Decorative Iron Range Hoods

Decorative Iron Range Hoods

Specializing in designer range hoods for luxury kitchens for many decades, My Custom Made provides beautifully designed, custom vent hoods for kitchens all over the world, especially in the United States and Canada. Our decorative range hoods are often the focal point of the kitchen. If you are looking for something truly remarkable, consider decorative iron range hoods that bring the stylish and gleaming look.

iron range hood in a kitchen

Regardless of metal used, our metallic extractors can be produced for wall mount installation or kitchen island. The first version has the back wall flat and the latter has both the front and the back decorated in the same fashion. The decision is very personal and depends on the layout possibilities. If there is enough space, most of us prefer to install a comfortable and functional island around which a family will prepare food but also eat and socialize. You want this area to be as glamourous as your dining room. Have a look at our “San Antonio” iron range hood that is designed in loft style, suitable for both rustic and modern interiors, This iron hood with straps is decorated with a rusted iron crown molding and vertical straps welded to the hood wall and without any doubt will become eye-catching artwork, making the most amazing kitchen complete. Working with iron is quite complex and therefore our clients appreciate even more all the decorative iron range hoods we have in offer. Usually, their embellishing consists of welding rivets and straps installed onto the metal surface. The other way to add a personal touch is to order your vent hood with either polished finishing or natural wrought iron.

Decorative iron range hoods pair beautifully with contemporary and quite minimalistic interiors. They integrate perfectly in colder environments adding a lot of warmth and elegance to space. Even if the shape of the molding looks quite rustic or traditional, the grey polish of the iron brings the modernity out of it. The interior designer will easily introduce it within a monochromatic and cutting-edge decor with transitional or industrial elements. The versatility of our decorative range hoods is astonishing. Even more, it is their durability and functionality. This timeless appliance will protect your kitchen from unwelcomed smells for many decades so you want to choose wisely its style, shape and size. All of those characteristics can be customized by the buyer by sending us the specifications. Luckily, the customer pays for the quantity of the material used and not for the extra time that is necessary for elaborating each one-of-a-kind iron hood.

Customized Kitchen Range Hoods

Customized Kitchen Range Hoods

Once you completed your home improvement project, the main highlight of your brand new designer kitchen should include a customized hammered copper range hood. It may also consist of a corresponding ceramic tile backsplash, traditional cabinets and dining furnishings. The configuration and improvements shell be based on amount of space available in the room and the concept in general.

Kitchen Range Hoods

Custom range hoods for a luxury kitchen should be fabricated as made-to-order. It will assure no other house in the area has exactly equal design. While spending a bundle you don't want your neighbors to have their homes furnished as carbon copies, do you?. It is typically a problem in subdivisions where the builder offers a few choices making all interiors in the area virtually same. They may use different color bricks and landscape but interiors are very standard.

Customizing Metal Hoods

No doubt a personalized range hood is one of the largest and most expensive items around the kitchen. It can be wall mount or island what can only add to additional cost of the cabinetry. Custom Made specializes in professional metalwork in a few categories when the material is concerned. We produce for the most part customized hammered copper range hoods and unique oversized sinks. For the same designs we can use also zinc and wrought iron. The structure of the vent hood is made the same way using forged iron. Then it is covered with metal of choice. Each of them has different finishing methods. For example smooth or hammered copper can be made antique, rustic or polished. Zinc oven hoods dark or natural mat or shine.

customized kitchen range hood

To buy one of our iron kitchen hoods simply go to the detail page with the shape you like the most. Once there using drop down menus choose metal color, size and version. Please keep in mind that wall style is made of three sides with the designer look and back is flat for easy hanging and connection. The island one is finished all around from the top to bottom.

Custom Hood Inserts

We supply our customized kitchen hoods with discount hood inserts. They are made in Mexico by German brand manufacturer and include two seed ventilator, lamps and a set of washable filters. Usually, our large home appliances are meant for outside exhausting. Nevertheless, we can customized them to be recirculating air back to the kitchen. Those are called sometimes ventless. Fumes and airborne sediments pass through carbon activated filtering membranes removing most of the fumes in the process.

customized hammered copper range hood

This option is best for condominiums where there is possibility to install a pipes leading outside the building. Either it is not feasible or not permitted what is mostly the requirement included within the agreement between the complex management company and the homeowner. Once you finalized fixing your kitchen, there is time to begin thinking about a bathroom. There are serious copper bathtub benefits and counters. Just imagine for a moment your entire indoors decorated with elements from that metal and mix patina colors.