Veranda Patio Furniture

Veranda Patio Furniture

Furniture handmade of pig skin and cherry wood are used in bars, restaurant patios and indoor dining rooms of residential homes. The dining room set shown on the photo was produced in state of Jalisco located in central Mexico. Equipal patio furniture is used for furnishing commercial and residential spaces with rustic flavor in Mexico and most of Southern USA. Occasionally, we ship them as custom made patio furniture to Europe and other regions of North American continent including Canada where they are used for cottages and vacation homes.

custom patio furniture

Furniture set above consists of four chairs and 32 inch diameter table with wooden stand. The picture was taken in the cottage located on Long Lake in Haliburton, Ontario.

custom veranda furniture

Custom equipal set for two made of a bar stool and two tall stools. Additional chairs are available as well optional larger tabletop. 

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