Custom Bathroom on Veranda

Custom Bathroom on Veranda

This custom bathroom located on a house veranda by Falcone Homes is just fabulous. Its designer added a lot of extra living space to this home by creating a large bathroom equipped with a drop-in tub and separate shower area for two. If you love that decor idea, MyCustomMade has all you need to create your own version of the personalized, custom bathroom on your veranda.

bathroom in veranda

In Falcone Homes design the walls and floor are covered with quality ceramic tiles including stone looking octagonal mosaics on the bathtub stand. Veranda itself has a wonderful wooden floor with tall white color baseboard. There is a natural and very harmonic transition from the area of the bath to the outdoor space. Your custom bathroom might get this stunning and luxurious look with the help of our custom made products and handcrafted copper appliances. Fill your home with your style of custom home decor. Why accept massive line production of decor elements if all of your home's decor is arranged with a unique made and personal style? Your custom bathroom on veranda should reflect your taste, right down to the smallest detail, just like the rest of the interiors. Create a one of a kind look in your freshly remodeled semi-exterior bathroom with the wide assortment of custom copper bathtubs, custom copper sinks, iron mirrors and metallic lighting fixtures available on our web pages. 

To create the perfect, personalized layout for your new custom bathroom you have to include the most important aspect, the tiling. We are one of the biggest producers of Mexican, hand-painted tiles that are called Talavera tiles. This ceramic, multicolored mosaics will bring incredible visual effects and having thousands of patterns and tones, give you the chance to find this perfect pattern that will suit the style you want to achieve. Mexican ceramic tiles offer a long-lasting wall surface that is easy to care and maintain. We can imagine that a custom bathroom on the veranda will be put in use a lot by your family. You want to make sure that the materials you are using are prepared for high traffic! You can install relief Mexican tiles in virtually any area of your bathroom to be able to enjoy their warm and beauty. That might be, the bathroom counters or shower walls or even the base of your copper tub. The only limitations for Mexican tiles application would be outdoors with potential freezing temperatures as they are not frost resistant. However, apart from that, any surface is suitable for those stunning pieces of handmade ceramic tiles.

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