Custom Wall Mount Metal Vent Hood

Custom Wall Mount Metal Vent Hood

Custom Metalwork in Mexico

Mexico was famous for its metal working since the Mesoamerican period  with metals such as gold, brass, silver and cooper and although the Spaniards focused on mining gold and silver and shipping those precise metals to Spain, the cooper became quickly one of the most popular metal to produce domestic items such as pots and pans that you can still find being sold on the local markets around the country. Nowadays, the center of the traditional cooper work in Mexico is based in the state of Michoacan and this is where our workshop was established in 2002. We proudly continue the tradition of beautiful metal working that implies precision and a unique technique that converts our copper products in a one of a kind work of art.

For the last 17 years our company specializes in fabricating made to order kitchen furnishings and as you can see on our web page we offer a wild range of custom range hoods  to be chosen in a variety of choices including zinc, wrought iron and cooper. Any cooper vent hood is customized and due to that precise work all of the pieces are unique and they can be produced in any dimensions and designed in any type of finishing our clients require.

Made to Order Metal Vent Hoods

Having imagined your perfect metal kitchen appliances, myCustomMade can help you to make it reality. There are many aspect both aesthetic and practical, you should have in mind while choosing a perfect vent hood. First of all, where do you see your future hood to be installed? Vent  hoods can be wall or island type. Our custom cooper vent hood can be designed with many different finishing giving it extra modern or vintage rustic kind of look, just depending on which style you want your new kitchen to be. Although we specialize in Southern architectural elements and furnishings influenced by Spanish hacienda style which is popular in the region of Michoacan, we can produce your custom vent hood in a different shapes and finishing using for examples iron stripes that gives to the hood more modern look or, as seen on the image above, using smooth cooper with hammered straps that are slightly darker we can give it more rustic flavor. The choice of finishing patina depends entirely on the buyer and usually depends on the kitchen existing decor, the color of floor and walls. Also the hammering techniques can vary. It can be round or more irregular making this precious metal look more or less antique.

Buying a Custom Wall Mount Vent Hood

Most vent hoods can be used for both electric and gas ranges in residential as well as commercial kitchens. They can be equipped with the ventilation system or without it.

Whether it is large or small kitchen upgrade, our staff can help you in buying the perfect option for your custom made appliance and adjust to your specific needs. That of course includs any wall mount vent hood. However, working in metals is a time-consuming production so the time of the delivery (which is free of charge) can be around five weeks but the final product which is a unique and custom made element of your kitchen is totally worth waiting.

6 Key Things to Remember When Designing a Kitchen

6 Key Things to Remember When Designing a Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the areas in the house where families create an ultimate bonding time together – through cooking. And you want a seamless prep and cooking process all the time so you don’t have to scamper around looking for a ladle or have a hard time reaching for that big bowl in the overhead cupboard. You want your kitchen design to be functional and aesthetically pleasing to work in. Without further ado, get a load of these 6 key tips to remember when designing a kitchen so it can be a space you’d want to be in every chance you can.

    Stick to the Kitchen Work Triangle

      The kitchen work triangle is an efficient kitchen layout design that balances aesthetics and functionality. Your cooktop, sink, and refrigerator should be positioned triangularly; the center island being the place where you mostly stand to prepare the food.

      Consider Different Countertop Heights

      For families with kids who usually help their mothers out with some cooking tasks, consider installing different countertop heights. This makes it easier for the kids to help and will also encourage them as you’ve clearly given them their own space to work in.

      Not too much on the Overhead Cupboards

      While overhead cupboards are evidently pretty useful when it comes to storing kitchenware and supplies; having too much of these cupboards will cramp the kitchen space. And what do you do with those unnecessary things after a meal preparation? It’s a given that people usually go straight to the cupboard to store them. So when you do away with so many cupboards, you can easily filter the things that aren’t cupboard-storage worthy.

      Integrate a Recycling Area

      Segregating your garbage can sometimes be a bit of a pain. Your kitchen should also be environment-friendly. Build a space with cabinets or drawers for separating glass, plastic, metal, and paper, and oh, don’t forget a separate container for your wet waste.

      Choose Durable Materials

      Don’t try to skimp on the kitchen materials. You’ll end up paying more for early wear and tear in the long run…or short run rather. You can choose between decorative ceramic tiles and wood for your flooring. The former’s upper hand is durability and easy cleaning while the latter creates a great rustic design but needs a more tender, loving care when it comes to maintenance.

      A Lick of Light-Colored

      Paint If you’re designing a small kitchen space, it’s advisable to lean on light colors as they make a small kitchen seem spacious (unless you'd like to do otherwise). Dark colors condense a room space and I’m sure you don’t want that if you’re the avid cook. Now that you’ve got some ideas on how to get the most out of your kitchen while enjoying the kitchen view simultaneously, it’s now your time to shine and bring on your kitchen designing skills to the test. Before you start purchasing those countertops and tiles, make sure you have a master plan and checklist so everything will go like clockwork.

      Author Bio:  Lily Brooks is a passionate blogger who loves to write about home designs, home renovation ideas and home improvement. She is currently working for, which offers the worlds strongest built Outdoor kitchens, Fireplaces, Fire Pits and Tiki Huts.

      Copper Kitchen Hood for High Ceiling

      Copper Kitchen Hood for High Ceiling

      Most copper hoods under mycustommade brand can be fabricated for a high ceiling kitchen. Some vent hoods are more adaptable than others. It depends largely on their style and in particular shape. The best example of the hood that can be extended upwards is our Blainville model. It looks like any other vintage appliance but in addition it has a small chimney incorporated to the design.

      How to Modify Hood Height

      There are two ways to have it made tall or smaller. Either we add some extra height to the chimney or work on the shape. Do it the way it still preserves the style shown on the detail product page photo even though the dimensions are changed. In case of this item the obvious answer is to go with the first option. It will be much easier to customize the hood and at the same time keep the rest of the product unchanged.

      How to Install a Hood in a High Ceiling Kitchen

      high ceiling kitchen copper hood

      There are two way of installing copper vent hoods in a high kitchen providing it is a wall mount type. Since the extension is an integral part of the structure, you can hang the hood by attaching it to the joists or screwing to the studs. In case of island version there is only one option available. That is to have it suspended from the ceiling. I saw some hacienda hoods that were hanged on copper chains. Obviously, you can modify their length according to your room height and your personal preferences.

      Small Kitchen Remodeling

      Small Kitchen Remodeling

      Why Kitchen Renovation?

      Here you go again says a husband to his wife. Don't listen to him. Instead find ideas about small kitchen remodel by browsing Custom Made site for inspiring vent hoods and sinks designs. Any appliance and kitchen fixture on our site is offered in various dimensions including small sizes. If you are looking for your renovation a hood or sink in other shape simply sent request for custom made products. You will need to let us know the material, sizes and finishing for your made-to-order products. Having in mind maximizing space limitations while improving aesthetics and ergonomics you can make your small kitchen much happier. As a matter of fact, it is the room in the house where often entire family gathers not only for eating but also daily conversations. So you need to feel comfortable there.

      Small Kitchen Remodel Inspirations

      If you were unable to find what you were looking for for you small kitchen remodel project, we command checking for excellent inspirations in area of best small kitchen makeovers. We can produce any custom vent hood and copper sink for kitchen shown on the site as well as come out with a completely brand new product based on your instructions. Keep in mind while sending your proposal, a properly designed small kitchen should not be cluttered but instead incorporate maximum efficiency stove hood, sink and cabinet wise. Providing your implement well-planned remodeling, your small kitchen will become stylish with adequate storage what is not that easy when dealing with limited room.

      Small Kitchen Transformation

      There is no real obstacle to create charming and stylish kitchen design in any situation. Whether you live in a high rise condominium, estate in suburbs, country cabin or cottage, coming up with a fabulous idea is the most difficult element will be finding the best solution for your tiny cooking space. Once you established a solid direction for your kitchen transformation, I suggest looking for, finding and asking a professional designer or interior architect to work on details. They should include beside general decor, backsplash and counter, your brand new vent hood and custom made kitchen sink. It can be farmhouse with decorative apron and at the same time simple drop-in or undermount. You can use for your wall range hood and the sink material such as hammered copper or zinc. In addition, we use other metals including wrought iron, stainless steel and pewter. Some buyers preferred talavera sinks combined with copper counter tops for their kitchen makeovers. And why not? At the end it is you home and you are going to live there for a long time to come.

      Small Kitchen Furnishings

      There is always a way to transform cramped space in to fully functional best-ever small kitchen. Use your imagination, check online catalogs such as GHTV and talk to us about having your small kitchen vision materialized. We will fabricate furniture, stove hood and kitchen sink the way your professional designer asks as to produce. Variables such as shape, patina color or type are no obstacles for us. In fact, we at Custom Made specialize in fabrication of home furnishings where each item is treated as a separate remodeling project. Rest assure, your order will be very unique not only from the design standpoint but also how it looks and performs.

      Custom Made Kitchen Sink

      Custom Made Kitchen Sink

      Custom Made Kitchen Sink Options

      Do you have a kitchen with any other than standard dimensions or out of ordinary design? Most likely, you will need a lot of personalized furnishings such as custom made kitchen sink, furniture, backsplash and counters. Why don't you consider ordering an undermount copper kitchen sink? Working with both metals there are no limitations what you can do shape, size and finishing. Copper sinks can be both hammered and smooth covered with a variety of patinas. An alternative is having the sinks manufactured hand polished to shiny look similar to the US penny or even electrolytically nickel-platted. The last sink treatment is quite expensive and can add a lot of cost to the final price. Occasionally, to save money on custom made metal sink were were requested to produce custom zinc kitchen sinks. They can be also hammered and look when new similar to the nickel covered sinks. The only obstacle is that in time they become duel getting some gray color what is typical to zinc so they need to be regularly cleaned. We believe the problem can be solved by spraying those kitchen sinks with transparent varnish to prevent discoloration. However, we did not yet made any deeper analyzes nor have data supporting such claim.

      Designing a Kitchen having Custom Sink in Mind

      You already spent a lot of money for contracting your interior designer or even an architect. Because of their training and professional intuition they characterize you approved the project and are ready to begin sourcing for products. Please keep in mind that people with unlimited imagination may produce extremely beautiful and at the same time expensive kitchen. Hopefully you already tone them down or have a big pocket what is not necessary required for all the items you are going to shop. Consider custom made kitchen farmhouse sinks handmade in Mexico. Due to the country low labor cost and overhead, products used for home improvement are quite affordable. In fact, ordering custom made is no different than buying available in-stock. Why? Most kitchen sinks in Mexico are fabricated after receiving the order so there is no added value just because the sink looks different in its shape or dimensions. The custom sink price is strictly based on amount of material needed for its production.

      How to order Custom Kitchen Sinks

      custom made copper kitchen sinks

      Need more information about Custom Made product line including zinc or copper kitchen sinks? Please use our custom made order form. While filling up the questionnaire mention metal type you would like to be made of, size, finishing option and drawing or a photo of the existing design you would like to use for your custom made kitchen sink production.

      Made to Order Range Hood

      Made to Order Range Hood

      Whether you are looking at zinc, copper, iron or pewter consider a made to order range hood as you next home improvement product. Each metal has its own way of finishing and differs from each other. They have specific feeling and look. For example a copper range hood can be hammered and smooth so any zinc vent hood. However, there are extra options concerning the color. While the first mentioned can be made looking like coffee or honey, the other finished in natural metal. Both of them can be hand polished as well. Iron hoods come in rustic style involving sanding with a fin sand paper and then darkening, untreated or naturally oxidized. Pewter which is in reality pure aluminum comes hammered, smooth, mat and high glass. This metal range hood looks almost like a mirror when looking at it and can be installed in all kinds of kitchens. I have seen them furnishing modern, country, old fashion European, Spanish hacienda and loft small space apartments.

      Our metal made-to-order range hood is equipped with a discount 200CFM insert with two speed blower, light and filter. Any hood model can be produced venting outside the house or recalculating back to the kitchen. Custom production and hood delivery estimated for four weeks to any region of the US mainland, more less six weeks to Canada. Our company offers trade discount for contractors, architects and interior designers. Request information prior to purchasing.