Made-to-order Metal Range Hoods

Made-to-order Metal Range Hoods

Made-to-order metal range hoods can be made of variety of materials. In case of our production plant we manufacture copper, zinc and iron range hoods in standard and custom dimensions. Some designs include more than one metal. Whether your range is positioned next to the wall or on the kitchen center, myCustomMade hoods are offered in both versions. Occasionally, we are asked to fabricate custom metal range hoods with height accommodating high ceiling kitchens. It can be done by producing custom range hoods longer or adding a chimney to the existing appliance. Production of most made-to-order metal range hoods takes five weeks including shipping to the US mainland, Mexico and Canada.

custom metal range hoods

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Sep 28, 2017

I really want something in my kitchen that can be a good focal point. I didn’t think about getting a range hood. That is really cool that you can get custom metal range hoods. That would be great if I could get one that matched the rest of my electronics in my kitchen! Thanks for the information!

Deb Pearl

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