Decorative Bathroom Sinks

Decorative Bathroom Sinks

Decorative Bathroom Sinks Painted in Mexico

Bring some exotic extravagance into your bathroom with our stunning, decorative majolica sinks. On our Web Page, you will be able to find a multitude of designs available to create perfect decor, whether it is Colonial, farmhouse or modern and edgy. The limit for decorating a custom ceramic bathroom sinks lies only in your or the designer's imagination. A majority of our handcrafted bathroom sinks are produced in the central Mexico state of Guanajuato from Talavera clay. Handmade sinks come as drop-in and vessel. The first style can be installed on the bath counter undermount. We offer round, oval and rectangular shape and they are offered in three standard sizes. All of the designs we sell are hand painted by our experienced artisans that are continuing the tradition of ceramic painting that embellish mexican tiles, sinks and other ceramic accessories for centuries. As the years came by, we have introduced new designs and patterns according to the trends and our customer's taste. We can 100% customize your decorative bathroom sink to adjust it to your style by changing the size, shape and design. You can always send us your draft idea and we will make sure to manufacture and sell you your ideal decorative sink.

decorative bathroom sink hand painted in Mexico

Beautiful type of decorative bathroom sinks painted in Mexico are for sale in form of the vessel sinks that can be used in a family bathroom. They are  amazing due to the designs for commercial in restaurants and bars. Just consider a Talavera bathroom sink "Orlando" with a distinctive pattern of the green and white feather. We love this design for being such a versatile decorative element with contrasting overtones. We can see this sink installed in a Mexican themed bathroom but also in a vintage and Art Deco style. It brings an old European grandeur to your interiors with a unique greenish palette.

If you are looking for a decorative sink with a bohemian twist, check the oval sink "Manzanillo" that features the sun and moon designs over a cobalt blue background. The colors used to paint this ceramic furnishings are very powerful and bright providing a visual extravagance. To add some exotic flair, buy it from the most Mexican influenced decorative sinks and tiles such as wall Talavera sink "Catalina" that presents a classic desert landscape from Mexico with cactus and a man with a big sombrero. What can be more Mexican than that? Do not be scared to explore abundant colors of our traditional decorative bathroom sinks from Mexico. Red, purple, deep blue, sunny yellow, green. Try various combinations until you hit upon the correct. It will make your bathroom noticeable, stylish and refined.

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