Fleur de Lis Ceramic Tiles

Fleur de Lis Ceramic Tiles

Fleur de lis motif is used for many decorative products apart being a national symbol in France and Canada. The backsplash shown on the image was made of tin foil sold by Home Depot in the US. We at myCustomMade offer different custom design applications. It can be incorporated into wrought iron item such as a mirror frame or balcony or hand painted on ceramic tiles. In fact fleur de lis ceramic tiles handmade in talavera are a popular style used by mosaic artisans in Mexico. They are sold in various sizes and colors for kitchen walls, bathrooms and counters.

fleur de lis ceramic tile design

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Aug 03, 2017

As discused earlier, we are going to order a zinc range hood from your company with custom apron. We would like to add fleur de lis motif on the apron as well as buy some talavera tiles with similar design for our kitchen backsplash.

Sandra R

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