Round Copper Sink from Mexico

Round Copper Sink from Mexico

Bring an unexpected color splash into your master bath or guest bathroom with a round copper sink from Mexico. The copper patina is a wonderful expression of reddish and brown hues that adds warmth and sophistication to any style of a bathroom. Also, not many people know that but the natural patina changes with time during the process of aging, transforming from a shiny brown color to darker browns, then blues, and finally greens after several years. You can also order a customized patina finishing that will be applied to any of our custom-made copper appliances.

round copper sinks

Copper has a long history in the kitchen; it has been used as a material for kitchen sinks and cookware for centuries. As a result, its advantages and disadvantage are well established and agreed upon. Some of the greatest benefits of copper that work wonderfully in the bathroom, as well as kitchens, is copper's antibacterial property. Bathroom washbasins are one of the most overlooked appliances because they usually are seen as a functional object that is used to wash up, brush our teeth and lean on while we preen in the mirror. That is why the homeowners tend to choose just regular, white sinks that they know will work well. However, what if you can have a very practical sink that is also stunningly crafted with personalized features such as unique patterns inside the walls and on the rim of the sink. The round copper sink from Mexico can easily set the atmosphere for the rest of your bathroom vanity. You can find a rustic or vintage piece of furniture to create a singular vanity that will become the statement feature of your bathroom’s décor.

Our collection of copper bathroom sinks includes all shapes and sizes, not only round washbasins but this design is one of the most popular ones among clients from the United States and Canada. You can also find oval, rectangular copper sinks as well as a special kind of vessel copper sinks that vary in a way of their installation. The vessel sinks’ whole body comes over the counter whereas the rest of the copper sink designs can be installed either as drop-in or undermount. A round copper sink is an excellent model for smaller powder rooms and guest bathrooms that are in need of comfortable but minor size appliances. You can also use it in a spacious bathroom for double bathroom vanity. For that, you can choose the same model or two different ones for a surprising effect.

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May 14, 2022

I love this sink and going to consider to buy in for my bathroom. Our house already is furnished with various hammered copper products including kitchen counter top and dining tabletop. They will look very elegant and rustic at the same time.


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