Custom Wall Style Zinc Range Hood

Custom Wall Style Zinc Range Hood

Metalwork in zinc is our specialty. We have long experience in working with wrought iron, copper and custom wall style zinc range hoods. Based on years of experience and being number one manufacturer on the market our company become trustworthy metal furniture producer in the US and beyond. Among other home products, we fabricate sinks, tables and made-to-order counters for bathroom and kitchen. We provide many excellent design choices and can will discover them while browsing our rustic online store.

Custom wall range hoods are the ultimate trend in kitchen appliances. Take a look at a considerable selection of our custom range hoods and you will be able to see excellent quality from very modern to a farmhouse models. We have in offer, for instance, a very versatile "Chicago" hood decorated with hammered copper apron and straps. This design can be installed as wall mount or island and has three texture options. Those are smooth, hammered and distressed. You can further customize zinc range hood by choosing between three colors. Those are natural metal, dark or polished. The first appearance of zinc in its natural with bluish tone that gives a lot of elegance and brightness into kitchen. It corresponds well with modern metal appliances to give industrial look. In contrast hammered finish, will go perfectly well with rustic style. For an extra touch, you can add various metal straps.  Add matching rivets for detail or select darker straps to bring more attention to the kitchen focal point.

custom zinc range hood

"Austin" vent hood impresses with its gently sloping edges blending together at the bottom with the hammered apron made of the same materiel. The hood design includes a crown molding that is usually attached to the ceiling. This hood is handcrafted in wall mount and kitchen island version. It can be used with both gas and electric stoves with ovens. Besides, the hood is available for any brand ventilating linear. We can prepare it for Broan, Vent-a-Hood or Kobe among other brands. If you require a making the hood ready for it, mark liner included. As a low cost option we offer our Mexican made hood vent linear incorporating 200CFM ventilators, light and filters.

If you want to find other outdoor metal furnishings that will go well  with your brand new custom hood, we would highly recommend our zinc table tops that are made of particle board with metal sheet covering it from the top, sides and little bid underneath. It makes the table safe to use as there are no sharp edges. Beside they can be supplied with various patinas just like the range hoods. They can have their surface smooth or hammered, natural or antique dark. You may consider installing a zinc kitchen sink. It will show typical for this material semi glass look. We produce them as drop-in, under-mount and apron style. Like all of our appliances,  are durable and long lasting.

We will work with you to produce a customized artifacts for your kitchen. To get started, click any of the custom range hoods styles from our collection. You can then click any item displayed to see pricing, customized dimensions and features. Delivery takes about a month. We offer free delivery of custom wall zinc range hoods to all mainland USA addresses.

Custom Made Metal Range Hoods for Kitchen Wall and Island

Custom Made Metal Range Hoods for Kitchen Wall and Island

Most our clients are custom house builders and home improvement designers ordering custom made metal range hoods for their custom kitchen. There are two version of the metal hood depending on range position on the floor. Either it can be wall mount vent hood or central island.

There is nothing preventing an individual home owner from taking advantage our discount prices from buying custom made metal range hoods for kitchen wall or island and installing as do it yourself. No doubt getting the hood working in a kitchen without any professional help can save money but can you do it?

custom made copper metal range in a kitchen

While attempting custom made range hood installation regardless it is made of zinc, copper or iron you need to consider whether you have adequate tools. You are going to need a power drill with bids for metal including solid iron, hammer, screwdriver and some electrical skills to connect the hood exhaust insert to the plug you need to position behind the range hood in case of wall mount or ceiling if it is island version. Providing your kitchen has vent pipe already hooked to outside, connecting the metal range hood insert is easy, just use the correct duct diameter. If it has a different size, you can place the adapter inside you custom hood allowing correct metal range hood venting.

Custom Metal Range Hoods made of Copper

Custom Metal Range Hoods made of Copper

Among other metals, custom range hoods are produced in our facility in central Mexico from recycled copper. Our purchasing department gets a lot of supply from copper wire factory as well as small businesses delivering anything from electric wiring to old vapor heaters.

We have at our plant a number of employees removing any other material but copper including plastic insulation from the supply. Then copper scrap is melted in industrial ovens. In the process all remaining non copper material separates be either burning or as other metals due to a different weight. Why it is important? If there is any other metal within a copper it will brake up during sheet production causing necessity to melt the piece once again.

large made to order metal range hood for a kitchen wall

Once copper sheets are formed they are brought to the factory where skilled workers create those beautiful hammered copper range hoods. All of the designs are handmade on individual bases. It allows buyers to make some modifications to their range hoods such as changing shape, decorative elements and customizing for their own vent equipment. It seams our buyer is a metal range hood designer what makes our collection endless. Add to this fact six different patina options including coffee, honey, antique, natural fired as well as hand polished and naturally oxidized green, you multiplied already enormous custom made range hood collection to thousands of choices.

If you are in process of home improvement work and considering buying for your kitchen custom metal range hood made of hammered copper think mycustommade. Even though, we are located South of the border, we offer free shipping to all lower US states and approximate delivery within four weeks from the order date.

Made-to-Order Metal Range Hoods

Made-to-Order Metal Range Hoods

Whether you are in a market for a zinc, copper, iron or pewter consider a made-to-order metal range hoods during your proximate home improvement adventure. Whatever your choice will be, we guarantee you that your next ideal (because you co-design it) custom range hoods will add value to your interiors and create a priceless atmosphere in your kitchen.

Metal has its own way of finishing and differs with characteristics. They have a specific feeling and appearance. For example, island and wall zinc range hoods you can order hammered and smooth. However, there are extra options concerning the color. While the first mentioned can be made in coffee or honey, the other finished in natural metal. Both of them can be hand polished as well. On the other hand, iron hoods come in the rustic style involving sanding with fine sandpaper and then darkening, untreated or naturally oxidized. Pewter which is in reality pure aluminum comes in a variety of options as well such as hammered, smooth, mat and high glass. Those metal vent hoods look almost like a mirror when looking at it and can be installed in all kinds of kitchens. You can easily find them decorating modern, country, old fashion European, Spanish hacienda and lofts or small apartments. Handcrafted metal range hoods are an excellent idea for those who are in favor of genuine products and do not want to settle for a standard and common design.

custom metal range hood in a kitchen

Our product is done manually by experienced metalworkers so each and all decorative range hoods are one of its kind. Buying an appliance of this size and importance, undoubtedly you would like to choose a style you love and that is suitable for the rest of the kitchen decoration. Made-to-order metal range hoods can be made of a variety of materials. As far as production plant concerns, we manufacture copper, iron and zinc range hoods in standard and custom dimensions. Some designs include more than a single metal. Whether your range is a wall mount or island, all of our products are offered in either versions.

Occasionally, we are asked to supply a custom metal stove hood to accommodate it for a  tall ceiling kitchen. It can be done by producing a whole new custom range hood that would be longer than usual size or we can also add a chimney to the existing appliance. Our metal made-to-order range hoods from pewter are equipped with a discount 200 CFM insert with two-speed blower, light and filter. Any design can manufactured venting outside the house or recalculating back to the kitchen. Custom copper hood production and order delivery is estimated for four weeks to any region of the US mainland, more or less six to Canada.

Custom Metal Vent Hood decorated with Wood

Custom Metal Vent Hood decorated with Wood

You no longer have to suffer if you love both wood and metal and you cannot decide on your new stunning custom metal vent hood because we actually produce and sell them decorated with wood. How wonderful is this vision. In recent years, kitchen range hoods have evolved from an unappealing but necessary appliance to works of art. And why shouldn't an appliance of such large size make a big statement? In fact, a well designed metal vent hood can change the look of the whole kitchen so we recommend you to choose wisely.

Today, kitchen vent hoods are available in all shapes, sizes, and materials that can either draw the eye or blend right in with the surroundings. Some interior architects like an idea of experimenting with various materials when designing custom zinc vent hoods. The option that is not that so often explored is to cover a kitchen custom metal vent hood with wooden elements. It can be covering a lower hood apron to match any other furniture in the room. Think about decorating possibilities this gives you! If you wish to keep all of your kitchen design in similar colors, you can order a custom vent hood covered with antique wood that is painted in the same color as the counters.

custom metal vent hood in a kitchen

If you are buying a metal vent hood with some wooden modification you want it probably to stand out. For that option, you should cover a part of the hood with the wood so the materials have equal importance in the ultimate effect. The metal shininess will bring warmth to your home and wood is such a great addition to a rustic kitchen extractor style. However, before taking the final decision, the homeowners have to select where to install the brand new metal vent hood. Obviously, it has to go where the stove will be placed but you can have it as a wall mount or above the island.

Each option offers you different shapes for the vent hood and as a consequence, diverse choices to customize your vent hood with wood. The key to incorporating woods with metals is getting colors to work together. This is all about a single tone that enhances another. Just about the only thing that won’t work is mixing warm and cool shades. As an example, if you are creating a chic, contemporary kitchen featuring white cabinets, use shiny metals instead of brushed or patina that could be a polished copper range hood from Mexico with some wooden parts in grey. We would be happy to hear your decorative ideas for your brand new custom-made vent hood and have it manufactured for you.

Home Improvement

Home Improvement

Design and production of custom home improvement furnishings is our specialty. The collection is made of unique metal range hoods, kitchen bath sinks, tubs, mirrors and many other fixtures. Some products such as custom copper tubs and oven hoods are made upon receiving the order. Average delivery time including fabrication is estimated for four weeks. You are welcome to buy in our store any item and request its customization. Use myCustomMade site front page button for custom orders to begin a brand new project. Describe its use, material, finishing, dimensions and provide any other data that will unable us to offer the most competitive price available on the market. Unlike most of our competition, apart of producing we will be in charge of professional packing and shipping it safely from our facility to your home address.

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