High Relief Tiles for Garden

High Relief Tiles for Garden


What is the key to successful summer garden parties, barbecues and al fresco dining? Of course, the most important is the company, but selecting the right outdoor décor helps a lot in creating an entertaining and cozy atmosphere for all your friends and family. One of the most striking options for adding a welcoming feeling in the garden, patio or even veranda is to focus on colorful and rustic decoration and for that high relief tiles for a garden will be your best allies.

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Prepare and refurbish your garden so you can enjoy it at any time of the year. The right garden design makes staying outdoors your lifestyle. Even in the wintertime, you can organize entertaining gathering around the fire pit. Mexican Talavera tiles, fired from strong and high-quality red clay, withstand almost any climate and therefore are very popular material to use in garden and patios renovation in the United States and Canada. As closest neighbours of Mexico, homeowners in that region love bringing some Southern flair into their home projects. After all, the Mexican style cannot exist without a well designed and multicolored patio. Of all of the types of ceramic tiles, high relief tiles for the garden are the most impressive ones. A tile with a relief pattern stand out more and will make a huge impact even if used in small quantity. You could for instance decorate the counters, walls and floors with accent high relief tiles and cover the rest of the surfaces with stronger and larger panels made of frostproof tiles. Our decorative Mexican tiles offer thousands of patterns and color combinations. You can create a real work of ceramic art with them and being able to offer so many models, makes them an easy element to match with the existing layout. Our high relief tiles can make a wonderful mosaic matched with classic terracotta tiles and look just as lively and fun as they can do in kitchens and bathrooms. Plus, they are very easy to clean and maintain and that is a very helpful thing having in mind all the barbecues we are going to organize in spring and summer.

Handcrafted, ceramic tiles have a special, vintage feel that fits into garden settings very well. They might look antique, just as if they were in your garden for centuries. However, it is so easy to install them that you can actually change them often to make a perfect fit with your new patio dining set or chill our zone pieces of furniture. Additionally, high relief tiles for a garden will help you to set a clear distinction between different zones like separating a swimming pool area or fire pit area from the dining space.

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