Custom Wall Zinc Range Hood

Custom Wall Zinc Range Hood

Take a look at this beautiful wall mount zinc range hood custom made for one of our clients. It was made of natural color metal that was latter hand polished. This range hood is equipped with economy ventilation equipment made in Mexico by one of European manufacturers. The hood insert has 200 CFM fan, two light bulbs and a removable filter. The ventilator has two speeds and it moves air outside the house. We can also custom produce this zinc range hood as recalculating back to kitchen. As in case of all Custom Made metal range hoods, this zinc hood can be supplied for central island as well. The version differs too some degree from the unit shown on the post image. It has all four walls made the same way so it looks same all around. Other difference between both models is that wall mount range hood exhaust pipe can go through wall or ceiling while island style can push air towards the ceiling only.

custom made zinc range hood for kitchen wall installation

Average custom wall zinc range hood production time frame is fourteen days. Shipping from our factory to the buyer's home takes more less another two weeks. Stove hood shown on the photograph was produced 36 inches wide, 42 tall and 24 deep taking measurement from front to back.


custom zinc range hood

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Mar 06, 2018

Your work is beautiful!
I am interested in this hood for my kitchen remodel.
I like the zinc in natural and the hand polished finish. Just like he picture of the special order.
My kitchen will be ready in about 4 weeks.
I look forward to hearing from you…

Janet Birnbaum

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