Blue and White Talavera Tiles

Blue and White Talavera Tiles

If you desire to bring the Colonial or Mediterranean style to your home, consider adding classic elements of Mexican architecture and interior designing such as bold colors, ethnic textiles and of course, handcrafted Mexican tiles. If you want to lean towards a more classic Southern design, consider adding blue and white Talavera tiles that bring both, rustic charm and exotic elegance. Our Mexican Talavera tiles offer infinitive ways of application in use in the decoration of the interiors and exteriors of any style of home. The broad range of our ceramic products will make your next renovation project an experience that you will want to repeat. With the most classic of them all, blue and white Talavera tiles, your home transforms into a Southern-induced sanctuary.

blue and white talavera tiles

Ceramic, wall tiles, kitchen tile murals and high relief tiles, all offer numerous and creative solutions to decorate walls, counters, floors and even tabletops. In the case of blue and white Talavera tiles, the homeowners might find them suitable when a dash of color is needed in bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms and patios. In the beginning, the majority of Mexican, decorative tiles were created by using cobalt blue and white. Why? It actually was a symbol of social position. Everyone knew that the blue pigment was the most expensive and most difficult to find on the market. For others to know your status, the exterior facades of rich families' residencies were decorated with those tiles. Until now, the tourist can enjoy beautiful Colonial architecture embellished by Mexican blue and white tiles all around Mexico. With time, new hues were added to the traditional technique of Talavera tiles. As a consequence, our collection of varicolored, ceramic Mexican tiles include patterns in yellow, green, terracotta, brown, purple and of course cobalt blue and white. Combining those vibrant colors in complex and stunning designs is what makes our Talavera ceramic sinks and tiles unique and priceless. From copper range hoods, iron chandeliers to multicolored Talavera tiles, all of our unique items are done in a traditional, artisan way. Our experienced artisans create incredible Talavera tile designs by conveying their way of seeing the world, art and their beautiful country. Being able to own such unique tiles with their “imperfections” of being done manually, gives additional value to our decorative tile murals and tiles.

Blue and white tiles can also help you enhance the coastal feel in your beach house. There are many tile designs that look modern and quite versatile and that can be used in modern ambiences. Additionally, the latest trend is to combine new with old in a coherent eclectic décor and once again, our classic blue and white handmade Talavera tiles come in handy.

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