6 Key Things to Remember When Designing a Kitchen

6 Key Things to Remember When Designing a Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the areas in the house where families create an ultimate bonding time together – through cooking. And you want a seamless prep and cooking process all the time so you don’t have to scamper around looking for a ladle or have a hard time reaching for that big bowl in the overhead cupboard. You want your small space kitchen design to be functional and aesthetically pleasing to work in. Without further ado, get a load of these 6 key tips to remember when designing a kitchen so it can be a space you’d want to be in every chance you can.

    Stick to the Kitchen Work Triangle

      The kitchen work triangle is an efficient kitchen layout design that balances aesthetics and functionality. Your cooktop, copper apron sink, and refrigerator should be positioned triangularly; the center island being the place where you mostly stand to prepare the food.

      Consider Different Countertop Heights

      For families with kids who usually help their mothers out with some cooking tasks, consider installing different countertop heights. This makes it easier for the kids to help and will also encourage them as you’ve clearly given them their own space to work in.

      Not too much on the Overhead Cupboards

      While overhead cupboards are evidently pretty useful when it comes to storing kitchenware supplies; having too much of these cupboards will cramp the kitchen space. And what do you do with those unnecessary things after a meal preparation? It’s a given that people usually go straight to the cupboard to store them. So when you do away with so many cupboards, you can easily filter the things that aren’t cupboard-storage worthy.

      Integrate a Recycling Area

      Segregating your garbage can sometimes be a bit of a pain. Your kitchen should also be environment-friendly. Build a space with a custom kitchen table, cabinets or drawers for separating glass, plastic, metal, and paper, and oh, don’t forget a separate container for your wet waste.

      Choose Durable Materials

      Don’t try to skimp on the kitchen materials. You’ll end up paying more for early wear and tear in the long run…or short run rather. You can choose between decorative ceramic tiles and wood for your flooring. The former’s upper hand is durability and easy cleaning while the latter creates a great rustic design but needs a more tender, loving care when it comes to maintenance.

      A Lick of Light-Colored

      Paint If you’re designing a small kitchen space, it’s advisable to lean on light colors as they make a small kitchen seem spacious (unless you'd like to do otherwise). Dark color wall zinc range hood will condense a room space and I’m sure you don’t want that if you’re the avid cook. Now that you’ve got some ideas on how to get the most out of your kitchen while enjoying the kitchen view simultaneously, it’s now your time to shine and bring on your kitchen designing skills to the test. Before you start purchasing those countertops and tiles, make sure you have a master plan and checklist so everything will go like clockwork.

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