Create a Vintage style with Rustic Elements

Create a Vintage style with Rustic Elements

Looking for elegant ways to incorporate a rustic vibe into your space? Who said you cannot have a vintage ambiance in a modern-built house or apartment? Custom copper furniture, hand-painted Talavera tiles, traditional dining sets- we offer numerous products that successfully pair modern and rustic style. It is obviously a little bit easier to embrace the rustic charm and warmth of an old home with modern amenities rather than the other way, but it is not impossible. Thus, if you are one of those who dream of exposed beams and an old-world farmhouse sink you can still own it in brand-new construction. keep reading to discover how to create a vintage style with rustic elements.

rustic modern style

In order to keep integrity between the architecture and the interior design, you should just keep in mind some basic rules for the best modern rustic spaces. You will soon discover that it has never been easier to create a vintage style with rustic elements with traditional companies like ours. Since the times of wooden farmhouse cottages, the rustic meant to feel as close to the outdoors as possible. Nowadays, even if you are not lucky enough to be living outside the civilization, you can get a natural aspect of a rustic modern home due to the upholstery, linens, and rugs, all made of simple and sustainable materials. Bring nature inside by adding lots of wooden furniture and accessories. Metals such as iron, zinc, and copper can also help you to preserve the desired character. Too many metallic items can bring an industrial vibe so try to choose an appliance with a strong presence and distressed finishing such as an antique-looking copper vent hood. It will be a perfect statement piece in a modern rustic décor, especially if you order a custom-made version with brass or zinc straps that adds a stellar look. Check our extensive collection of hand-hammered metallic range hoods to find a statement piece for your rustic kitchen.

Another fundamental feature in a modern rustic decor is the open space concept and plenty of natural light. It is doable for most home and apartment owners. The large windows will bring the outdoors in. However, if the natural light source is not enough to create a comfortable and relaxing retreat, you can always reach for supporting lighting features such as our stunning iron chandeliers. Still not enough space and light? Use a classic trick to fool the eye and hang some rustic iron mirrors in your living room, bedroom and entrance.

Customized Antique Copper Range Hoods

Customized Antique Copper Range Hoods

Degree to which an antique copper range hoods can be customized depends on models. There are hoods with shape resembling old world and others are modern. Regardless the design we can apply antique patina to make any appliance looking like it was made long time ago. The styles that have received many complements are for the most part large copper range hood units with lights, filter and fan. They are ready to be installed in the kitchen without the necessity to buy additional vent equipment.

Handmade hacienda copper hood "Ohio" we call Spanish colonial. Shown with our vintage finish and hammered body as well as decorative apron. It is available in wall and island mount version. I have met interior designers recommend at least six inches wider bottom than a cooktop. In my personal opinion the same width as the range it is venting below is sufficient.

copper vent hood

Another example of customized antique copper stove hood is our "Denver" design. It has handmade punched straps that are part of the surface created by our skilled coppersmith from Santa Clara del Cobre. Yes, our production facility is located in Mexico having a direct impact on our competitiveness on the US market. Only compare our prices. You will quickly discover that we are the best distributor of custom antique vent hoods in USA.

Customizing Range Hoods

Custom appliance designs for kitchen remodeling come with decorative aprons and others crown moldings and rivers or nails. The beauty of buying in our antique kitchen appliance outlet online is the ability to modify the existing style range hoods. For example you can add straps to the model that has contemporary look to make it more vintage. What about going even further and embedded some rivets on the top of them? Also, we allow at no extra cost mixed metals. A customized copper stove hood could be supplied decorated with zinc apron or polished pewter crown. Consider adding to your order a sink with the same appearance. The absolute top of the line designs have punched motives on the front panels such as flowers, fruits or even animals. One of  more popular among them in that product category is a rooster.

Handcrafted metal range hoods are very versatile allowing the craftsman using his imagination to create one of a kind appliance. When you consider that any model can be customized for height, length and depth apart of adding decorative elements you quickly come to conclusion that the selection is endless. Then, think about selecting the best applicable for your kitchen finishing which only will multiply the choices. The made-to-order furnishings can be shipped in dark coffee, honey, natural fired which is the most rustic and antique patinas. Or for extra cost we can polish metal into shiny look as well as cover with nickel the entire product or just portions of it. The newest additional to our collection the option to customize for oxidized copper. We use special salts to have it turn green making multitude of buyers were quite exited to find out it was also available.

Antique Range Hood Delivery

Our standard hood delivery is four to five weeks. You can use them for gas and electric stoves. We always home a few in stock on offer with the discount so check our store regularly. It includes production time. We pack our wall range hoods from copper to hand constructed crates and strap them to pallets. You will need some heavy duty tools to remove them from their packaging. Please be careful not to scratch them while working on getting them out what must be done in the delivering drivers presence. Once you examined it, sign the receipt and don't allow to be pressured to do so without seeing your antique cargo inside.

Antique Copper Kitchen Range Hoods

Antique Copper Kitchen Range Hoods

For many years, the antique copper kitchen range hoods were treated as a necessary and functional appliance that hardly ever would be noticed or even less, admired. However, times have changed and nowadays, you have limitless options to steal the show and be the central piece of the cooking area. The copper kitchen hoods are the most elegant type and a natural choice for those who like vintage or colonial inspirations. Our company is fabricating various styles of the island and wall copper range hoods ranging from antique to contemporary ones. Among those two primary types, we can appreciate a variety of presentations so it is not going to be easy to locate the best within so many incredible designs. The good news is that all of our products can be customized so if you have already found antique copper hoods that you love but perhaps you would prefer it taller or wider or with different texture, we can tailor it for you. We have years of experience in metalwork with iron, copper range hoods and zinc and many of our hoods have been created with the collaboration of our clients. We find utterly important a honest communication during the process of purchasing our antique metal hoods so all of our clients can be totally satisfied with the outcome and until now, we have always succeeded.

antique copper kitchen range hood

In the last years, the antique kitchen copper hoods became popular as well as the vintage style itself. That kind fits in spacious room, being a statement element that works with a white or goes with wooden, vintage furniture. It is up to your personal concepts ideas. Our copper kitchen range hoods are influenced by French or Spanish hacienda style. Mexico has a long tradition of copper’s craft as it is one of the main metals extracted in this country. Therefore our antique vent hoods come from this mixture of traditional Mexican techniques and latest decor trends that we are consistently following. It can be mounted to the wall as a separate unit of metal art or cabinets. If install as under-cabinet they would not get the place kitchen range hoods deserve and would get lost between other furnishings.

They were manufactured precisely to catch an eye of every guest that will visit your beautiful kitchen and not an insignificant player. Independently of the shape you choose, the antique copper kitchen range hoods are grandiose, stunning and exquisite. An important role in their vintage appeal has the patina finishing you will select. We would recommend you a darker color washed with black paint making a brand new copper looking really retro. Another good idea is to choose a natural fired or coffee patinas for antique space. There are also details to be added for the further vintage effect such as stripes on the edges for instance. It depends on you whether your standard or high ceiling kitchen copper hoods for gas or electric range will be just a thing that extracts all the smell and fumes or a superb kitchen appliance that will rock the whole decoration that sets the style for the rest of the kitchen equipment.