Custom Range Hoods

Custom Range Hoods

We manufacture custom range hoods in variety of metals. Copper range hoods are produced as hammered or smooth. They can be treated with different made-to-order patinas or polished. Custom iron range hoods come in the finishing shown on the product pages. Some of the designs have aged look, others are modern. Custom zinc range hoods are supplied with dark or natural metallic color. All of the hood models regardless the material they are made of can be wall mount or for kitchen central island. The later are attached and venting to the ceiling only. All our custom range hoods can be converted into recalculating air back to the room. You need to send a follow up email indicating that your house doesn't posses duct leading to the outside so it has to be redirected it back after passing through the hood insert filter. Custom made range hoods are our specialty. For the most part production takes about four weeks and that time frame includes free shipping.

custom made range hood

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