Old World illumination for Bathroom

Old World illumination for Bathroom

If you love the old-world style and need a striking statement in your home design, imagine walking into a bathroom and finding the last thing you would expect in there: a fancy, custom-made chandelier. Traditionally this type of illumination belonged to large and open spaces like hallways, dining rooms or ballrooms. However, nowadays nothing stop you from having your flamboyant old-world illumination for the bathroom. If your home boasts Colonial or Hacienda style then our collection of wrought iron lamps will be simply perfect to finish up the décor. On the contrary, modern interior design encourages homeowners to create eclectic settings. The element of surprise is welcomed as long as it fits the overall look of your décor. With our fabulous, pendant lights, sconces and light shades you will be able to create a unique ambience in your master bath or powder room.

custom black iron chandelier from Mexico in hacienda style

A well-done chandelier can revamp your master bath like no other decorative element. That is why it is crucial to choose the right one for your style. A vintage décor embraces so many approaches that if you wish to keep your bathroom in contemporary style, it does not mean that you cannot add an old-world illumination for the bathroom. On the contrary, many modern styles accept and include antique furnishings and appliances such as modern rustic ones that include open, warm spaces with a minimalist approach. When preparing a project of a renovation of your home, you should not neglect the lightning because the metallic pendant lamps, sconces, table lamps and other illumination can create the whole atmosphere and affect strongly the general look of your interior design. As beautiful as it can be if the décor does not have enough light it will come unnoticed. Also, a back iron chandelier can be a designer's statement itself. It is not about quantity but quality. Well-chosen lights will help you achieve the ambience you wish and especially in bathrooms that do not have a natural light source. Whether it is Mediterranean, Spanish Colonial, and Victorian, you will be able to find the right metallic chandelier within our broad range of rustic lighting fixtures for the bathroom that is displayed on our Web page. Additionally, you can order a custom-made version of any of our black iron chandeliers.

There are several aspects to have in mind while designing a rustic bathroom In the end, you want to add a little bit of luxury but remain comfortable and inviting. Metallic lighting fixtures are associated with colder ambiences such as an industrial style but they might give a warm and cozy vibe if treated with the right color finish and hammering technique. Try matching our beautifully crafted pendant lamps with copper, hand-hammered sinks and for even stronger effect with a copper freestanding bathtub. Mixing metal is very trendy now and iron and copper are both high-quality and durable materials for homeowners who care for sustainability and using only natural materials.

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