Metal Range Hoods

Metal Range Hoods

Handcrafted metal range hoods for kitchen can be made in over hundred styles, shapes and sizes. The most comment metals for range hoods are copper and zinc. Occasionally, the range hoods are made of tin metal and wrought iron. 

Metal Range Hood for Wall and Island

Regardless of metal the range hood is made, it can be produced for wall mount installation or kitchen island. The first version has its back flat and the second both front and its back are decorated in the same fashion. Usually, such a range hood has a rectangular shape when looking form bottom up. In some cases it could be square or octagonal.

Metal Range Hood from Copper

metal range hood handcrafted in copper

Range hood on the above image was made for central island application as it has all sides decorated with the same elements. Shape of each side is reflecting its look on the opposite one. It is because you can view this metal range hood from each corner of the room. There are many designs and a variety of styles. Most of the metal range hoods made of copper are hammered with traditional look often associated with old Europe, Spanish conquest of Americas and American country.

Metal Range Hood form Zinc

metal range hood handcrafted in zinc

This handcrafted metal range hood has been manufactured from zinc in natural color. Metal can be either hammered or smooth as it is shown on the above photo. Also, zinc metal range hood can be manufactured with dark finish. Such an option is desired by home owners seeking vintage antique appliances for their traditionally looking kitchens.

Metal Range Hoods made of Iron

Some iron hoods resemble other metal range hood designs. The metal is very hard to work with and creating any decorative elements on them are not that easy. Usually, they are limited to welding rivets and straps the the metal surface. It is rather impossible to hammer any style designs on them. As any other metal range hood, iron version is produced for wall and kitchen island.

metal range hood made of iron

Metal range hood on the photograph has been custom hammered the way it looks older than it is and the straps are made of untreated steel. It is an island metal hood venting to the ceiling. We made six inch diameter hole on the top of it for the exhaust pipe to go through.



Nov 16, 2017

I like zinc range hood and have a question regarding other metal. Can this range hood design be made in aluminum and polished? I am interested in a hood made of pewter or looking like one. The range hood would be wall mount with vent going through my kitchen ceiling. Also, how long it will take to produce metal range hood such as this and the price. We have a space between our cabinets for 36 inch wide hood and our ceiling is nine foot high.

Sep 07, 2017

I love my brand new iron range hood. We decided sometime ago about installing while renovating in our kitchen metal range hood but it took a while to choose the right look. A custom iron range hood exactly like the one demonstrated in this blog post was what we finally settled. It is an island hood 48" tall with natural iron finishing. We customized it for our own ventahood insert.

John S.
Aug 03, 2017

I like very much metal range hoods. I wonder whether it would be possible to make a custom iron hood with the design of other metals such as copper? Can the hood be made ready for our own insert, we would be using ventahood model 30 inches wide.

May 01, 2017

I would like to buy a copper vent hood with some forged iron straps. My kitchen was designed in Spanish Hacienda style and I have s fire ideas about the style. Would you get back to me so I can email you a few images with similar appliances ?

Andrew W.
Mar 23, 2017

I have a high ceiling kitchen, it has 12 feet from floor to ceiling. I am looking for range hood that can be attached to the ceiling without any chimney nor extension. So, my question is can I order a range hood made of zinc for a kitchen island and in custom height? What would be the price of the range hood 48" wide, 24" deep and 84 inches tall?

Jan 28, 2017

It is a good looking metal range hood made of wrought iron. I am wondering how it vents? To the wall or ceiling and what capacity is the fan.


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