Decorative Ceramic Tiles for a Kitchen Wall

Decorative Ceramic Tiles for a Kitchen Wall

Decorative ceramic tiles for a kitchen wall are not only practical material but they bring a lot of colors and old European flavour to the space you are remodeling. They provide a long lasting wall look that is easy to care and maintain. There are many different tiles on the market and we are offering many of those options in our online ceramic tile outlet. You can choose store categories such as relief tiles, wall murals, broken mosaic tiles and many more.

hand painted ceramic tile mural on a backsplash wall in a kitchen

The good news is that you can use decorative ceramic tiles in virtually anywhere you want and continue enjoying their warmth and beauty. The only limitation would be outdoors with potential cold climate as they are not frost resistant. Any surface is suitable for those stunning pieces. Consider ceramic tiles for a kitchen backsplash, wall and counter. In your rustic dining room using Spanish hacienda designs go smoothly with wooden furniture and other vintage items. Talavera white and blue tiles are an excellent option for the outdoor decoration of your garden, firework, door frame but they are regularly used in the kitchens as well to brighten the room. Handcrafted ceramic tiles have a tradition and it is important cultural heritage of Mexico brought by the Spaniards in the 16th century and transformed by local artisans. They have actively played a distinguished role as an important utilitarian and decorative element in architecture and if you take a glimpse at it, you will see how important they were, as they can be found in a  broad range of spaces from kitchens, fountains, facades, interiors of luxurious hacienda homes to churches.

handcrafted ceramic tiles from Mexico

Our best sellers are handmade relief tiles. They are handcrafted the way the pattern is raised above the decorative ceramic tile background. They are quite expensive but on the other hand incredibly decorative. Often used for kitchen wall, backslash, stair risers and swimming pool. You can buy them 4x4 and 6x6 sizes in over three hundred styles. Those painted relief ceramic tiles for a kitchen are also about one and a half inch thick and made of semi-porcelain material. It can withstand low temperatures so ceramic tiles made of it can be installed outside the house in regions of the country with winter conditions.

relief ceramic tiles for a kitchen wall and backsplash

Another popular product among the Mexican tiles are the kitchen tile murals. The natural scenery for those incredible works of art is a kitchen. Our Mexican tile murals are perfect for decorating backsplash with images representing farmhouse daily life, fruits wine, Spanish colonial architecture and country scenery and many more. Therefore, do not leave your walls bright like everyone else and opt for creating a unique rustic ambiance with with our custom home improvement products. Apart from protecting your cooking area from splashes and stains, without a doubt, decorative ceramic tiles for a kitchen wall will make a great statement piece in your kitchen.

Decorative Relief Tiles from Mexico

Decorative Relief Tiles from Mexico

There is something about the handcrafted decorative relief tiles from Mexico whose incredible designs are raised to highlight the visual and touch experience. Call us crazy, but there is nothing like a feel of a cool ceramics in 3D that stimulate our senses and give the remodeled room a special feeling. Even though the ceramic relief tiles seem traditional to have inside, they are experiencing a real come-back right now and many interior designers and homeowners. Are using them to intensify their style, whether it is extremely sophisticated or handcrafted classic.

 relief ceramic tiles decorating a backsplash

The kitchens and the bathrooms are the major protagonists for handmade decorative relief tiles use as they are the spaces likely to be in need of tiling in general. The relief tiles can be found in earthly and neutral colors, imitating other materials such as stone or wood and that can be used in gentle and clean layouts. To contrary, you can find them in bright and colorful to add a dramatic note to the decor and often to offer a change to the simplicity of the monochromatic (all-white) bathroom. There are many decorative relief tile types on the market. Some hand painted tiles are plain and simple and others have artistic designs requiring a lot of time and effort to produce them. The prices of decorative relief tiles vary as well. Majority of Mexican kitchen tiles that are handmade in the US are quite expensive. Europe is more pricey when artisan made products are concerned. The only choice is buying ceramic tiles online in Mexico. It is the best option for United States residents due to proximity to the source as well as the favorable labor costs. And most importantly, you will be purchasing an authentic handmade creation, inspired in European and Colonial heritage of Mexico and that is priceless.

Traditional high relief ceramic tiles have the prominent 3d features of painted pattern undercut, allowing these aspects to be projected from the background. Decorative bathroom tiles are suited to decorative a kitchen backlash, tabletop and counter. Our collection is strongly influenced by Spanish form where the geometrical designs reigns. They are in fact mosaic talavera tiles with the use of two or three colors palette and abstract patterns. They are available  4×4 or 6×6 inch sizes. These handcrafted decorative relief tiles from Mexico make a great addition to the bathroom, the foyer, the kitchen, or to any room where a pop of style is on the menu.

Decorative Tiles for a Bathroom

Decorative Tiles for a Bathroom

Create a unique Southern vibe with our terracotta decorative tiles for a bathroom. You can build up unusual artful effects by installing our Mexican tiles, adding a sink or the whole toilet set, ornamented with handmade ceramic. Therefore, your possibilities for a quick and reasonably priced makeover in your bath are limitless. Spanish decorative tiles for the bathroom are painted in our workshop in San Miguel de Allende, in the central region of Mexico, so the designs we are manufacturing are heavily influenced by this bright, vivid and intense country. You can feel the spirit of all of the cultures that shaped Mexican heritage, mostly Spanish and prehispanic, in each of the tiles. The relief decorative bathroom tiles are colorful with contrasting tones, adopting folkloric and more contemporary patterns. Offering dozens of motives, you have an option to use a mix of patterns or plain color in your home improvement projects.

You can use them as the main theme or as the accent to furnishings or embellishing element. Being a really easy material to install you can imagine many areas where they can become a focal point. The walls are perhaps the most popular space but handcrafted Mexican tiles are suitable to decorate your bathroom counters, shelves and as a frame for your mirrors as well. Start your design by thinking about how your chosen decorative tiles for a bathroom will work with the rest of the existing design, taking into account the size of the room, color choices and bathroom accessories.

decorative ceramic tiles in a bathroom

Do you want to tile large walls or just a specific area? With the right planning, you can add the finishing effect in your bathroom and create an amazing style. Check out our collection of wall tiles for a bathroom to spice up and brighten up that space.Innovative idea for Mexican tiles is using them as rustic accents. They are a perfect addition to vintage and one-of-a-kind look. Your farmhouse décor will upgrade with even a small dose of those colorful mosaics. If you are not afraid of adding many contrasting hues, you can consider creating a combination of hacienda Mexican tiles with a similar ceramic lavatory fixtures. On the other hand, those bright and cheerful patterns inject a farmhouse flavor into a contemporary room breaking up the whiteness and simplicity of the majority of bathrooms.

Terracotta decorative tiles for a bathroom provide a long-lasting wall finishing with no maintenance besides occasional cleaning which is good for rooms that are used daily. Since they are glazed they can be used in humid areas such as bathroom backsplash and shower mosaic walls and you only need some soap and a cloth to clean the area.