Mexican Mosaic Tile

Mexican Mosaic Tile

While upgrading your old kitchen or bathroom consider adding Southern flavor by installing Mexican mosaic tile. You can use talavera tile from Mexico on backsplash, showers and countertop surface. There are a variety of ways using mexican tile for mosaic projects. You can decide decorating with pattern or solid color tiles as well as broken pieces. They are are very popular among mosaic artists. Such art can decorate indoor and outdoor walls with interesting motifs depicting animals, flowers country scenery or modern designs. Most mosaic tiles are sold in 80 tile cartons and in case of our company shipped free of charge providing your are US or Mexican buyer. Delivery to other destination may carry some additional cost depending on the purchaser location.

mexican mosaic tiles

Broken Mexican Tiles for Mosaic Projects

Broken Mexican Tiles for Mosaic Projects

Are you DIY admirer and you happen to love Mexican tiles to be use with your next mosaic home improvement projects? You will want for sure to purchase some broken tiles. Mosaic tile decorating is interesting and very imaginative way add beauty to your home interiors or garden. They can be handcrafted of anything that can be split into pieces and glued or cemented together. In our case, we offer beautiful and made by artisans from Dolores Hidalgo broken Mexican tiles. The Internet has a bunch of ideas that you can use and create incredible art work in all areas of your home. Well, to begin with, you need to get an idea in your head of what kind of mosaic decoration you would like to create and where would it be installed. Lets begin with the basics.

Ceramic Tiles History

Handcrafted ceramic tile has a long tradition in Latina America continent history and important cultural heritage in Mexico. The practice of creating them began in the late sixteenth century. Talavera ceramic tiles have actively played a distinguished role as an important utilitarian and decorative element in Spanish architecture. We are going to give you an idea of how important it was as they can be found in a  broad range of spaces from kitchens, fountains, facades, interiors of luxurious hacienda homes, municipal offices and churches from the past. Hopefully you can get the idea for your own broken tiles designs.

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Mexican Ceramic Tiles

Mexican ceramic tiles offer a long lasting wall surface that is easy to care and maintain. You can install relief Mexican tiles in virtually any area of kitchen or bathroom you want to enjoy their warm and beauty. The only limitations for broken tiles application would be outdoors with potential freezing temperatures as they are not frost resistant. However, apart from that, any surface is suitable for those stunning pieces of handmade ceramic tiles.

broken mexican tiles for mosaics

Mosaic Tile Projects

Plan or pattern mosaic tile will add a Southern flavor to the area you are remodeling, proving the joy and brightness of this culturally rich country. The broken Mexican tiles can be used in so many designing projects. Among them decorating bathroom counters and building mosaic tile bathtubs. You can create with them incalculable decorative ideas in both indoors and patio. One of the most popular solutions is to use broken tiles to create the table-tops inspired by Southern warmth patterns incorporated to your living room or veranda walls, floors and furniture. You can make planters from mosaic tile, tile-topped stepping stones, broken tiles tables, chairs and even pieces of art at the bottom of the seeming pool. imagine using broken tiles to decorate mirror frames or to do a tray or simply a coaster. As a part of a bigger renovation, these cheerful ceramics can be applied on the kitchen counters and backslash. Hand painted ceramics will go great with pretty much any style as you can choose among colors so just let your imagination flow and start your own Mexican broken tiles project. Once finished, send us a few photographs of your custom made accent decor so we can post them on our site and blog to inspire other decorators, homeowners and designers.

Broken Ceramic Tiles for Mosaics

Broken Ceramic Tiles for Mosaics

There is a substantial number of mosaic tile artists searching for handmade broken ceramic tiles. Why? Most definitely it is way more economical to buy broken ceramics than pay a full price for the first class product and then brake it afterwords. Introducing CustomMade collection of solid color and design pattern broken ceramic tiles from Mexico ready for immediate free shipping. The tile lots consist of 4"x4" talavera tiles broken in two and three pieces. Perfect raw material for mosaic artists and interior designers. Since ceramic tiles from Mexico are water resistant they can be used for decorating outdoor house walls including verandas as well as bottom of the swimming pools and jacuzzi. Figures often created from broken mosaic tiles include animals such as lizards, turtles or fish and flower motifs.