Mexican Talavera Kitchen Wall Tiles

Mexican Talavera Kitchen Wall Tiles

Warm, inviting and vibrant, using Mexican Talavera kitchen wall tiles will create a surprising and breathtaking effect that will be an envy of all your guests. By revamping your kitchen’s décor with bright tones, decorative tiling and fine Mexican detailing your entire home can take on a new character. Talavera tiles from Mexico can introduce a powerful change in your interiors and the kitchen walls are the best display for that. There are countless ways of using Mexican ceramic for embellishing kitchen walls. Having thousands of patterns and different types of tiles at your service, infinitive creative techniques open up to add character and lightness to your kitchen.

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We are convinced that decorating a kitchen wall with ceramic Mexican Talavera kitchen wall tiles will be fun for any homeowner. You do not have to own a hacienda style home to build up a Southern vibe in your interiors. What you really need is the boldness to explore the multicolored world of our handmade ceramic tiles and good decorative ideas. From going full Mexican with ceramics on the walls, counters, kitchen table to introducing some small drops of Southern feel with a subtle, Mexican accent tiles or native style potteries and textile, Mexican pottery offers you a broad spectrum of styles that you can introduce into your interiors. Start by choosing your main colors that will fit your existing décor or your brand new kitchen furniture and appliances. Take into account the material you will be used for floors and counters or shelves and then have a look at our extensive collection of Mexican Talavera wall tiles. You might want to use just a dash of Southern décor, enough amount of authentic, local craft to add interest to your main wall. Consider adding an accent line of a bold pattern that will suit plain color tiles. By that, you do not overwhelm the space with too many designs but still, add fun and energy into your kitchen. Another idea to decorate your walls, and especially a kitchen backsplash, is to install one of our kitchen tile murals. Our murals present Mexican landscapes including nature, countryside and Colonial cities. Many of them are perfect for a kitchen environment because they depict a still nature including delicious food, fruits and beverages. You can find them in many sizes and both, horizontal and vertical. Finding your ideal ceramic tile mural will add an effortless combination of Mexican craft with fine art bringing Spanish and Mexican heritage to your backsplash.

After choosing the main, background color, think about the hues you want for edging. You might choose normal wall tiles. However, high relief tiles with a beautifully crafted two-dimensional pattern could also work in that case. Be bold with your choices. Take inspiration from the work of Mexican artists, artisans and architects. If you have ever been to Mexico, probably you could have observed that they do not fear to combine the hues you would never imagine together and the result looks fabulous. The main colors used for Talavera tiles production are white, cobalt blue, green, terracotta, yellow and sometimes black. Most of our designs are created by mixing those primary colors.

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