Made to Order Range Hood

Made to Order Range Hood

Whether you are looking at zinc, copper, iron or pewter consider a made to order range hood as you next home improvement product. Each metal has its own way of finishing and differs from each other. They have specific feeling and look. For example a copper range hood can be hammered and smooth so any zinc vent hood. However, there are extra options concerning the color. While the first mentioned can be made looking like coffee or honey, the other finished in natural metal. Both of them can be hand polished as well. Iron hoods come in rustic style involving sanding with a fin sand paper and then darkening, untreated or naturally oxidized. Pewter which is in reality pure aluminum comes hammered, smooth, mat and high glass. This metal range hood looks almost like a mirror when looking at it and can be installed in all kinds of kitchens. I have seen them furnishing modern, country, old fashion European, Spanish hacienda and loft small space apartments.

Our metal made-to-order range hood is equipped with a discount 200CFM insert with two speed blower, light and filter. Any hood model can be produced venting outside the house or recalculating back to the kitchen. Custom production and hood delivery estimated for four weeks to any region of the US mainland, more less six weeks to Canada. Our company offers trade discount for contractors, architects and interior designers. Request information prior to purchasing.

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