Equipal Dining Sets from Mexico

Equipal Dining Sets from Mexico

In times of constant innovations in terms of furnishing materials, a traditionally made piece of furniture seems like a very bold decision. Glass, acrylic, plastic, poly carbonate, poly-rattan, cardboard-there are some of the alternatives to wooden products. Yes, many of them are cheaper and even can look amazing but nothing can compare to the quality and beauty that a handmade table, chair or copper range hood can offer. If you are looking for some pieces of furniture that add a Southern feel and unusual charm, take into consideration Mexico, the country of arts and crafts. Equipal dining sets from Mexico are appearing in the most fashionable restaurants as well as private residences around the world. What all those places have in common is the love for artisan excellence and a little bit of melancholy for the old days of non-industrial productions.

equipal dining furniture set

You must be wondering what does the term “equipal” mean. Crafted from tanned pigskin and Mexican cedar strips, equipal dining sets from Mexico are made by hand with all-natural materials. The seating blends rustic details with an organic shape, making it cozy seating for just about any space in the home. If you have traveled through Mexico, we are sure you must have encountered numerous bars, restaurants and hotel' lobbies that include this furniture in their Colonial style. To this day, the Mexican homeowners treasure the equipal chairs in their lovely patios and gardens. We all know that Mexicans love gourmet experiences and if they use them it just means there are not only comfortable but also incredibly beautiful. Can a custom-made product from Mexico find its way to adjust to modern decors around the world? The increasing popularity of Talavera ceramic tiles or copper range hoods supports this affirmation. Equipal table and chair sets are not so recognized but once you get to know them you will not want to add anything else to your veranda's décor.

My Custom Made outdoor equipal dining sets consist of a round table with four chairs. The construction of the table and chairs is quite similar. The base is made of cedar wood that looks as if it was braided. It adds an amazing rustic flair to any style room. The back of the chair is made of leather that, in the most classic version, is painted in red. However, nowadays you can find it customized into many more colors. Traditionally made, equipal dining sets are perfect for the outdoors, however, you can also accommodate them in Hacienda style dining rooms where they can set a stage for a comfortable evening that includes having a drink and chatting while your body immerses itself into the comfort of our handcrafted chairs.

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