Decorating the Doorway with Mexican Ceramic Tiles

Decorating the Doorway with Mexican Ceramic Tiles

The painted Talavera tiles are in fashion and most importantly they are no longer exclusively used in the kitchen or bathroom. From complex and vivid Southern patterns to simpler, plain colored type, Mexican ceramic tiles are one of the favorite solutions for decorating the doorway with an unusual, chic and rustic style.

Mexican tiles decorating house doorway

Your lobby should transmit a welcoming, warm message and also it is a teaser of what your guest can see in the rest of your home. If you want to create a Southern feel in your residency or apartment, consider installing our Mexican, ceramic tiles on one of the walls of your doorway. Choose the wall you want to highlight and create an artistic area with one of our stunning Talavera patterns or perhaps mix several designs in one, unconventional patchwork piece. From simple tile to even more effective high relief tiles to Mexican tile murals, choose the option that goes better with the style of your home. All of our ceramic products are of great quality and will be a durable, stunning solution for a quick and effective makeover. As the hallway is the area that bridges the exteriors with interiors, perhaps you want to set up a greenery scene that gives a cohesive transition from your garden to the rest of your household. We have thousands of flowery patterns so emblematic for Mexican or Spanish tile craft that you can use for decorating the doorway.

If bold designs, using the whole wall embellished with hand-made Talavera tiles is too much for your taste but you still love having some of those rustic accents, you can add a mirror decorated with a tiled frame. A smaller tile mural in form of wall art is also an option for you. Additionally, we should not forget about the entry that can be enlivened with our ceramic products. Decorating the doors with tiles is an ancient technique that we can observe in the Morrocan architecture. It was then appropriated by Spanish culture and finally, it got to Mexico where until nowadays is a really fashionable and beautiful way of adding a powerful statement to the Southern look of the entry doors of the house. A wooden, shabby-looking doors with handcrafted, Mexican tiles trimming it, seems like a perfect match and is frequently used in Hacienda-like residencies. Add some ceramic flower planters, pots and other decorative elements to boost the Southern style.

Relief Ceramic Tiles

Relief Ceramic Tiles

Create a dramatic and artistic look with decorative relief ceramic tiles handmade in the cradle of the contemporary ceramic craft, Mexico. Need a vibrant and multicolor addition for your designing scheme in kitchens, bathroom, dining rooms or lobbies? Build some appealing visual effects with multidimensional high relief tiles.

relief tiles for a kitchen

More than three hundred designs, all handcrafted enable you to find the perfect match that will decorate the existing décor. Having so many patterns to choose from, it gives us the certainty that any customer will find a perfect Talavera tile for a broad range of styles from the farmhouse, Colonial or Southern to French countryside inspired. Depending on their application, ceramic relief tiles are offered in various sizes and the most standard ones are 3x3, 4x4 and 6x6 inches. While the smallest tile size is used as decorative accents, larger ceramics can be installed on the kitchen backsplash and bathroom walls. The largest relief tile size is often used on custom stair risers. Those are only some of the applications for our relief ceramic tiles that can also be installed in the semi-shaded exteriors like verandas or patios. As you can see relief ceramic tiles are a versatile material that can be used in the infinity of small and more ambitious interior design projects. However, we should not forget that the surface of Mexican relief tiles is uneven, you should perhaps avoid installing them on the floors in a highly transited areas or on kitchen counters and tables where you need a top to be smooth and regular for more comfortable eating and food preparation. Any other areas and especially kitchen backsplashes and stair risers are certainly suitable for these high-end tiles. For kitchen counters, we would recommend you to check our collection of Mexican Talavera tiles.

The kitchens and the bathrooms are the major protagonists for decorative relief tile's use as it is where most likely we will need tiling in general for aesthetics but also functional purposes. The kitchen ceramic tiles are a durable material and they are quite easy to maintain and clean so we want to install them in the areas we spend time on a daily basis. The relief tiles can be found in earthly and neutral colors but you probably want relief tiles to astonish with its delicate but sophisticated designs and textures. Therefore, many models embody the Mexican creativity and love for contrasting colors, jazzy designs with a dash of Mediterranean and Moorish heritage.

Decorative Ceramic Tiles from Mexico

Decorative Ceramic Tiles from Mexico

Decorative ceramic tiles from Mexico are not only practical material that is easy to clean and maintain but they add a lot a pop of color and Southern brightness to any area you are remodelling. They provide a long-lasting wall or surface that will be a durable decorative addition to any household.

mexican ceramic tiles

There are many different ceramic tiles on the market. If you are looking for a rustic charm you should pay attention to the quality of glazed ceramic and the execution of the hand-painted designs. You would like to make sure that this product is really handmade by local artisans just as it is published. We are offering many options of decorative ceramic tiles from Mexico at Mycustommade ranging from wall tiles, Mexican relief tiles, broken tiles and stunning tile murals and much more. Each type of ceramic tile can be used both in the interior as well as the exterior of your home. You can install ceramic tiles in virtually any area you want and continue enjoying their warmth and beauty. The only limitations for Mexican tiles installations would be outdoor installations with potential freezing temperatures as they are not frost resistant. However, apart from that, any surface is suitable for those stunning pieces of ceramic. The remodelling projects including tile glazing are countless and such a fun thing to do. It is one of those activities you can even make by yourself such as decorating your tabletop with some vibrant Talavera tiles. The ideas for using a broken tiles collection is also limitless and a perfect DIY project for the whole family.

The most commonplace for Mexican handcrafted tiles would be kitchen wall, backsplash and counters as well as bathroom walls and counters. However, think outside of the box. Consider installing Mexican ceramic tiles in your rustic dining room using Spanish colonial designs that would go smoothly with wooden pieces of furniture and other vintage items. Talavera white and blue tiles are a perfect option for the outdoor decoration of your garden area, firework, door frame but they are regularly used in the kitchens as well to brighten the room. Mexican, Colonial houses are all ornamented with some sort of tiling project form a single tile with a number or a name of the villa to complex works of tiling art as a door frame or entire wall decoration. Bright up your entry with similar ideas and you will add a really welcoming feel to your entryway. Don't forget about the outdoors. You can use our decorative ceramic tiles from Mexico to embellish your swimming pool area (water-line for instance), barbecue area or the walls of your Southwest-inspired patio and veranda. If you have a fountain in your outdoor area, the ceramic tiles are a perfect match as well. 


Painted Mexican Talavera Tiles

Painted Mexican Talavera Tiles

Contemporary homes today are starting to make use of an old-time favorite as far as decorative tiles concern. Hand made Mexican rustic Talavera tiles are living their revival. Modern preferences have leaned towards painting all walls in white and install a large slab of marble or granite for a kitchen countertop, but the result tends to be quite flat. You can create diverse designs with painted Talavera tiles mosaic countertop and ceramic backsplash that undoubtedly add a lot of character and uniqueness to an upgraded home, and that is the reason why designers are taking another look at different handmade ceramic tiling options for kitchens, bathrooms, exteriors and decorative elements in general.

Planning custom home improvement project in Southern or more precisely Southeastern style, you should consider installing some of our incredible designs in Mexican Talavera tiles that even though are a very classic material, can create contemporary and surprising design concepts that will introduce new, exciting ideas with interesting uses of texture and materials. What a great idea to inject some warmth to the house interiors by installing hand painted Mexican talavera tiles on walls, counters and tabletops. Broken ceramic talavera tiles are for sale with many Mexican patterns painted on terracotta, blue, green and orange backgrounds for the most part. Our ceramic tiles are produced in Dolores Hidalgo, located in central Mexican state of Guanajuato. The tiles are hand cut and handcrafted in a traditional way that was passed from one generation to other.

mexican talavera tile

Being recognized as popular form of decorating haciendas, churches or fountains, the origin of those beautiful hand painted Mexican Talavera tiles leads to Spain. In the 16th centuries, the Spaniards brought their knowledge and the painted Talavera tiles became internationally acclaimed not only for Spanish production but also Mexican. Its unique style came out of a mix of Spanish, Arabic and European cultures. Nowadays, relief handcrafted Mexican tiles are produced as 2x2, 4x4 and 6x6 inch sizes. You can select your decorative ceramic tiles from Mexico with vivid patterns or rustic plain and include trims or tile borders made of the Talavera with the same or contrasting shades to achieve an accent pop of tones. With mosaics, you can design big splashes of vibrant color in the kitchen, entryway or bathroom. If you want a standard type, just use neutral colors to showcase several painted Mexican tiles with bold patterns, like a tabletop hand decorated with Talavera ceramic or you can frame your mirror or doorway with them to get this slight Southern accent.

Hand Painted Mexican Mosaic Tiles

Hand Painted Mexican Mosaic Tiles

Hand painted Mexican mosaic tiles are a hot decorating material right now – from the patio to the bathroom to the kitchen to the stair risers. While upgrading your old bathroom consider adding Southern flavor by installing those beautifully handcrafted tiles. You can go full-on Mexican kitchen or you can use these highly glazed ceramics to add a bit of pop here and there. You’ll find patterns, solids, many different themes you can work with. And as there are many tile producers that are offering painted mosaic tiles in lots, you will never get the equal quality for the price we can offer. Talavera tiles make for fantastic DIY home improvement projects. Unless you choose to convey a bigger remodeling project, a simple weekend should do the trick.

hand painted mexican mosaic tiles

You can use them to decorate almost any room in your home and also the exteriors. They will look amazing on a kitchen backsplash, showers and countertop surface. There are a variety of ways applying handmade Mexican tiles for a mosaic job. You can decide to decorate with a pattern or solid color tiles as well as broken pieces. They are are very popular among mosaic artists. Such art can decorate indoor and outdoor walls with interesting motifs depicting animals, flowers country scenery or contemporary designs. To list just some of the ideas for how to use our broken Mexican mosaic tile concept, if you have a wooden or stone stair raisers you can embellish them with the decorative relief tiles.

You can opt for decorating each row with individual pattern but similar color palette or you can create a more classic staircase by using single tile motif. If the stairs are outside, take advantage of the proximity and decorate your door with similarly designed patterns. However, where you can admire the painted Mexican mosaic tiles in its whole glory is in the bathroom. They are favorite spot to use this material and you can either select hacienda style or a quite modern one and use talavera to incorporate some color accents. If you wish to create a real Southern vibe, you can use our mosaic tiles and place additionally a rustic copper sink and a punched tin mirrors.

We even sell toilets accessories with cheerful and vivid patterns. Installing hand painted Mexican mosaic tiles are a innovative way of refreshing and lighting up a kitchen as well. We can imagine our tiles being used as decoration of a tabletop. If you have an open kitchen, you can use the same broken ceramics to ornament the backsplash, counters and the table to give some coherency to the area. Most mosaic tiles are sold in 80-tile cartons and in case of our company, they are shipped free of charge providing you are US or Mexican buyer. Delivery to other destination may carry some additional cost depending on the purchaser location.

Broken Mexican Tiles for Mosaic Projects

Broken Mexican Tiles for Mosaic Projects

Are you DIY admirer and you happen to love Mexican tiles to be used with your next mosaic home improvement projects? You will want for sure to purchase some broken tiles. Mosaic tile decorating is interesting and very imaginative way add beauty to your home interiors or garden. They can be handcrafted of anything that can be split into pieces and glued or cemented together. In our case, we offer beautiful and made by artisans from Dolores Hidalgo broken Mexican tiles. The Internet has a bunch of ideas that you can use and create incredible artwork in all areas of your home. Well, to begin with, you need to get an idea in your head of what kind of mosaic decoration you would like to create and where would it be installed. Let's begin with the basics.

Ceramic Tiles History

Handcrafted ceramic tile has a long tradition in Latina America continent history and important cultural heritage in Mexico. The practice of creating them began in the late sixteenth century. Talavera ceramic tiles have actively played a distinguished role as an important utilitarian and decorative element in Spanish architecture. We are going to give you an idea of how important it was as they can be found in a  broad range of spaces from kitchens, fountains, facades, interiors of luxurious hacienda homes, municipal offices and churches from the past. Hopefully, you can get the idea for your own broken tiles designs.

broken ceramic tiles

Mexican Ceramic Tiles

Mexican ceramic tiles offer a long-lasting wall surface that is easy to care and maintain. You can install relief Mexican tiles in virtually any area of kitchen or bathroom you want to enjoy their warm and beauty. The only limitations for broken tiles application would be outdoors with potential freezing temperatures as they are not frost resistant. However, apart from that, any surface is suitable for those stunning pieces of handmade ceramic tiles.

broken mexican tiles for mosaics

Mosaic Tile Projects

Plan or pattern mosaic tile will add a Southern flavor to the area you are remodelling, proving the joy and brightness of this culturally rich country. The broken Mexican tiles can be used in so many designing projects. Among them decorating bathroom counters and building mosaic tile bathtubs. You can create with them incalculable decorative ideas in both indoors and patio. One of the most popular solutions is to use broken tiles to create the table-tops inspired by Southern warmth patterns incorporated to your living room or veranda walls, floors and furniture. You can make planters from mosaic tile, tile-topped stepping stones, broken tiles tables, chairs and even pieces of art at the bottom of the seeming pool. imagine using broken tiles to decorate mirror frames or to do a tray or simply a coaster. As a part of a bigger renovation, these cheerful ceramics can be applied on the kitchen counters and backsplash. Hand-painted ceramics will go great with pretty much any style as you can choose among colors so just let your imagination flow and start your own Mexican broken tiles project. Once finished, send us a few photographs of your custom made accent decor so we can post them on our site and blog to inspire other decorators, homeowners and designers.