Outdoor Iron Chandeliers Ideas for Patio and Gazebos

Outdoor Iron Chandeliers Ideas for Patio and Gazebos

Do not underestimate the potential that your outdoor areas such as patio, veranda or garden have in terms of glamorous and cozy home décor. If you are hesitant about how to glam up the outdoors during your home improvement project, the wise strategy would be to take your indoors, outdoors. Same decorating elements that have worked well to upgrade your living room, will also add a sense of lush in your patio. Stunning iron lighting fixtures can be your best ally if looking to create some glamour and radiance in the garden dining area. To make things even easier, in today's post, you can read about the outdoor iron chandeliers ideas for patio and gazebo.

outdoor iron chandelier

With spring just around the corner, many homeowners are tuning up their favorite outdoor spots to soak up the sunshine, surrounded by a relaxing view of blooming flowers and plans. If your patio or garden needs some update after a harsh winter, changing your outdoor equipment (including furnishing, decorations, and outdoor lighting) is the perfect way to make a big impact with a simple upgrade. A custom-made iron chandelier, that normally we would associate with vast interior spaces and high ceilings, can deliver a beautiful contrast to a more casual outdoor space. After all, no lighting fixture makes a grander statement than highly elaborated chandeliers just like our Colonial and old-world inspired iron pendant lamps. They will not only create a unique atmosphere with their own, extraordinary aesthetic but help you to style your gazebo with light. That is why the first step in choosing the best outdoor chandelier is to consider what style of illumination will complement your space. Our collection of light fixtures includes wall sconces and decorative pendant lighting and black iron chandeliers that cover a range of styles, shapes, and sizes. We have many models that embrace a Medieval simplicity like the “Herdez” ceiling lamp that can easily add an extravagant feel to your patio dining area. This outdoor iron chandelier is made of a round base holding candles and suspended on four chains joint together with the smaller ring. On the other side of the spectrum, you can find the “Esteve" iron chandelier whose curved branches were done with meticulous attention to creating a jaw-dropping effect. This handcrafted, customized product will. with no doubt, become a focal point in your luxurious garden.

How can you match your custom-made chandelier with the existing setup- you might ask? The easiest thing would be to find the one that pairs with your outdoor dining set. You can use the table to determine the size and shape of your fixture. Then you can use the shape of the table to either accent or contrast the shape of the chandelier—a round chandelier looks great over a round table, while a square chandelier over a round table creates a stylish accent. Create a stellar combination by combining some smaller wall scones and lanterns with your chosen large iron chandelier. This constellation of lamps will bring a spark of luxury to your patio and gazebo and bring many magical moments during long summerish dinners and gatherings.

Create Medieval Ambience with Forged Iron Chandelier

Create Medieval Ambience with Forged Iron Chandelier

You can meet unbelievable medieval chandeliers visiting medieval castles. If you think that grandiose and lush design is only reserved for kings and queens, we are here to prove you wrong. Custom-made, iron chandeliers are stunning components of an old-world style combining large, sturdy hoops, strong chains and candle-alike lightning or even real candles. Create Medieval ambience with a forged iron chandelier in your private residency or your business, perfect for entryways, living rooms, and dining rooms. Discover some of our most popular wrought iron chandeliers that will make you fill majestic.

medieval style iron chandelier illuminating a living room

Our Medieval hanging light fixtures provide a gorgeous, Gothic look that you will find nowhere else. Although they were created in Mexico, they are mostly based on the antique, European designs from the Middle Age Spain. Many of the ones in this collection are fitted with modern, electric lighting, but still, retain that timeless feeling of the grand old days of flamboyant and extravagant decor. The forged iron chandelier “Castillo” was made to successfully showcase the charm of a medieval chandelier, allowing you to bask in a bright and warm glow of 7 lights candle. A large iron, rusted wheel decorated with a small flowery pattern and adjusted to the ceiling by equally imposing iron chains, might be a little bit overwhelming for a normal size room. However, if you are decorating a high-ceiling dining room or a restaurant's main hall it will bring the trending rustic look that you have been looking. This Hacienda style iron chandelier is ideal for kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms and foyers.

If you still dream of a Gothic atmosphere in your house but do not own a ballroom, we have an excellent forged iron chandelier for you. The metallic hanging lamp “Lara” features a hanging wheel that fits four bulbs emulating a burning candle. You can order it two sizes and customize it with a personal finish to propel a modern decor forward or bring the Medieval feel by ordering your iron ith rusted and distressed effect. This iron light fixture is perfect as a main or additional source of light, together with rustic wall scones or lanterns. Bring Medieval grandiose to your interiors and order it from a company that is elaborating all its products in the most artisan and creative way. Each lighting fixtures from MyCustomMade is a unique piece of metal craft and will show some difference in size, color and texture. This antique forged iron chandelier requires sophisticated and arduous work therefore an average production time is a month and it could take an additional two weeks to ship from central Mexico to the US mainland destinations.

Iron Chandelier for a Large Room and Foyer

Iron Chandelier for a Large Room and Foyer

Illuminate your house interiors with the best option on the market custom iron chandeliers for a large room and foyer. It is not only a practical choice that will give you a lot of light but it is a remarkable decorative piece that will add warmth, charm and timelessness to space.

large iron chandelier

If you are looking for Mexican chandeliers for a large living room, dining or foyer, you are in the right place. In general, it is almost impossible to buy large wrought iron chandeliers in retail. Lighting choice needs to be made to order and there are not too many sources available. Most of them are extremely expensive and others don't have the skills to produce a handmade, decorative chandelier based on the old European tradition. Therefore, if you are in a hunt for Spanish chandeliers, we are one of the few producers that can offer you the highest quality and the best price.

Our collection includes custom iron chandeliers, pendant lights, wall sconces, exterior lanterns and accessories. All of our designs in large, hacienda chandeliers are created to match the individual customer’s needs. We offer custom sizes in large iron chandeliers, as well as changes in the design of different elements, such as the number of lights, tiers in a fixture, etc. We have a enormous capacity to customize any design. You can send us a drawing or a picture of an existing design and our skilled craftsmen will bring it to life. Modifications to the size, tiers, arms and much more can be added according to your taste. If you have already decided to purchase that important pieces of decoration as black iron chandeliers, why not choosing the perfect that is tailored just for you. Without any doubt, this metal art will become a statement piece of your dining room or the entry.  A big design deserves this additional attention so that the final customized product give your home this stunning Old European elegance.

Our vintage large forged iron chandeliers can be placed in high-ceiling dining and living room as well as estate or hacienda style hotel foyer. Smaller version can be used in kitchens and bedrooms. Additionally, they will look gracefully in a commercial use in the hotel’s lobby or in highly elegant restaurants. This antique lightning feature requires sophisticated and arduous work so the average production time is a month and it could take an additional two weeks to ship from central Mexico to the US mainland destinations.