Decorative Ceramic Tiles from Mexico

Decorative Ceramic Tiles from Mexico

Decorative ceramic tiles from Mexico are not only practical material that is easy to clean and maintain but they add a lot a pop of color and Southern brightness to any area you are remodelling. They provide a long-lasting wall or surface that will be a durable decorative addition to any household.

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There are many different ceramic tiles on the market. If you are looking for a rustic charm you should pay attention to the quality of glazed ceramic and the execution of the hand-painted designs. You would like to make sure that this product is really handmade by local artisans just as it is published. We are offering many options of decorative ceramic tiles from Mexico at Mycustommade ranging from wall tiles, Mexican relief tiles, broken tiles and stunning tile murals and much more. Each type of ceramic tile can be used both in the interior as well as the exterior of your home. You can install ceramic tiles in virtually any area you want and continue enjoying their warmth and beauty. The only limitations for Mexican tiles installations would be outdoor installations with potential freezing temperatures as they are not frost resistant. However, apart from that, any surface is suitable for those stunning pieces of ceramic. The remodelling projects including tile glazing are countless and such a fun thing to do. It is one of those activities you can even make by yourself such as decorating your tabletop with some vibrant Talavera tiles. The ideas for using a broken tiles collection is also limitless and a perfect DIY project for the whole family.

The most commonplace for Mexican handcrafted tiles would be kitchen wall, backsplash and counters as well as bathroom walls and counters. However, think outside of the box. Consider installing Mexican ceramic tiles in your rustic dining room using Spanish colonial designs that would go smoothly with wooden pieces of furniture and other vintage items. Talavera white and blue tiles are a perfect option for the outdoor decoration of your garden area, firework, door frame but they are regularly used in the kitchens as well to brighten the room. Mexican, Colonial houses are all ornamented with some sort of tiling project form a single tile with a number or a name of the villa to complex works of tiling art as a door frame or entire wall decoration. Bright up your entry with similar ideas and you will add a really welcoming feel to your entryway. Don't forget about the outdoors. You can use our decorative ceramic tiles from Mexico to embellish your swimming pool area (water-line for instance), barbecue area or the walls of your Southwest-inspired patio and veranda. If you have a fountain in your outdoor area, the ceramic tiles are a perfect match as well. 



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