Iron Chandelier for a Large Room and Foyer

Iron Chandelier for a Large Room and Foyer

If you are looking for an iron chandelier custom made for a large living room, dining or foyer, we have the answer. In general, it is impossible to buy a large wrought iron chandelier in retail. Such a lighting fixture needs to be made to order and there are not too many sources available. Most of them are extremely expensive and others don't have skills to produce a handmade chandelier in wrought iron based on old European tradition. So if you are in a market for hacienda Spanish style iron chandelier our Mexican craftsman is standing by to fulfill any small and large order.

Average production time is a month and it could take additional two weeks to ship from central Mexico to the US mainland destinations. As an example we have a great pleasure to present custom made iron chandelier especially designed for large hotel foyer, hacienda mansion dining or living room. Because of the chandelier size the room ceiling should be at least then feet tall. We can produce this wrought iron lamp as well as other forged chandelier designs up to eight feet diameter.

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