Decorative Relief Tiles from Mexico

Decorative Relief Tiles from Mexico

There is something about the handcrafted decorative relief tiles from Mexico whose incredible designs are raised to highlight the visual and touch experience. Call us crazy, but there is nothing like a feel of a cool ceramics in 3D that stimulate our senses and give the remodeled room a special feeling. Even though the ceramic relief tiles seem traditional to have inside, they are experiencing a real come-back right now and many interior designers and homeowners. Are using them to intensify their style, whether it is extremely sophisticated or handcrafted classic.

 relief ceramic tiles decorating a backsplash

The kitchens and the bathrooms are the major protagonists for handmade decorative relief tiles use as they are the spaces likely to be in need of tiling in general. The relief tiles can be found in earthly and neutral colors, imitating other materials such as stone or wood and that can be used in gentle and clean layouts. To contrary, you can find them in bright and colorful to add a dramatic note to the decor and often to offer a change to the simplicity of the monochromatic (all-white) bathroom. There are many decorative relief tile types on the market. Some hand painted tiles are plain and simple and others have artistic designs requiring a lot of time and effort to produce them. The prices of decorative relief tiles vary as well. Majority of Mexican kitchen tiles that are handmade in the US are quite expensive. Europe is more pricey when artisan made products are concerned. The only choice is buying ceramic tiles online in Mexico. It is the best option for United States residents due to proximity to the source as well as the favorable labor costs. And most importantly, you will be purchasing an authentic handmade creation, inspired in European and Colonial heritage of Mexico and that is priceless.

Traditional high relief ceramic tiles have the prominent 3d features of painted pattern undercut, allowing these aspects to be projected from the background. Decorative bathroom tiles are suited to decorative a kitchen backlash, tabletop and counter. Our collection is strongly influenced by Spanish form where the geometrical designs reigns. They are in fact mosaic talavera tiles with the use of two or three colors palette and abstract patterns. They are available  4×4 or 6×6 inch sizes. These handcrafted decorative relief tiles from Mexico make a great addition to the bathroom, the foyer, the kitchen, or to any room where a pop of style is on the menu.


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