Double Bowl Farmhouse Copper Sink

Double Bowl Farmhouse Copper Sink

Despite the existence of the most high-tech dishwashers, many homeowners loved the idea of double-bowl sinks, especially those with a vintage design from the beginning of the XX century. From a broad range of designs and materials on the current market, there is one kind of kitchen sink that has never gone out of fashion. Double bowl farmhouse copper sink is a categorical timeless appliance that every era has adopted to its interior designs. Custom copper products have been around our homes for centuries and nowadays they are still a symbol of durability and fine artisan work.

farmhouse copper sink installed in a kitchen

Our company manufacture made-to-order copper bathroom sinks, range hoods, bathtubs and many other items. However, farmhouse copper sinks are now especially popular with the rise of modern rustic style that integrates beautifully the old and the new, so as our apron front copper sinks. As with many types of kitchen sinks, double bowl copper sinks come in various sizes and many styles including handcrafted rivets and hammered relief decorations. In our grand collection of kitchen copper sinks, you will find a single and double bowl. You might even order a special, three-bowl basin if your kitchen allows you to add it into the layout. Normally, we would recommend a single-bowl copper sink for a kitchen with a smaller counter. In the old days, a double bowl was used especially for washing the dishes. You had one unit to keep dirty dishes and the other to have them cleaned. Since dishwashers took over, our clients choose this option for the commodity to use one part for the dishes and the other for the food prep for instance. 

If you are eager to buy a hand-hammered copper sink you should first think about the way you use your cooking and washing the dishes area. Do you wash all the dishes at once and dry them immediately? Probably, a large single-bowl sink could be the right choice for you. Do you like to quickly clean some of the dishes while dinner is cooking? A double-basin sink that lets you wash dishes on one side without disturbing the chopping board placed on the other side could be for you. Each of our double bowl copper sinks is hand-hammered by a Mexican coppersmith and therefore each design is one-of-a-kind. The customization of each of our copper appliances is our specialty, and since every copper sink is handmade, it is very cost-effective to incorporate custom designs, motifs, and patinas. The customer pays for the quantity of the copper used, not for every little change we have to incorporate. There is something exceptional in custom-made copper appliances which become a statement piece in any kitchen. The rich bronze color, a unique hammer texture, and design patterns inspired by the Mexican coppersmith tradition is passed down from generation to generation in My Custom Made company.

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