Get creative with Broken Mexican Mosaic Tiles

Get creative with Broken Mexican Mosaic Tiles

In this article, we will show you how to get creative with broken Mexican tiles in your home decor.  Mexican Talavera tiles are a great way to add a unique character and rustic style to your home. Whether you are looking for a traditional Mexican design or something more modern, Mexican tiles have got you covered. If you're looking for something more exciting than plain white paper and want to add personality to your space, broken Mexican mosaic tiles may be the perfect solution. Mosaic tiles can be used for many different DIY projects such as: decorating the front of your house with a beautiful mosaic design, creating an outdoor mosaic table, or creating a mosaic tile wall in your bathroom, to name just a few. Mexican tiles are not just a beautiful design element, they are also an eco-friendly material. They are made of clay and water, which means that they can be recycled or even broken to create new designs.

broken mexican tiles for a mosaic design

If you want to get creative with broken Mexican tiles, here are some of the most popular ways to use them. Create a mosaic painting on your wall or floor by using smaller pieces of broken ceramic Mexican tiles and larger pieces for the border or center. You can finish the project by adding some borer Mexican tiles or trim tiles. This will give your space a unique look that will stand out from all the other boring walls in your neighborhood. Turn broken Talavera tiles into coasters. This is perfect if you want something that's going to stand out at parties but won't damage furniture or floors when people set down drinks on them. Create an accent piece by turning broken Mexican tiles into dragonflies, roses, or butterflies! This will help bring life into any room of your house and it'll look great too! You can also add in other materials like seashells, glass beads, and even string lights for an extra touch! Add them as accents. If you want to add some color but don't want to commit fully to a floor or wall-sized mosaic project, then try adding some broken Mexican tiles as accents in your space - on top of furniture. Break up large pieces into smaller ones, and use them as accents on furniture, lamp shades, picture frames, or as part of a larger mosaic project, or use the small pieces to make an abstract design on an old piece of wood or even on the wall itself.

You don't need to be an artist or a professional to make these projects work for you. You can start with just one tile and then add more as you go along. These projects are fun, easy, and affordable! It's easy to get creative with broken Mexican tiles. You can use them as accents or create a larger-than-life mosaic using all the pieces you have in your stash. Broken Mexican mosaic tiles do not have to be a replacement for normal size tiles. You can combine Mexican tile murals and tile mosaics on your wall as an affordable wall art gallery or create a unique kitchen backsplash with a mixture of high relief tiles and broken mosaic tiles.

Mexican Talavera Tiles

Mexican Talavera Tiles

Mexican pottery art is very versatile and represents folk art that is a blend of not only indigenous civilisations but also European cultures that had close contact with this wonderful country over the centuries. One of the most recognisable ceramic products is the Mexican Talavera tiles that enclose classic Spanish style, Moorish heritage and Mexican creativity. If you are looking for a bright, colorful and striking design for the kitchen, bathroom, lobby or garden, our beautifully crafted handmade tiles will not disappoint you.


mexican talavera tiles

Even though the oldest pottery pieces from Mesoamerica are 4500 years old and all the ethnic groups from Mexico had elaborated decorative items made of clay, the origin of the Mexican Talavera tiles coincides with the encounter between the endemic population of Mexico with Spanish conquerors. Spain was the country that had the biggest impact on what is today known as Talavera ceramic from Mexico. The Spanish monks had spread the technology of the potter’s wheel, the enclosed kiln, lead glazes, pigments extracted from metal oxides around the native people of Mexico. From this encounter, the local pottery artists started to create their own version of classic Talavera tiles that represents Mexican symbols and designs unknown to Europeans. Due to this clash of cultures, today we are still able to purchase the most stunning handmade tiles that enhance the Southern feel in its finest version. If you have a look at our collections of kitchen tile murals, Mexican tiles and high relief tiles, you will discover thousands of unique designs in all kinds of color combinations. This impressive versatility gives endless decorative options for homeowners and interior designers.

The decorative Talavera tiles are made of a mixture of three different clays found in the state of Guanajuato in the vicinity of Dolores Hidalgo used for forming the tiles. Once they are dry they are handcrafted with many different patterns or plain colors. Being a durable material, our ceramic tiles have a lot of application in decorating both interior and exterior of houses in the USA and Canada. If you want to create a Hacienda or Colonial style in your home or just simply add some rustic feel to your interiors, the Talavera tiles are the best and easiest way to do it. They can work as a surprising accent to go with more contemporary applications made in a more neutral color palette. Mexican venues such as restaurants and bars can also benefit from our Mexican Talavera tiles.

Decorating the Doorway with Mexican Ceramic Tiles

Decorating the Doorway with Mexican Ceramic Tiles

The painted Talavera tiles are in fashion and most importantly they are no longer exclusively used in the kitchen or bathroom. From complex and vivid Southern patterns to simpler, plain colored type, Mexican ceramic tiles are one of the favorite solutions for decorating the doorway with an unusual, chic and rustic style.

Mexican tiles decorating house doorway

Your lobby should transmit a welcoming, warm message and also it is a teaser of what your guest can see in the rest of your home. If you want to create a Southern feel in your residency or apartment, consider installing our Mexican, ceramic tiles on one of the walls of your doorway. Choose the wall you want to highlight and create an artistic area with one of our stunning Talavera patterns or perhaps mix several designs in one, unconventional patchwork piece. From simple tile to even more effective high relief tiles to Mexican tile murals, choose the option that goes better with the style of your home. All of our ceramic products are of great quality and will be a durable, stunning solution for a quick and effective makeover. As the hallway is the area that bridges the exteriors with interiors, perhaps you want to set up a greenery scene that gives a cohesive transition from your garden to the rest of your household. We have thousands of flowery patterns so emblematic for Mexican or Spanish tile craft that you can use for decorating the doorway.

If bold designs, using the whole wall embellished with hand-made Talavera tiles is too much for your taste but you still love having some of those rustic accents, you can add a mirror decorated with a tiled frame. A smaller tile mural in form of wall art is also an option for you. Additionally, we should not forget about the entry that can be enlivened with our ceramic products. Decorating the doors with tiles is an ancient technique that we can observe in the Morrocan architecture. It was then appropriated by Spanish culture and finally, it got to Mexico where until nowadays is a really fashionable and beautiful way of adding a powerful statement to the Southern look of the entry doors of the house. A wooden, shabby-looking doors with handcrafted, Mexican tiles trimming it, seems like a perfect match and is frequently used in Hacienda-like residencies. Add some ceramic flower planters, pots and other decorative elements to boost the Southern style.

Hand Painted Mexican Mosaic Tiles

Hand Painted Mexican Mosaic Tiles

Hand painted Mexican mosaic tiles are a hot decorating material right now – from the patio to the bathroom to the kitchen to the stair risers. While upgrading your old bathroom consider adding Southern flavor by installing those beautifully handcrafted tiles. You can go full-on Mexican kitchen or you can use these highly glazed ceramics to add a bit of pop here and there. You’ll find patterns, solids, many different themes you can work with. And as there are many tile producers that are offering painted mosaic tiles in lots, you will never get the equal quality for the price we can offer. Talavera tiles make for fantastic DIY home improvement projects. Unless you choose to convey a bigger remodeling project, a simple weekend should do the trick.

hand painted mexican mosaic tiles

You can use them to decorate almost any room in your home and also the exteriors. They will look amazing on a kitchen backsplash, showers and countertop surface. There are a variety of ways applying handmade Mexican tiles for a mosaic job. You can decide to decorate with a pattern or solid color tiles as well as broken pieces. They are are very popular among mosaic artists. Such art can decorate indoor and outdoor walls with interesting motifs depicting animals, flowers country scenery or contemporary designs. To list just some of the ideas for how to use our broken Mexican mosaic tile concept, if you have a wooden or stone stair raisers you can embellish them with the decorative relief tiles.

You can opt for decorating each row with individual pattern but similar color palette or you can create a more classic staircase by using single tile motif. If the stairs are outside, take advantage of the proximity and decorate your door with similarly designed patterns. However, where you can admire the painted Mexican mosaic tiles in its whole glory is in the bathroom. They are favorite spot to use this material and you can either select hacienda style or a quite modern one and use talavera to incorporate some color accents. If you wish to create a real Southern vibe, you can use our mosaic tiles and place additionally a rustic copper sink and a punched tin mirrors.

We even sell toilets accessories with cheerful and vivid patterns. Installing hand painted Mexican mosaic tiles are a innovative way of refreshing and lighting up a kitchen as well. We can imagine our tiles being used as decoration of a tabletop. If you have an open kitchen, you can use the same broken ceramics to ornament the backsplash, counters and the table to give some coherency to the area. Most mosaic tiles are sold in 80-tile cartons and in case of our company, they are shipped free of charge providing you are US or Mexican buyer. Delivery to other destination may carry some additional cost depending on the purchaser location.

Broken Mexican Tiles for Mosaic Projects

Broken Mexican Tiles for Mosaic Projects

Are you DIY admirer and you happen to love Mexican tiles to be used with your next mosaic home improvement projects? You will want for sure to purchase some broken tiles. Mosaic tile decorating is interesting and very imaginative way add beauty to your home interiors or garden. They can be handcrafted of anything that can be split into pieces and glued or cemented together. In our case, we offer beautiful and made by artisans from Dolores Hidalgo broken Mexican tiles. The Internet has a bunch of ideas that you can use and create incredible artwork in all areas of your home. Well, to begin with, you need to get an idea in your head of what kind of mosaic decoration you would like to create and where would it be installed. Let's begin with the basics.

Ceramic Tiles History

Handcrafted ceramic tile has a long tradition in Latina America continent history and important cultural heritage in Mexico. The practice of creating them began in the late sixteenth century. Talavera ceramic tiles have actively played a distinguished role as an important utilitarian and decorative element in Spanish architecture. We are going to give you an idea of how important it was as they can be found in a  broad range of spaces from kitchens, fountains, facades, interiors of luxurious hacienda homes, municipal offices and churches from the past. Hopefully, you can get the idea for your own broken tiles designs.

broken ceramic tiles

Mexican Ceramic Tiles

Mexican ceramic tiles offer a long-lasting wall surface that is easy to care and maintain. You can install relief Mexican tiles in virtually any area of kitchen or bathroom you want to enjoy their warm and beauty. The only limitations for broken tiles application would be outdoors with potential freezing temperatures as they are not frost resistant. However, apart from that, any surface is suitable for those stunning pieces of handmade ceramic tiles.

broken mexican tiles for mosaics

Mosaic Tile Projects

Plan or pattern mosaic tile will add a Southern flavor to the area you are remodelling, proving the joy and brightness of this culturally rich country. The broken Mexican tiles can be used in so many designing projects. Among them decorating bathroom counters and building mosaic tile bathtubs. You can create with them incalculable decorative ideas in both indoors and patio. One of the most popular solutions is to use broken tiles to create the table-tops inspired by Southern warmth patterns incorporated to your living room or veranda walls, floors and furniture. You can make planters from mosaic tile, tile-topped stepping stones, broken tiles tables, chairs and even pieces of art at the bottom of the seeming pool. imagine using broken tiles to decorate mirror frames or to do a tray or simply a coaster. As a part of a bigger renovation, these cheerful ceramics can be applied on the kitchen counters and backsplash. Hand-painted ceramics will go great with pretty much any style as you can choose among colors so just let your imagination flow and start your own Mexican broken tiles project. Once finished, send us a few photographs of your custom made accent decor so we can post them on our site and blog to inspire other decorators, homeowners and designers.