How to Choose a Kitchen Sink Size

How to Choose a Kitchen Sink Size

Your kitchen sink is not just a basin to wash your dishes in. It's the focal point of your kitchen and what sets the tone for your cooking experience. Different styles have different purposes, so it's time to know all about what you need. In this section, we will talk about how to choose a kitchen sink size. Many factors go into choosing the right size for you - from the material it's made from to whether it has an apron front or not. We'll break down all these factors and tell you how they relate to your individual needs so that you can find the perfect copper sink for your kitchen.

farmhouse copper sinks for a country kitchen

Before you choose a kitchen sink size, you will need to decide which material is best for the kitchen. You must choose between stainless steel, cast iron, and copper. Stainless steel is durable and easy to clean but not as attractive as other materials. Cast iron sinks are more attractive than stainless steel but they require more maintenance and care. Copper kitchen sinks are both attractive and durable with a natural patina that develops gradually over time. They require less maintenance than cast iron but will cost more up-front. Also, with us, you can create a stunning combination of a custom copper sink and a copper range hood.

There are many types of mounting that can be chosen depending on what style the homeowner prefers. Some homeowners prefer a single-bowl model while others prefer a three-bowl model with one higher on the left side with two bowls below it in a row. So, how can you choose a kitchen sink size? When remodeling the kitchen counter, it is important to consider the size of the sink. The most common type of kitchen sink is a drop-in or top-mount sink. It is important to match the size of the sink to the appropriate counter space. Different sinks have different advantages and disadvantages and come in a variety of beautiful designs that can suit any taste. Our drop-in copper sinks are a popular choice for homeowners who are updating their kitchen countertops with either granite, marble, or composite materials. They have no visible mounting hardware and can be installed in three ways: set on top of an existing countertop, set into a new countertop surface, or installed as an undermount with a solid surface underneath. Consider adding other metal elements to highlight the rustic style such as iron lighting fixtures.

Best Copper Sinks for Kitchen Renovation

Best Copper Sinks for Kitchen Renovation

Our custom copper appliances company acknowledges that a kitchen is more than just a space for cooking. As the most lively and visible area of the modern home, it needs to be functional, comfortable, versatile, captivating, and inviting. If you think that changing a sink cannot help you achieve an upgrade in your kitchen, you probably did not see our copper farmhouse sinks. The stylish and suitable sink can create a stunning presence for your kitchen Traditional to contemporary, keep reading if you want to discover more on the best copper sinks for kitchen renovation.

farmhouse copper sink in a Kitchen

The kitchen sink used to be one of the least appreciated fixtures in a home. After all, it is used for very unpopular occupations as washing dishes. To make it a more pleasant experience, find a custom copper sink that adjusts to perfection to your family’s needs and daily habits. From size, type of installation to a number of basins, many features can be customized in our unique, hand-hammered kitchen sinks. Most copper farmhouse sinks have a single basin, but if you prefer a sink with two basins — like one for drying and the other for washing dishes — some models have double basins. You can also use one part for a workstation by adding a chopping board on top of the basin. The way we use our kitchens is very personal. Copper apron front sinks are available in various lengths from 30 to 36 inches. Part of the overall style of these sinks is their exposed front, also called a front apron, that extends down over your cabinets. Our clients can also make an order with larger measurements if it is needed. Additionally, the division between basins does not have to be symmetrical. They can have irregular sizes which offers one spacious bowl and the second one, much smaller for a quick soaking or perhaps for cleaning fruits and vegetables.

Copper is an extraordinary metal that can be hammered or molded with a variety of designs. Its versatility makes it a popular material for artisan and unique pieces of a blacksmith's work. The best copper sinks for a kitchen renovation are those that can offer your décor an element that will make it distinguish from the crowd of mass-produced appliances. With our handmade copper sinks, your kitchen gains one-of-a-kind designs. Many models feature decorative work on the front apron. An ornamental design will, without a doubt, add visual interest to your kitchen design. You can also try to match a copper range hood that features the same or similar relief pattern on the front.


Double Bowl Farmhouse Copper Sink

Double Bowl Farmhouse Copper Sink

Despite the existence of the most high-tech dishwashers, many homeowners loved the idea of double-bowl sinks, especially those with a vintage design from the beginning of the XX century. From a broad range of designs and materials on the current market, there is one kind of kitchen sink that has never gone out of fashion. Double bowl farmhouse copper sink is a categorical timeless appliance that every era has adopted to its interior designs. Custom copper products have been around our homes for centuries and nowadays they are still a symbol of durability and fine artisan work.

farmhouse copper sink installed in a kitchen

Our company manufacture made-to-order copper bathroom sinks, range hoods, bathtubs and many other items. However, farmhouse copper sinks are now especially popular with the rise of modern rustic style that integrates beautifully the old and the new, so as our apron front copper sinks. As with many types of kitchen sinks, double bowl copper sinks come in various sizes and many styles including handcrafted rivets and hammered relief decorations. In our grand collection of kitchen copper sinks, you will find a single and double bowl. You might even order a special, three-bowl basin if your kitchen allows you to add it into the layout. Normally, we would recommend a single-bowl copper sink for a kitchen with a smaller counter. In the old days, a double bowl was used especially for washing the dishes. You had one unit to keep dirty dishes and the other to have them cleaned. Since dishwashers took over, our clients choose this option for the commodity to use one part for the dishes and the other for the food prep for instance. 

If you are eager to buy a hand-hammered copper sink you should first think about the way you use your cooking and washing the dishes area. Do you wash all the dishes at once and dry them immediately? Probably, a large single-bowl sink could be the right choice for you. Do you like to quickly clean some of the dishes while dinner is cooking? A double-basin sink that lets you wash dishes on one side without disturbing the chopping board placed on the other side could be for you. Each of our double bowl copper sinks is hand-hammered by a Mexican coppersmith and therefore each design is one-of-a-kind. The customization of each of our copper appliances is our specialty, and since every copper sink is handmade, it is very cost-effective to incorporate custom designs, motifs, and patinas. The customer pays for the quantity of the copper used, not for every little change we have to incorporate. There is something exceptional in custom-made copper appliances which become a statement piece in any kitchen. The rich bronze color, a unique hammer texture, and design patterns inspired by the Mexican coppersmith tradition is passed down from generation to generation in My Custom Made company.

The Best Farmhouse Copper Sinks

The Best Farmhouse Copper Sinks

Designing a dream kitchen is a scrupulous process, and some larger objects can define the style of the whole décor. Apart from the cabinetry and range hood, choosing a statement sink can make a big difference in the cooking area. In the past kitchen sink was one of the least appreciated fixtures in a home that was associated with cleaning the dishes that no one likes. However, the custom copper appliances have made a long way from merely utilitarian to stunning and unique. An apron-front sink made of this versatile, reddish metal has been very popular for many centuries, especially in North American households. There are so many reasons to fell in love with those ample, highly functional, and also lovely appliances. Traditional or modern, discover the best farmhouse copper sinks on the market.

farmhouse copper sinks

There are several things you should take into account while choosing a hand-hammered copper sink. You should know that there are various mounting styles available. The two we are offering are drop-in and undermount copper sinks. Unless you are designing and building a new kitchen from scratch, you are probably going to want to install your new kitchen sink in the same place as the previous one to avoid costly relocation of plumbing and drains. In that case, both of those options are very convenient. The best farmhouse copper sinks are the drop-in because of their comfort and effortless installation. This type of copper sinks can be mounted on any countertop material. The sink drops into the pre-existing hole with a rim above the counter that provides a seamless look. The second essential feature of a made-to-order apron front sink is its design. Ask yourself a question which type will be more suitable for your family, a single or double bowl? It seems that double-basin sinks are the most functional for the majority of our clients. You can wash the dishes on one side and used the other for rising. In the meanwhile, a single basin copper sink might be effective for those who have a lot of tableware, pots and pans of a larger size.

The most emblematic feature of a kitchen farmhouse sink is the exposed front and all the designing possibilities that it brings to the overall kitchen layout. You can order a copper range hood model that will match a copper farmhouse sink which will create a bold statement in any style of kitchen. Actually, it is the appealing look of the exposed frontal wall that keeps them so fashionable nowadays. Check our collection of the best farmhouse copper sinks for inspiring designs inspired by the kitchen environment and also by nature. You can find models embellished with handmade sunflowers or grapes pattern for instance. Choosing the right copper apron sink can set a style to the rest of the space so choose wisely.

Farmhouse Copper Sinks Supplier

Farmhouse Copper Sinks Supplier

My Custom Made is a leading farmhouse copper sinks supplier, as well as many other custom copper items including hand-hammered range hoods, antique bathtubs and bathroom copper sinks. We offer a vast array of affordable and unique apron front copper sinks along with many other designs and styles, and our prices couldn't be more competitive. Even if the product is personalized, our fee is one of the lowest on the market. We will only charge our client the extra material that was necessary to use for the elaboration of one-of-a-kind product that if chosen wisely can become a bold statement of your kitchen. Free shipping can be another reason why to opt for buying at our online store. All of our shipping is insured so we highly recommend to our customers to check their products while the shipping company is still here. If there is any damage produced during the transport, the product is sent back to our Mexican warehouse and you get a new, perfect copper sink.

 farmhouse copper sink decorating a kitchen in a country style

When looking to upgrade your kitchen, adding a custom copper sink is definitely a good idea and an astonishing way to create a rustic flair in modern and more traditional ambiences. As farmhouse copper sinks supplier, we are doing our best to broaden the collection so you can match the style of the copper washbasin with the overall look of your kitchen décor and especially the kitchen cabinets and counters. An apro-front sink is one of the most comfortable ones and if you choose a rounded apron front it even gives you an extra room while washing the dishes. There are many aspects of the custom-made copper sink that you can adjust to your taste and requirements such as size, shape, patina color and if your washbasin will have one or two bowls. Each model can be also installed as under-mounted or above the counter with a suitable lip, as a drop-in.

The homeowners around the world appreciate not only the comfort that comes with this type of washbasins. The appealing look of the exposed frontal wall is what keeps them so fashionable for so many centuries. If you have a look at our kitchen copper sinks designs, you will be able to find unique decorations such as hand-forged patterns related to kitchen environments such as grape or sunflowers. If you are looking for a sleeker design, you can order your apron front sink with a simple and sleek model that is easier to fit in any style kitchen. Being farmhouse copper sinks supplier for so many decades makes us a trustworthy partner. We know that buying one of our products will add long-term value to your property.


Custom Made Sink for a Kitchen

Custom Made Sink for a Kitchen

Kitchen Sink Custom Options

Do you have a kitchen with any other than standard dimensions or out of ordinary design? Most likely, you will need a lot of personalized furnishings such as custom made kitchen sink, furniture, backsplash and counters. Why don't you consider ordering an undermount copper kitchen sink? Working with both metals there are no limitations what you can do shape, size and finishing. Copper sinks can be both hammered and smooth covered with a variety of patinas. An alternative is having the sinks manufactured hand polished to shiny look similar to the US penny or even electrolytically nickel-platted. The last sink treatment is quite expensive and can add a lot of cost to the final price. Occasionally, to save money on custom made metal sink were were requested to produce custom zinc kitchen sinks. They can be also hammered and look when new similar to the nickel covered sinks. The only obstacle is that in time they become duel getting some gray color what is typical to zinc so they need to be regularly cleaned. We believe the problem can be solved by spraying those kitchen sinks with transparent varnish to prevent discoloration. However, we did not yet made any deeper analyzes nor have data supporting such claim.

Designing a Kitchen having Custom Sink in Mind

You already spent a lot of money for contracting your interior designer or even an architect. Because of their training and professional intuition they characterize you approved the project and are ready to begin sourcing for products. Please keep in mind that people with unlimited imagination may produce extremely beautiful and at the same time expensive kitchen. Hopefully you already tone them down or have a big pocket what is not necessary required for all the items you are going to shop. Consider custom made kitchen farmhouse sinks handmade in Mexico. Due to the country low labor cost and overhead, products used for home improvement are quite affordable. In fact, ordering custom made is no different than buying available in-stock. Why? Most kitchen sinks from Mexico are undermount and fabricated after receiving the order so there is no added value just because the sink looks different in its shape or dimensions. The custom sink price is strictly based on amount of material needed for its production.

How to order Custom Kitchen Sinks

custom made copper kitchen sinks

Need more information about Custom Made product line including zinc or copper kitchen sinks? Please use our custom made order form. While filling up the questionnaire mention metal type you would like to be made of, size, finishing option and drawing or a photo of the existing design you would like to use for your custom made kitchen sink production.