Custom Made Bathroom Sinks

Custom Made Bathroom Sinks

When shopping in Mexico for a bathroom sink from copper you will be presented on custom made site with various options. First of all, you need to decide about your decorative bathroom sink material. We work with zinc, copper and talavera. There are a number of ceramic sink sizes and shapes. You can decide to be square, rectangular, oval or round. The same applies to metal bathroom sinks. While custom bathroom sinks can be hand painted in all possible colors and patterns, they are made using molds. It means you will not be able to order a custom sink in made to order dimensions.

custom copper bathroom sinks

The situation is different in case of copper bathroom sinks. You can buy a standard type or request production of bathroom sink according to your bathroom requirements. This applies to both shape and color finishing. For Mexican hand painted sinks made of ceramics all possible designs are available, your own or one of hundreds presented on our site. Note that all handmade bathroom sinks can be supplied as vessel sinks or drop-in. The last version is often used for undermount zinc bath counter installation providing sink lip is flat. Some models come with drain back tubes, others you can request their installation which is always good idea.

To assure no water is going to over flow on the bathroom floor. For all custom made bathroom sinks use our made-to-order home improvement page for ordering all bathroom furnishings while specifying material, color finish, shape and other useful information you may consider important prior to beginning manufacturing. Decorating a bathroom with a Mexican copper sinks purchased in our store is a great idea. They are offered with the best industry price and free delivery to continental USA.

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