24"x 24" square copper tabletops
24"x 24" square copper tabletops
copper tabletop detail
tabletop undernith view

10 24" Square Copper TableTop Wholesale

This product page was created for a commercial buyer interested in ten 24"x 24" copper tabletops for bars and restaurants. Each table top in the dimensions specified regular price is $190 plus shipping. Based on the volume discount of purchasing then tabletops we offer wholesale discount of five percent. It makes the price of each product $180.50 and shipping based on the total weight comes to $270. Our copper tabletops are sealed underneath with waterproofing paint and copper finished with natural patina.
  • 10 Copper Table-tops 24"x24"
  • Hammered natural fired patina color
  • Square shape, 1 1/2" thick
  • Shipping included in the total

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