Decorate your Home with Mexican Tile Murals

Decorate your Home with Mexican Tile Murals

Decorate your home with Mexican tile murals can be challenging but also a lot of fun. Despite the idea that they are only suitable for embellishing kitchen backsplashes, they might have much more creative use. With so many colors, shapes and sizes to choose from, it is easy to get lost. However, it is also an opportunity to really let your creative side shine. With our ceramic Talavera tiles, you have endless décor options available for any style of home.

garden tile mural

The obvious choice for using Mexican tile murals would be the kitchen decoration because of the many advantages of this product in high-traffic areas of both, private residences and commercial spaces. The benefits of a ceramic tile range from practical to aesthetic ones. First, you need to tile your backsplash to protect your kitchen wall from heat, moisture, grease stains to which the kitchen wall is subject. A ceramic tile mural is a great way to do just that. Normally, the stove area is the one you want to highlight. It is the core of your kitchen. That is why you do not want to use kitchen wall tiles because it will be more challenging to create a bold statement with a monochromatic application. Instead, you can use Mexican tile murals with unique designs, adding a splash of color and appealing texture above the countertop. The backsplash becomes a substantial designing element in your kitchen. You can build up a frame of handcrafted border tiles or just regular tiles to give your project the finishing touch. By that, your tile mural will gain a sense of a painting in a frame.

Another way to decorate your home with Mexican tile murals would be to install them on one of the shower walls. Pick the wall you want to catch the eye of your family members or guests. It is crucial to choose a tile design that appeals to you to enjoy your daily showers even more. It might be one of the murals that presents a peaceful but stunning landscape or a geometrical design that fill you with positive energy. It is like adding a window where obviously it cannot exist. Additionally, a decorative tile mural can embellish your garden and patio. Create a ceramic, colorful bouquet on your patio's wall so you can enjoy nature and flowers even during the harshest of winters. Regular, plain Talavera tiles can again work as an original frame to this ceramic masterpiece.

Decorative Kitchen Backsplash Tile Murals

Decorative Kitchen Backsplash Tile Murals

We all love farmhouse style interiors that bring a lot of warmth and comfort but they also can be glamorous and elegant. Our kitchen backsplash murals have all you need to feel amazing while cooking for your family and entertaining guests. They will add the perfect mix and match we all enjoy in rustic interiors.

Painted decorative kitchen backsplash tile murals are available on our website in standard and made-to-order dimensions. You can buy a ready design from the online store or send us an image with which you would like to decorate your backsplash. We are always trying to create the most unique products that will make your backsplash to stand out, being hand-painted production. Additionally, we offer you a choice of buying kitchen ceramics with a hand-painted border or without them.

The ceramic painted backsplash tile murals are a great addition to any kitchen wall decor. With the Mexican tiles “Colonial Town model” that represents a postcard of a colonial village overlooking a lake and mountains, you will add a lighthearted spirit with its blue, yellow and red colors. If you like the living colors of the Mexican Day of the Dead you can choose one of the ceramic kitchen backsplash murals inspired by that tradition so full of mysticism, ancient culture, color, and the warmth of the people. Following this authentic Mexican theme, you can also find kitchen tile murals that illustrate Frida Kahlo or the Virgin of Guadalupe painted with bold and vivid colors. For a classic farmhouse decoration, you can choose among our collection of nature that consists of many beautiful paintings of bottles of wine, buckets of fruits and flowers. This will add a true bucolic vibe to your kitchen. We created a search menu on our page so you can sort your favorite tile murals and copper range hoods by colors or themes such as animal or floral inspired tiles. With our vast image catalog, you are just a single stop from finding the Talavera mural in a perfect palette.

backsplash tile mural in a kitchen

Besides kitchens, we can imagine any of our backsplash tile murals in other areas of your home like verandas, patios, gardens but also bathrooms. As Mexican ceramic murals are glazed, they can also be used in wet areas of bathroom, shower and sauna. Choose some bright scene creating peacefulness and calm to your washroom. It could be a Southern looking village or perhaps a sun or moon picture. Our ceramic murals can be installed in the exteriors as well as long as there are no freezing temperatures. They could decorate marvelously the walls of your patio. Being functional beautiful mosaic tiles, they are easy to care for so you can consider installing them in both interiors and exteriors

Therefore, do not settle for elementary white walls  like everyone else and go for creating a unique rustic ambiance with those hand painted traditional murals of farmhouse daily life, fruits wine, Spanish colonial architecture and country scenery and many more. Apart from protecting your cooking area from splashes and stains, without a doubt, they will make a great statement piece in your kitchen.

Decorative Ceramic Tiles for a Kitchen Wall

Decorative Ceramic Tiles for a Kitchen Wall

Decorative ceramic tiles for a kitchen wall are not only practical material but they bring a lot of colors and old European flavour to the space you are remodeling. They provide a long lasting wall look that is easy to care and maintain. There are many different tiles on the market and we are offering many of those options in our online ceramic tile outlet. You can choose store categories such as relief tiles, wall murals, broken mosaic tiles and many more.

hand painted ceramic tile mural on a backsplash wall in a kitchen

The good news is that you can use decorative ceramic tiles in virtually anywhere you want and continue enjoying their warmth and beauty. The only limitation would be outdoors with potential cold climate as they are not frost resistant. Any surface is suitable for those stunning pieces. Consider ceramic tiles for a kitchen backsplash, wall and counter. In your rustic dining room using Spanish hacienda designs go smoothly with wooden furniture and other vintage items. Talavera white and blue tiles are an excellent option for the outdoor decoration of your garden, firework, door frame but they are regularly used in the kitchens as well to brighten the room. Handcrafted ceramic tiles have a tradition and it is important cultural heritage of Mexico brought by the Spaniards in the 16th century and transformed by local artisans. They have actively played a distinguished role as an important utilitarian and decorative element in architecture and if you take a glimpse at it, you will see how important they were, as they can be found in a  broad range of spaces from kitchens, fountains, facades, interiors of luxurious hacienda homes to churches.

handcrafted ceramic tiles from Mexico

Our best sellers are handmade relief tiles. They are handcrafted the way the pattern is raised above the decorative ceramic tile background. They are quite expensive but on the other hand incredibly decorative. Often used for kitchen wall, backslash, stair risers and swimming pool. You can buy them 4x4 and 6x6 sizes in over three hundred styles. Those painted relief ceramic tiles for a kitchen are also about one and a half inch thick and made of semi-porcelain material. It can withstand low temperatures so ceramic tiles made of it can be installed outside the house in regions of the country with winter conditions.

relief ceramic tiles for a kitchen wall and backsplash

Another popular product among the Mexican tiles are the kitchen tile murals. The natural scenery for those incredible works of art is a kitchen. Our Mexican tile murals are perfect for decorating backsplash with images representing farmhouse daily life, fruits wine, Spanish colonial architecture and country scenery and many more. Therefore, do not leave your walls bright like everyone else and opt for creating a unique rustic ambiance with with our custom home improvement products. Apart from protecting your cooking area from splashes and stains, without a doubt, decorative ceramic tiles for a kitchen wall will make a great statement piece in your kitchen.

Kitchen Backsplash Ceramic Tile Murals

Kitchen Backsplash Ceramic Tile Murals

Enliven your kitchen walls with our custom kitchen backsplash ceramic tile mural from Mexico. You will not regret it. If you are looking for a decorative accent for your Colonial or rustic kitchen those murals will steal the show. There are handcrafted using quality materials, therefore, will become a long-lasting and stunning decorative element in your perfect kitchen design.  Most of them have handmade relief ceramic tiles installed on their backsplash because they are the best solution for cooking area stains and general dirt. You just wipe up the surface with warm water and soap and you are good to go. As far as aesthetic is concerned, you have so much more possibilities than you could have ever imagined. Why don't you add extra value by adding a fleur-de-lis talavera mural behind the sink? You can use any mosaic wall tiles together with the mural.

Online Kitchen Tile Distributor

Our company is a major distributor of painted Talavera tiles for Southeastern and Mexico style homes. They can be used for kitchen wall finishing as well as painting backsplash murals. You can use the same color background for tiles and the mural or design a single project for the entire wall. Often used size is 4x4 inch. Occasionally, larger 6x6 are being used as well. Our hand painted ceramic tile murals will make a great addition to the decor of any art lover. This Mexican tile murals are perfectly suitable for use as a backsplash, above a oval copper sink, in a shower or mounted and hung on the wall as other artwork. You have a multitude of kitchen decorative options but we can assure you that the result will be incomparable, unique, very bucolic and cheerful.

Kitchen Tile Mural Collection

Our kitchen tile murals collection is ideal for decorating backsplash with one of the pictures representing daily life, fruits wine, Spanish architecture and country scenery. If your intention is to bust a rustic ambiance this handmade and hand painted murals will demonstrate your decoration taste around a cooking space. They can be installed for kitchen walls and counters if you want to maintain farmhouse style or below a custom zinc range hood.

painted ceramic tile mural from Mexico installed on a kitchen backsplash wall

Any ceramic mural is ideal for any home decor project including decorating your garden table, walls or fireplaces. Since Mexican ceramic tiles are glazed, they can be also used in wet areas such as a bathroom and sauna. We offer you a choice of buying a decorative mural with Mexican talavera tile border or without them. Dimensions exhibited on the product pages are those in the highest demand. However, decorative ceramic kitchen tile murals can be handmade in custom sizes according to your wall backsplash requirements. You no longer have to accept what is in stock but you can create a custom product for your rustic renovation project.