Medieval Style Iron Chandelier on Sale

Medieval Style Iron Chandelier on Sale

Vintage lighting from the Mediterranean, Spanish Colonial, and Tuscan style interiors adds warmth, charm, and timelessness to a space. Typically made from wrought iron, these light fixtures are characterized by quality materials and fine craftsmanship. Now, our customers can enjoy a great discount on a medieval style iron chandelier on sale. You should definitely check out our section of discounted handmade goods that is actualized every month with new, stunning copper range hoods, iron mirrors, bathroom sinks, and much more.

vintage iron chandelier made of wrought iron in a living room

Our wrought iron lighting features are very popular among business owners who are eager to warm up the ambiance of their restaurants and hotels. However, there is also quite a lot of interest in this kind of grandiose chandelier in private residencies. It might not seem like that, but our black iron chandeliers can fit in many interior design projects. The first impression is probably a spacious living room with a high ceiling of an even bigger mansion. And that is actually accurate. Our custom-made iron lighting feature goes very well with substantial spaces. However, they can also decorate more surprising areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Many times, you can find an old-world chandelier hanging above the kitchen island which brings a lot of elegance and royal feel to any room. Our medieval style iron chandelier on sale is the “Castillo” model. This lamp is elaborated in black iron or rusted and can be used as a custom lighting fixture decorating restaurants and bars. In a home setting, it will add gothic character to your living room, dining, or foyer. It goes very well with modern rustic and transitional style homes, but you can easily use it as a contrast to highly modern interiors. You can create an extraordinary combination of style by using some rustic and vintage elements such as wooden beams or stone counters and our forged iron chandeliers or copper bathroom tub mixed with minimalist aesthetic and modern technology. It gives a very powerful result.

Another great idea of incorporating a large, iron chandelier is to place it in a living room, close to the fireplace. The medieval style chandelier can be installed above the seating area of a couch and a coffee table. It will automatically draw the attention of the guests to this area, given it a leading part. More and more, interior designers introduce metallic and large chandeliers in the bathroom for brave and bold homeowners who are looking to create a royal spa out of their master bath. Our iron lighting features are suitable for bathrooms as well as outdoors such as patios and in a gazebo in your garden.

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