Create a Vintage style with Rustic Elements

Create a Vintage style with Rustic Elements

Looking for elegant ways to incorporate a rustic vibe into your space? Who said you cannot have a vintage ambiance in a modern-built house or apartment? Custom copper furniture, hand-painted Talavera tiles, traditional dining sets- we offer numerous products that successfully pair modern and rustic style. It is obviously a little bit easier to embrace the rustic charm and warmth of an old home with modern amenities rather than the other way, but it is not impossible. Thus, if you are one of those who dream of exposed beams and an old-world farmhouse sink you can still own it in brand-new construction. keep reading to discover how to create a vintage style with rustic elements.

rustic modern style

In order to keep integrity between the architecture and the interior design, you should just keep in mind some basic rules for the best modern rustic spaces. You will soon discover that it has never been easier to create a vintage style with rustic elements with traditional companies like ours. Since the times of wooden farmhouse cottages, the rustic meant to feel as close to the outdoors as possible. Nowadays, even if you are not lucky enough to be living outside the civilization, you can get a natural aspect of a rustic modern home due to the upholstery, linens, and rugs, all made of simple and sustainable materials. Bring nature inside by adding lots of wooden furniture and accessories. Metals such as iron, zinc, and copper can also help you to preserve the desired character. Too many metallic items can bring an industrial vibe so try to choose an appliance with a strong presence and distressed finishing such as an antique-looking copper vent hood. It will be a perfect statement piece in a modern rustic décor, especially if you order a custom-made version with brass or zinc straps that adds a stellar look. Check our extensive collection of hand-hammered metallic range hoods to find a statement piece for your rustic kitchen.

Another fundamental feature in a modern rustic decor is the open space concept and plenty of natural light. It is doable for most home and apartment owners. The large windows will bring the outdoors in. However, if the natural light source is not enough to create a comfortable and relaxing retreat, you can always reach for supporting lighting features such as our stunning iron chandeliers. Still not enough space and light? Use a classic trick to fool the eye and hang some rustic iron mirrors in your living room, bedroom and entrance.

California Style Copper Vent Hood

California Style Copper Vent Hood

We have a pleasure in presenting our newest hammered copper vent hood in Los Angeles style. Even though, the vast mayoralty of out clients are based in California the design caring state largest city is not accidental. The hood was created by one of our buyers from San Francisco and since then it become one of our best selling custom made kitchen appliances.

Copper Vent Hood Production

myCustomMade has been fabricating metal furnishings since 2002 and beside a stove hood, we supply made-to-order sinks, tables, soaking tubs, shelving and counter-tops. Our production facility is located in Mexico which specializes in Southern architectural elements and furnishings. We were manufacturing custom copper products for clients in California and other states along the border influenced by Spanish hacienda style which is typical to the region our production has been established, which is state of Michoacan in central Mexico.
california hammered copper vent hood
Los Angeles hood comes in versions. It can be wall mount or central island. The first can be attached to the wall or ceiling while the second to the ceiling only. All our California style hoods are equipped with economy inserts. They are made by a known brand Teka and consist of double speed two hundred cubic feet per minute fan, two light and a set of filters. They are carbon activated which is practical when the hood recirculates air to the kitchen. Of course, you can have it connected to the house exhaust pipe system moving cooktop and oven fumes outdoors.

California Hood Style

The hood with interesting styling. It has on the top a nice looking crown and resized about half an inch horizontal molding a foot below it. At the bottom, it has flat apron which helps to accommodate the ventilation system inside. As wall mount it has five sides and island eight of them. In general, regardless the metal island range hoods have the same look all around while the other has its back flat and not copper sheeting there so it can be connected to the kitchen vent pipe anywhere behind. The model presented on the blog post page was made in dark patina. You can also have it finished in light coffee color or as custom made antique or natural.

california style copper range hood

If you have some questions about Los Angeles handmade copper range hood or any other California vent hood, wrought iron chandelier or dining table please use a contact form to get back to us. We can produce any design based on photos or drawings provided to us. Price depends on the amount of material needed for the vent hood production and is estimated on individual basis.