Fleur de Lis Ceramic Tiles

Fleur de Lis Ceramic Tiles

There is something about a Fleur de Lis motif tiles that brings elegance and grandeur to any element that is decorated with. It could be Fleur de Lis ceramic tile or wallpaper or an antique lamp. They all look ancient and this design adds a medieval vibe to any room. But what is Fleur de Lis? You must have asked yourself. It is good to know the origin of symbols we are introducing in our interior designing as well as golden Gothic jewelry as it can add a powerful message to the overall layout. It was always associated with a history of the French monarchy.  According to Wikipedia “the fleur de lis has appeared on countless European flags over the centuries, it is particularly typical to France in a historical context, and the tiles continue to appear in the arms of the King of Spain”. This could explain why this motif is so popular in Spanish and afterwards Mexican ceramic tile mosaic art.

The Spaniards brought their customs and wall tile mural crafts including once they had conquered Mexico which later was appropriated into the local traditions. What now looks like a symbol of a monarch in reality, a flower of the lily whose three petals represent the medieval social classes: those who worked, those who fought, and those who prayed. This meaningful motif has perpetuated in hacienda interior design and is generally known as a symbol of France. Therefore, if you are injecting some metal in old European feel to a kitchen or bathroom, Fleur de Lis ceramic tiles would be a magnificent idea. Our company offers Talavera tiles that incorporate this symbol as, in fact, it is a very popular style in Mexican tiling. This elegant shape allows ceramic tiles to express a classic elegance on stylized current interior design.

fleur de lis ceramic talavera tile motif

The Fleur de Lis can be offered with different custom design applications. It can be incorporated into wrought iron products such as a mirror frame or balcony’s balustrade or hand-painted on ceramic tiles.  As for the Fleur de Li ceramic tiles they are sold in many colors and sizes to meet the requirements of our clients. They can be installed on the walls, counters and a backsplash in your kitchen. We can imagine one can use them as an accent line to attract attention to a certain area of the room. Those tiles will perform incredibly in French-styled rooms with perhaps classic or Colonial feeling. You can combine them with other vintage looking items such as dining copper furniture and appliances or iron lightning fixtures and wooden furnishings. The designing details depend totally on the customer’s taste but what is indisputable is that the Fleur de Lis tile motif will be as a trendy element in modern design just as it did for many centuries.

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Aug 03, 2017

As discused earlier, we are going to order a zinc range hood from your company with custom apron. We would like to add fleur de lis motif on the apron as well as buy some talavera tiles with similar design for our kitchen backsplash.

Sandra R

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