Handmade Zinc Range Hoods Supplier

Handmade Zinc Range Hoods Supplier

A custom-made metal range hood will become undeniably a central piece of your newly renovated kitchen. Made upon order, it will adjust to perfection with the style, size and shape of your kitchen. As a handmade zinc range hoods supplier, we can assure you that our stunning appliances work perfectly in commercial spaces such as open kitchen restaurants and bars as well as private households. In the case of zinc kitchen extractors, they are one of the most popular choices for interior designers due to their neutral finish, impeccable malleability, durability, and eco-friendly nature.

zinc range hood

What distinguishes our hand-hammered zinc range hoods is that they are designed to fit your lifestyle and become the focal point of any style kitchen. Just have a look at our broad collection of zinc extractors. From narrow moldings suitable for large cooktops to tall and thin shapes with fancy decorative straps, ideal for high ceilings, our customers will find easily the handmade zinc range hoods of their dreams. Additionally, zinc is a material that can be easily shaped without creating too much stress on its body–from ornate curves to sharp, angular lines, zinc provides an endless amount of design opportunities for the constructors and homeowners. On top of that, all of our metal range hoods can be customized in terms of shape, size and patina color and hammering. In the case of made-to-order zinc range hoods, you can make them stand out from the rest of standard products by adding decorative straps made of other metals such as copper that will highlight the silhouette of your stunning range. As far as the color options, our clients can choose between natural and antique zinc. Add another level of sophistication by ordering your handmade zinc hood with a smooth or hammered surface. Last but not least, you should decide on where you would like to install your extractor: on the wall or above the kitchen island. The island range hood has all its sides finished with the same style. The wall vent hood has its back wall flat and can vent back inside (ductless range hood) or up to the ceiling depending on the design and house ventilation system configuration.

There are very few handmade zinc range hoods suppliers on the current market and especially if you are looking for fine and high-quality zinc work that will last for many decades. We would recommend you to choose a trustworthy company that has a long experience in metalwork and access to the best artisans. Mexico is famous for its excellence in arts and crafts, especially working with metals and pottery. Have a look at other metal products from My Custom Made. A zinc range hood blends beautifully with other metals in the kitchen. You could match it with one of ours farmhouse copper sinks or with forged iron lighting fixtures.

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