood made of iron

Metal range hood on the photograph has been custom hammered the way it looks older than it is and the straps are made of untreated steel. It is an island metal hood venting to the ceiling. We made six inch diameter hole on the top of it for the exhaust pipe to go through.