Wrought Iron Light Fixtures

Wrought Iron Light Fixtures

Wrought iron light fixtures include many categories. Among them you will find on custom made site iron chandeliers, outdoor lamps and wall sconces. While vast majority of our illumination output is made of wrought iron we also use metal sheeting for lamp shades. They can be mad of plane metal or hammered and decorated with glass crystals. In case of wrought iron fixtures most our designs are copies of antique light fixtures form Europe and Latin America.

They include ceiling lights and wall mount lamps. Some of them have glass domes and others exposed light bulbs imitating candles. We offer our buyer variety of options that can be selected on each iron light fixture detail page. Diameter and color among them. You can also modify the lamp style by providing information about changes concerning its shape, size or color. We produce our wrought iron light fixtures in central Mexico and ship to the US border once a week. Estimated manufacturing time including shipping is four to five weeks depending on the light fixture complexity. Delivery for the US buyers from the mainland is free.

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