Veranda Patio Furniture from Mexico

Veranda Patio Furniture from Mexico

If you are looking for the patio veranda furniture from Mexico you probably want something that will be durable as well as elegant.  Our furniture line brings a remarkable flair to your dining room, veranda or patio.This leather handmade rustic  furniture, crafted from tanned pigskin and Mexican cherry is also suitable for commercial use in bars or restaurant with this Southern charm that is embracing from those beautiful furnishings. They are bringing authentic feeling to any decorations from Mexico.

mexican patio furniture

"Eequipal” style collection includes chairs, tables, dining rooms sets for residential houses and restaurants. All of our items from the patio furniture chairs are barrel-shaped, lightweight and comfortable. An important patio feature of equipales is that the leather is customarily elaborated from pigskin, not cowhide. There are no filler woods used in the leather parts and we still use the pigskin preferably because it allows air circulation and does not harden and crack the way bovine leather does. Pedestals and other structural components are handcrafted of cherry wood. They have this unique cross-cross slat patterns that made them authentic Mexico craft. Rustic veranda furniture for patio are perfect for both interiors as exteriors because they are durable and require little maintenance. However, you should follow a light maintenance routine to keep the pigskin soft on your hand-crafted items. Furthermore, we can offer options in color. One of them is terracotta which is more reddish in tone and gives a more shabby look that goes perfectly with a rustic decor. The second one is brown tobacco and resembles a more colonial character, easy to combine with any colors. Since each piece of patio furniture is fabricated from all natural materials,  you can expect slight variations in color and size but this makes them even more unique.

Interesting to add is that the technique for creating those stunning and comfortable veranda furniture was in use through Mexico long before Spanish arrival. In fact, the indigenous ruler's throne was in “equipales” style when conquistadors came to visit him so we are just continuing this incredible and complicated but satisfactory tradition of artisan hand making of seats and tables.

mexican veranda patio furniture

As an example, Mexican patio furniture set from the picture consists of four chairs and 32 inch diameter table with wooden stand. The picture was taken in the cottage located on Long Lake in Haliburton, Ontario. We are also manufacturing equipal set for a couple consisting of a bar stool and two tall stools. Additional chairs are available as well optional larger tabletop. All of our patio  furniture from Mexico made in the state of Jalisco. They can be used  for furnishing commercial and residential spaces with rustic flavor of Southern USA.

Occasionally, we ship them as custom patio furniture to Europe and regions of North American continent including Canada where they are used for cottages and vacation homes. Our decorative veranda patio furniture from Mexico will make a real statement pieces in any ares, whether exterior or interior, adding a southwest or rustic atmosphere to any space in your home


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