custom metal range hood with straps
custom metal range hood with straps
custom metal range hood zinc finishing
custom metal range hood honey copper straps and rivets

Custom Metal Range Hood with Straps

Custom metal range hood with straps and rivets. This wall mount range hood has natural smooth zinc metal finishing. All decorative elements such as traps and nails produced from honey color patina hammered copper. The hood is furnished with 200CFM two speed fan, light and filter. Estimated delivery with production four weeks. Metal range hood design shown on the photo is meant to demonstrate hood shape only. The hood is priced at $3280 + $550 delivery.

  • Wall mount range hood
  • Hood height 51 inches
  • Hood width 36 inches, depth 24
  • Natural smooth zinc metal walls
  • Honey patina straps and rivets
  • Shipping included in the price
  • Discount 200 CFM hood insert with lights included
  • Equipment with air venting, lamps and filter

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