Wall Copper Range Hoods

Wall Copper Range Hoods

The housing condition in the USA and Canada are so different from Europe where flats and smaller houses are the predominant trends in the real estate including hammered kitchen range hoods. It is all about saving spaces. The houses in North America are much more spacious and the homeowners can enjoy a really significant sized kitchen which is normally the favorite room of the family. That is why kitchens in the US and Canada are furnished with custom wall copper range hoods. Our best selling product are wall mount copper range hoods designed in many styles, shapes and sizes. There are many things to consider prior to choosing your beloved copper vent hoods for a wall mount. First of all, you have to be sure there is enough space within the kitchen cabinets for the hood you have chosen. If that is not a case, do not worry.

wall mount copper range hood in a kitchen

We can customize the size of your new, powerful appliance. There are many elements can be modified to your taste. We specialize in fully personalized pieces of furniture and decorative elements for modern and rustic housings. Therefore most of our products can be adjusted to your needs, both on an aesthetic level as well as the logistics. To start with, our wall mount copper range hoods handmade from antique smooth or hammered metal. If you are looking for dipper texture, you can order hand-hammered copper range hoods and if you want a bright, compact and smooth appliance, check for instance our "Baton Rouge" style. Equally important is to define the style of your new, stunning metal vent hood. Is your kitchen kept in traditional metal design? Choose among our rustic designs that can have a rough surface and antique-looking shades of the copper.

Last but not least, think about the logistics. Should your copper range hoods include inserts with a fan, light and filter? Perhaps you prefer a natural wall range hoods without any electric equipment? You need to decide before the purchase. Usually, the space between a kitchen range top and the hoods bottom is 36 inches. However, some manufactures may suggest other distance. Eventually, it will depend on the buyer's personal preferences but this decision will have an influence on the mount height of your kitchen appliance so you have to select it in advance. Keep in mind our wall copper range hoods for USA are made at our metal Mexican facility and it will take some time to deliver them outside the country.

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