Custom Made Iron Chandeliers

Custom Made Iron Chandeliers

Bring some fine living to your home with our original custom made iron chandelier. We design and handcraft lighting fixture with the rich and authentic look by employing solid metals. The hand forged products stands out from the crowd of mass production. Affordable but not lasting. While upgrading interiors you want sophisticated and timeless stuff that will convert the spaces into the luxurious charming area. That is why you should consider installing if you have a large home one of our custom made chandeliers. When you are buying this type of lightning you probably imagine oversized dining room and supper high ceilings anyway.

picture of a custom made iron chandelier in a living room area

However, that is not a case. You do not need to own a castle in order to accommodate refined rustic lightning fixtures. We manufacture our iron chandeliers in Mexico which influence in old Spanish Hacienda style that many of them have but if you have brows our online outlet, you will soon discover the broad selection of inspired in black iron chandeliers, country and minimalist design. Although pendant lightning of such importance is normally seen in the dining area why not introduce it in a kitchen or a bathroom. Yes, it is not your first guess but just think about it. Every piece of furniture in a kitchen is chosen with a utilitarian mindset: durable counters, practical shelves, long-lasting colonial chandeliers. You deserve at least element you can have fun and creativity with. The same applies to a bathroom.

A hanging pendant lamp adds charm and intimacy to the upgraded area. Available in a variety of styles, these Spanish chandeliers turn the room into a vintage affair, European salon or industrial loft, depending on the style of your forged iron chandelier itself. Besides a designing decision, planning the light's position in relation to other elements is important. You would like your new custom iron chandelier to be the central part of your renovated room. There are plenty of hacienda chandeliers available in our unique home improvement product store that our customers can personalize by using product detail page options. They include size which relates mostly to its diameter but you can also change the finishing of the metal. We offer our hand made iron chandeliers in black color, natural and rusted colors. Evaluate as well some changes in the design elements such as the number of lights and tiers.


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