Hacienda Style Iron Chandeliers

Hacienda Style Iron Chandeliers

If you are in search of stylish lighting features for your dining room, kitchen, entryway, or any other room in your home, or for a commercial establishment that requires a timeless decorating element that will be also a statement piece, the Hacienda style iron chandelier will definitely meet all your expectations. Add some additional rustic wall scones and smaller, custom-made chandeliers for even more dramatic effect.

hacienda black iron chandeliers from Mexico

Do not settle for less by buying one of the mass-produced pendant lamps that all of your neighbors have. Our company elaborates exclusive, handmade products from high-quality materials that will draw the attention of your guests. Whether it is one of our copper dining room set, metallic range hood or iron chandelier, every piece of furniture is unique and has inimitable beauty. Our custom made iron chandelier collection features some simpler designs such as “Lara” iron chandelier inspired by Medieval times with one ring that fits four candles. However, we also offer large and flamboyant Hacienda style iron chandeliers such as “Esteve” lighting piece that combines function with fashion, adding Colonial, Southern-style to any ensemble, featuring two-level of curving arms with 12 candle-style lights, ideal for illuminating spacious areas such as a hotel lobby or a very large dining room. Made of metal, our hand-forged iron chandeliers add timeless charm to any exquisite space. Even though the style of our metallic lighting fixtures is heavily inspired by the Colonial history of Mexico, it easily blends with most interiors. From one hand, the Hacienda style iron chandeliers pair effortlessly with other rustic decors such as iron or copper dining set, iron mirror frames and wooden furniture. On the other hand, it can be an important statement piece whose rusted and distressed look works as a contrasting element in modern, industrial style environments.

Perfect for drawing attention like no other decorative element, our Hacienda style iron chandeliers feature diverse and striking designs that for sure will bring life to any space and upgrade your home or restaurant/bar. The Hacienda style consists of old-European designs with curving lines, candelabra-like bulbs or candles with a rustic touch that resembles the grandeur of Colonial times. It transforms us to the era of exceptional craftsmanship where each decorative item was done to last centuries and to highlight your ensemble in style. All of our handmade, metallic products are done by artisans using traditional techniques to achieve the authentic Hacienda feel in light features, copper dining tables, indoor and patio furniture and many more.

Iron Chandelier for a Large Room and Foyer

Iron Chandelier for a Large Room and Foyer

Illuminate your house interiors with the best option on the market custom iron chandeliers for a large room and foyer. It is not only a practical choice that will give you a lot of light but it is a remarkable decorative piece that will add warmth, charm and timelessness to space.

large iron chandelier

If you are looking for Mexican chandeliers for a large living room, dining or foyer, you are in the right place. In general, it is almost impossible to buy large wrought iron chandeliers in retail. Lighting choice needs to be made to order and there are not too many sources available. Most of them are extremely expensive and others don't have the skills to produce a handmade, decorative chandelier based on the old European tradition. Therefore, if you are in a hunt for Spanish chandeliers, we are one of the few producers that can offer you the highest quality and the best price.

Our collection includes custom iron chandeliers, pendant lights, wall sconces, exterior lanterns and accessories. All of our designs in large, hacienda chandeliers are created to match the individual customer’s needs. We offer custom sizes in large iron chandeliers, as well as changes in the design of different elements, such as the number of lights, tiers in a fixture, etc. We have a enormous capacity to customize any design. You can send us a drawing or a picture of an existing design and our skilled craftsmen will bring it to life. Modifications to the size, tiers, arms and much more can be added according to your taste. If you have already decided to purchase that important pieces of decoration as black iron chandeliers, why not choosing the perfect that is tailored just for you. Without any doubt, this metal art will become a statement piece of your dining room or the entry.  A big design deserves this additional attention so that the final customized product give your home this stunning Old European elegance.

Our vintage large forged iron chandeliers can be placed in high-ceiling dining and living room as well as estate or hacienda style hotel foyer. Smaller version can be used in kitchens and bedrooms. Additionally, they will look gracefully in a commercial use in the hotel’s lobby or in highly elegant restaurants. This antique lightning feature requires sophisticated and arduous work so the average production time is a month and it could take an additional two weeks to ship from central Mexico to the US mainland destinations.