Best Insert for a Custom Metal Range Hood

Best Insert for a Custom Metal Range Hood

Selecting new, stunning range hood for the kitchen is pure joy. You just go for the one that suits your taste and your home necessities. However, when it comes to the inserts or ventilation system for your kitchen, the choice is not so clear nor evident. Which insert is best for a customized metal range hood? Let's see.

metal range hood insert

A hood insert is a ventilation unit that fits inside a custom range hood cabinet, allowing you to choose exactly what your kitchen ventilation looks like. It is the active part of the metal range hood, which provides ventilation to control smoke, odors and cooking grease. As beautiful as a metal range hood as it can be if it does not have an effective insert, it is just a sizeable decoration. We want it to be both, a stunning designing element that sets your kitchen's style and amazing appliance that gets rid of all the unwelcome smells. Our metal range hood, whether it is zinc or copper appliance, have an insert installed free of charge. It is the ventilation equipment in an economy version from the top of the line of the German manufacturer, Teka. Each insert is equipped with two speed 200 CFM fan, lights and washable filters.

custom metal range hood with an insert

You may ask, what should I do if I need a piece of larger capacity equipment? No problem, we will customize your range hood interior for any brand. The only information we need is your linear model number. Please keep in mind the insert width needs to be a few inches smaller than your custom metal range hood itself. Most often we receive a request for making our hoods ready for Broan and Vent-a-Hood products among other US-based manufacturers. We do not endorse those suppliers but they are most often chosen by our clients. Nearly all residential range hoods can be installed as recirculating or vented. Consult the installation instructions; or with the fan OFF, remove the filter and look for “knock-out” spots. These are rectangular or circular panels that can be removed to allow for a duct to be attached above or behind the hood. If you are converting an existing recirculating range hood to be vented, the recirculating exhaust location will need to be closed. The location is typically at forehead height. Instead of air blowing out at your forehead, it needs to be sent through the newly installed vent to the outside.

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Apr 05, 2017

What is the finishing color of this copper range hood? It seams to have less contrasting tomes than natural fired but too much color for antique? My question is related to the order I made on and would like to confirm I have chosen the right fiishing for my copper range hood and kitchen sink.

Sandra R

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