Enrich Kitchen Design with High Relief Tiles

Enrich Kitchen Design with High Relief Tiles

I am sure you have sometimes a feeling that your kitchen needs some change, but you do not know where to start. I propose to start with ceramic tiles. Enrich kitchen design with high relief tiles. Believe me. By only transforming the kitchen backsplash, the overall look of the room will make you love your kitchen even more. High relief tiles are one of the most extraordinary types of Mexican Talavera tiles. The most crafted of them all, these colorful tiles with relief will add a little bit of extravaganza to any style kitchen.

kitchen ceramic talavera tiles in relief style from Mexico

Mexican Talavera tiles are a traditional type of hand-painted pottery that is commonly used for kitchen counters and backsplashes as well as bathroom walls, patio, and garden dining areas. The Talavera design is often very intricate, with images or patterns that pop out from the white body. In the case of decorative high relief tiles, the pattern is even more enhanced by engraving the design on top of the ceramic tile. These designs can be animal figures or symbols from Mexican culture and history. Hand-painted Talavera tiles can be used as a part of an overall design scheme in your kitchen for backsplashes, countertops, and flooring. Some people use broken tiles to decorate smaller objects like a flower vase or cutting board. Sometimes a kitchen table con de embellished with Talavera tiles as a tabletop, however, relief tiles are not recommended for that purpose as their surface is not even. All in all, Mexican relief tiles add a bright and fun atmosphere and make kitchens feel more social and inviting by helping to break up the space with beautiful artwork. It is not a coincidence that Talavera tiles are so popular in Mexico that also is a great expert in having parties, barbecues, and spending lots of time cooking delicious salsas and more.

Mexican style tiles are more than just beautiful, they can be functional too. They come in two sizes and vibrant designs that offer thousands of color combinations. They make a great addition to enrich kitchen design with high relief tiles as they have been used for centuries to decorate walls, floors, and ceilings. The designs are inspired by various cultures that have a common history such as Spain, Morocco, and the latest-Mexico. The art of hand-painted relief tiles has traveled through continents getting more and more exquisite and rich. Today, our clients can choose from such a great variety of designs that any kitchen renovation project will find suitable floor and wall Talavera tiles, whether traditional or modern.

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