Painted Mexican Talavera Tiles

Painted Mexican Talavera Tiles

Contemporary homes today are starting to make use of an old-time favorite as far as decorative tiles concern. Hand made Mexican rustic Talavera tiles are living their revival. Modern preferences have leaned towards painting all walls in white and install a large slab of marble or granite for a kitchen countertop, but the result tends to be quite flat. You can create diverse designs with painted Talavera tiles mosaic countertop and ceramic backsplash that undoubtedly add a lot of character and uniqueness to an upgraded home, and that is the reason why designers are taking another look at different handmade ceramic tiling options for kitchens, bathrooms, exteriors and decorative elements in general.

Planning custom home improvement project in Southern or more precisely Southeastern style, you should consider installing some of our incredible designs in Mexican Talavera tiles that even though are a very classic material, can create contemporary and surprising design concepts that will introduce new, exciting ideas with interesting uses of texture and materials. What a great idea to inject some warmth to the house interiors by installing hand painted Mexican talavera tiles on walls, counters and tabletops. Broken ceramic talavera tiles are for sale with many Mexican patterns painted on terracotta, blue, green and orange backgrounds for the most part. Our ceramic tiles are produced in Dolores Hidalgo, located in central Mexican state of Guanajuato. The tiles are hand cut and handcrafted in a traditional way that was passed from one generation to other.

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Being recognized as popular form of decorating haciendas, churches or fountains, the origin of those beautiful hand painted Mexican Talavera tiles leads to Spain. In the 16th centuries, the Spaniards brought their knowledge and the painted Talavera tiles became internationally acclaimed not only for Spanish production but also Mexican. Its unique style came out of a mix of Spanish, Arabic and European cultures. Nowadays, relief handcrafted Mexican tiles are produced as 2x2, 4x4 and 6x6 inch sizes. You can select your decorative ceramic tiles from Mexico with vivid patterns or rustic plain and include trims or tile borders made of the Talavera with the same or contrasting shades to achieve an accent pop of tones. With mosaics, you can design big splashes of vibrant color in the kitchen, entryway or bathroom. If you want a standard type, just use neutral colors to showcase several painted Mexican tiles with bold patterns, like a tabletop hand decorated with Talavera ceramic or you can frame your mirror or doorway with them to get this slight Southern accent.

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